Articles from ‘February 2012’ Issue

A Noah’s Ark for Plants

by Linda Wiggen Kraft


The story of Noah’s Ark is incomplete.  Yes, all animals needed to be saved from the flood, but what about the plants?  After all, how would animals live without plants both on the boat and on land later? According to some stories, Noah had a wife whose job was to save plants […]

Annual Mercy Heart to Heart Fair, Feb. 24-25 at West County Center

Heart Disease is Number One Killer of Americans

Get A Free Heart Health Screening


Did you know heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, yet many people aren’t aware of their risks and the simple steps they can take to lower their risk of developing heart disease? In an effort to save lives and promote […]

Are Your Vitamins Working?

by Dr. Rosa Kincaid, MD


Vitamins have become a part of our American lifestyle as well as a billion-dollar industry.  We are reminded on several cognitive and subtle levels to take our vitamins to: increase our energy level, keep parts of our body from “breaking down” (anti-aging), avoid diseases that “runs in my family’” and keep […]

ArtFul Happenings



Through February 23



Opening reception, 4:30-6:30 p.m.; Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery, 11333 Big Bend; 314-984-7632.


Through February 23



Works by eight artists; Art St. Louis, 555 Washington; for info, call 314-241-4810 or visit www.artstlouis.org.


Through February 25



Good Citizen Gallery, 2247 Gravois; for info, call 314-348-4587 or visit www.goodcitizenstl.com.


January […]

Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Burkemper


Please Explain Different Types of Vitamin B12


Q: I am confused about

the different types of B12. Can you please explain?


A: This is a question I get asked very frequently.  Many of us have a Vitamin B12 deficiency and look to a supplement to help.  However, if we are not taking the right type, […]

Believe in Spontaneous Healing: Medical Spiritual Wellness for Bushwhackers

by Simon Yu, MD

with Chaplain Paul R. Johnson


Do you believe in Spontaneous Healing and Miracles? I do. You don’t have to be a deeply religious person to believe in “spontaneous healing” or miracles. Most Holistic medical doctors believe in spontaneous healing, although often the conventional medical profession calls the phenomenon the “placebo effect.”


I have addressed […]

Bringing Nature Home

by Cindy Gilberg


Biodiversity is increasingly threatened around the globe through habitat destruction. In “Bringing Nature Home”, author Doug Tallamy gives compelling insight into our historically non-native approach to development and landscaping that has produced landscapes devoid of many plant and animal species that were once common sights. Suburbia is a vast area connected by lawns, […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in A Healthy Way

by Kari Hartel, RD, LD

Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search



Valentine’s Day brings not only feelings of love and joy, it also brings high-calorie chocolates, candies, cookies, and other treats. Since February is American Heart Month, which aims to encourage adopting permanent lifestyle changes to keep your heart healthy, let’s try to celebrate the love-filled […]

Changing Farmers’ Lives One Farm Family At A Time

By Nancy Smith, Secretary, Farm to Family

Since it’s always been the plan of Farm to Family to change the lives of our Missouri and Illinois farm families, we shouldn’t be surprised when it works, but sometimes it works so well that we are amazed!  Laban Graber, of Green Meadow Family Farms, and his family are […]

Coalition Report

by Kathleen Logan Smith

Executive Director; Missouri Coalition For The Environment



Earth To Nixon: Jobs Plan Needs Missouri Roots


Missourians need jobs. And we need food. And we need energy. Generally, jobs ensure we can buy food and keep the power on.

Last month, on January 14, the St. Louis Post Dispatch ran two headlines side by side:

“Nixon unveils […]

Do GMOs Threaten Farming & Nature?

by Don Fitz


More and more organic farmers, safe food activists, forest protectors and biologists are becoming con-cerned with how genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can affect ecological systems.  While altering the biology of plants, GMOs interfere with soil microorganism and insect species.  They undermine bio-diversity by encouraging the use of monocultures and pesticides.  Monocultures of eucalyptus […]

Do You Need Nutritional Supplements?

by Dr. Joseph F. Unger, Jr., D.C., F.I.C.S.


How does one know if he or she requires nutritional supplementation for optimal health? The simple answer is: everyone does.  To understand why this is true, let’s review some of the pertinent facts surrounding human nutrition.


The nutritional value of plants is dependent upon the soil in which they […]

Dr. Megan Floarke Joins Staff at Committed To Health Chiropractic Center

Originally from Columbia, IL, Dr. Floarke knew even as a young girl that she wanted to help heal people.  She recognized the importance of a healthy, happy, lifestyle, and became devoted to sports and fitness at an early age.  She chose a career in chiropractic to teach the world about safe, natural, long-term healthcare.


Her commitment […]

EarthWorms Castings

By Jean Ponzi


The Hearts Not Taken


In life’s bargain bins, I’m an ace shopper. Able to spot the find in the flotsam, to get the good deal.


My acquisitive gene is mighty useful, but it’s a trait I have to monitor. With vigilance. Whether I’m picking on a trash day street, trolling the seas of resale, or […]

Economics of Green Building

by Emily Andrews – Executive Director, U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter

Upon finding out that I am involved with the U.S. Green Building Council and efforts to transform our built environment, the first question I often hear from friends, relatives, reporters and perfect strangers is, “Doesn’t green building cost more?” And my answer […]

Embracing The Madness Of Mardi Gras!

by Gretchen Inman



This month you can forget the lull of winter days, the behavioral anomalies of a full moon, and ready yourself for the month of Mardi Gras madness – and I mean it in the best of tenses. Americans can be some of the most fun loving, child at heart partiers on the planet! […]

Environmental Health & Allergy Center and Washington University Conducting Study With Autistic Children

by Nihal S. DeSilva, PhD

and Tipu Sultan, MD

Environmental Health & Allergy Center



AUTISM IN A DISH:  Disease-in-a-dish strategy is used to gain an insight into complex disorder of  autism and other epigenetic diseases.

In an earlier article ( September, 2010) we indicated to you the importance of the concept of […]

Get out. I mean it: Get out! Beat the Winter-Willies with some Historically Based ARTful Adventures

Although my ARTful Happenings calendar has plenty to keep you rolling, check the expanded online ARTful Happenings at www.thehealthyplanet.com/2012/02/artful-happenings  to find more than can fit on any calendar. Here’s just a start:

Exhibitions at PHD Gallery are always carefully curated, a combination of complementary works. “Macedonian Inspirations: Modern Artifacts” is no exception. The show presents a […]


with Heather Hawk

Healthy Planet Fitness Writer


Your Personal Home Gym


At the end of a long day, the most challenging part of your workout can simply be getting yourself to the gym. Imagine being able to exercise at home, where it is most convenient for you.  Believe it or not, you can design your own home gym […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

February 4 & 6, 2012


Airs on KNLC Channel 24 02/04 at noon and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 02/06 at 8:00 p.m.  Why are non-crop species important?  Don Fitz, James Meinert and Paul Krautmann discuss soil, pesticides, herbicides, gardening and farming.  Footage from “Nicotine Bees” includes interviews with Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Charles […]

Higher Brain Living™ Coming To St. Louis March 8

Imagine back to the best day of your life, back to a time when you felt the most alive and passionate.


Close your eyes and imagine a time when nothing could ruin your day. You were in the moment, on top of the world; everything was just as it should be. Maybe you were getting married […]

Is The hcg Diet a Miracle Cure For Obesity

by Deanna M. Woodroffe, WHNP-BC


The hcg diet was initially created from the work of Dr. Simeons in the 1950’s.  Through research and practice Dr. Simeons discovered hcg (human chorionic gonadatropin) had the ability to “mobilize” stubborn fat stores.  Simeons  found that if a patient followed a restricted calorie diet while this fat was being mobilized, […]

Kids May Need More Vitamin D

Children and teens need 10 times more than the recommended dose of vitamin D, a recent clinical trial suggests.

“Our research reveals that vitamin D, at doses equivalent to 2,000 IU a day, is not only safe for adolescents, but it is actually necessary for achieving desirable vitamin D levels,” says study leader Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan, […]

Leap Forward in 2012: Reoccupy the St. Louis Rust Belt and Blighted Neighbors

by Tom & Carol Braford


Once every four years we get an extra day, a chance to catch up or to leap ahead, as the case may be. This year that auspicious day of February 29th falls on a Wednesday.

Coincidentally, Occupy St Louis is holding General Assemblies on Wednesdays at the Culver Way Ecovillage. So, we […]

Learn To Live A Healthier and Greener Life At The Healthy Planet Natural Living Expo, March 4

Cure your cabin fever as The Healthy Planet, St. Louis’ Green & Natural Living magazine, hosts its 23rd Natural Living Expo Sunday, March 4, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Webster Groves Recreation Center, 33 E. Glendale Road (I-44 at Elm Avenue) in Webster Groves.

This popular event will include more than 70 exhibit booths […]

Make Plans Now for Go! St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend Set for April 14 &15

Make plans early to join the fun at the 12th annual GO! St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend set for April 14 & 15. This large two-day event is open to people of all ages and fitness levels. The Family Fitness Weekend is widely known as Missouri’s largest fitness event, with more than 25,000 […]

National PET Dental Month Starts February 1, Every Year!

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic

Vet Pet Rescue


February starts the annual PET DENTAL MONTH, and subsequently, this is a great time to discuss dental disease in our pets, both dogs and cats.  Unfortunately, pet owner compliance for pet dental care is estimated to be around 33% or less.  The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), […]

Nature Wisdom

with Pat Tuholske



Under Robin’s Wing


The flutter of wings fills the sky as they swoop low over the cedar treetops.  I stop still and listen to the music of wing on wind.  I hear a hundred in song as their clear carol fills the deep green trees.  Cheerful chuckles grace the day as they flit from […]

Pet Insurance: An Unknown & Underutilized Entity

by Teresa Garden, DVM

The dire economy of the past few years has caused many of us to re-evaluate and change our spending and saving habits. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But many of those facing financial hardship are having to make tough choices when it comes to veterinary care for their pets. This […]

PUBLISHER’S CORNER There’s Something About Our Natural Living Expos

On March 4, The Healthy Planet magazine will host our 23rd Natural Living expo. As we approach our 15th year of publishing, it doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out that we have hosted quite a few of these amazingly well attended events. I often wonder just why they are so darn popular with […]

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: How They Work & How They Heal

by Kathleen H. Christ, NCMBT, LMT


Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) have been used successfully and extensively for over 60 years and for many conditions throughout the world.  Though many therapies using PEMFs have been FDA approved, most doctors and therapists in the US are unfamiliar with this type of treatment.  Over 6,600 white papers and research […]

Resveratrol: An Ageless Compound

by Rachel Hall


The compound, “resveratrol” came into public awareness during the mid-1990s when scientists learned that it may explain the “French Paradox.” The French Paradox was the mysterious phenomenon of low rates of heart disease among the French people despite eating a relatively high-fat diet, and drinking moderately high amounts of wine.  Study results showed […]

Science Cafe Explores Missouri Wine and Science: From Phylloxera To Resveratrol

Wendy L. Applequist, Ph.D., associate curator at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s William L. Brown Center will present information on grapes used to make Missouri wine and their unique historical background. The presentation, “Missouri Wine and Science:  From Phylloxera to Resveratrol,” will take place on Thursday, Feb. 16 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Herbie’s Restaurant, […]

SSM Heart Institute Hosts Two Heart Events in February: “Her Heart: Every Beat Counts”

Donna Ringwald, Shelly Rosenmiller and Kathy Williams are three friends with one thing they wish they didn’t have in common — heart disease. They represent various forms of a disease that claims the lives of more women than any other. A disease they didn’t believe they were at risk for.


There are nearly twice as many […]

Stem Cell Nutrition For Optimal Health

by Helen Haywood


What have your stem cells done for you lately?  Didn’t know you had stem cells?

Adult stem cells are the best-kept secret in today’s wellness.  But the secret is out with Stem Enhance, a concentrated natural aqua-botanical extract that “wakes up” your body’s stem cells and puts them to work!


Stem Enhance is the first […]


with Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW,

Therapist & Relationship Coach


Adjusting The Balance of Power


Sign up for The Art of Relating Newsletter at www.christinekniffen.com. Find out what’s coming up this month on my weekly radio show, as well as info on upcoming articles and free relationship tips. “Like Me” on Facebook via my Website.


As a therapist who […]

The St. Louis Extraordinary People Series Continues!

After premiering with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God book series, February 3rd & 4th. The St. Louis Extraordinary People Series continues with the following noted speakers and authors in the months to come.

James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy book series comes March 9th & 10th. This life-altering weekend workshop will […]

There is a New Spa in Webster Groves: Spa Associates Open House Feb. 12

“Quality spa services don’t have to be expensive or intimidating.”


by Linda Hoff



We are proud to announce the opening of Spa Associates, located on Big Bend one block west of Elm, next door to The Art of Entertaining.  Spa Associates is a partnering of three spa businesses, making it possible for you to receive everything you […]

Winter: A Season of Preparation

by Jennifer A. Kornberger

Wildlife Rescue Center


For many of us, the winter season is a natural time of rest, reflection, and an overall slower pace. This becomes even more apparent after the holidays are over. The days are shorter now, as the light available to us from the sun is lessened in duration. With the cold […]