Higher Brain Living™ Coming To St. Louis March 8

Imagine back to the best day of your life, back to a time when you felt the most alive and passionate.


Close your eyes and imagine a time when nothing could ruin your day. You were in the moment, on top of the world; everything was just as it should be. Maybe you were getting married or accepting a job promotion; completing some project, creating some artwork, or having your first child.  Perhaps you are remembering the feeling of some big dream you had. Feel that feeling of ease, clarity, joy and even invincibility. Nothing can stop you, nothing can ruin your day…feel this for a moment…you are empowered.  Why can’t you have that feeling more often? Now you can…through Higher Brain Living™!

That feeling you remembered is produced by your higher brain, an area called the prefrontal cortex (The newest part of the human brain).


Pathways in the body have been discovered that lead to the prefrontal cortex (higher new brain).  Through very precise touch, on contact points along these pathways in the body, the higher brain is turned on. Eventually the higher brain learns how to sustain the experience.  The Higher Brain Living™ system energizes your higher brain! Energizing your higher brain promotes rejuvenation: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Over time you will have instant access to that higher brain experience.

Higher Brain Living™ is the application of the energized empowered higher brain state to all areas of your life.


This energized higher brain response is required to actualize and sustain the transformations that are sought in most people’s lives. Higher Brain Living™ has the ability to anchor your positive thoughts, ideas, goals, dreams, passions, etc…with the part of the brain that can sustain those positive thoughts.  Once sustained, it drives the ideas, goals, dreams, passions, etc…into long-term actualized reality.  Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place.“ Higher Brain Living™ promotes higher levels of consciousness that can be used to make change in all areas of your life.


About Michael: Dr. Michael Cotton spent three decades researching human consciousness, psycho-neurology and human transformation – culminating in the Higher Brain Living™ Program six years ago. Higher Brain Living™ is a stand-alone discipline that can also be coupled with bodywork, life coaching, yoga etc… to create profound shifts in energy from the lower to higher brain. Michael is the director of Higher Brain Living™ and is offering training and certification in Higher Brain Living™.

For more information on the Higher Brain Living™ training program and to see Michael live in the St. Louis area go to: http://higherbrainliving.com/trainingMO.php.