PUBLISHER’S CORNER There’s Something About Our Natural Living Expos

On March 4, The Healthy Planet magazine will host our 23rd Natural Living expo. As we approach our 15th year of publishing, it doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out that we have hosted quite a few of these amazingly well attended events. I often wonder just why they are so darn popular with the public. Maybe it’s the food, wine and beer samples. Maybe it’s the free chair massages, health screenings or the wonderful live music.  I keep wondering what is the big draw. Then it hit me. People are searching. For better health, for better lifestyles, for a better way to live more sustainably. Whereas this group of people might have been thought of as “fringe” 15 years ago when we launched The Healthy Planet, they are the mainstream today. The word “alternative” has melded into “complementary” or “integrative”. That thought of being “different” has grown into partnerships in the health  industry. The term “Wellness” was once thought of as alternative jargon. But today, every mainstream hospital has numerous “wellness” programs. The truth is it takes everyone working together to close the loop. Environmentally, socially, economically, spiritually. And that’s the feeling I get at our Natural Living Expos. These events attract an amazingly diverse group of people. The one expo we had on Super Bowl Sunday, was attended by many wearing Rams jerseys. You remember the Rams were in the Super Bowl? Young and old, men and women. All looking for something to help them improve the quality of their lives. And I would guess that most go home with more than a few new ideas, contacts, hopes and enthusiasm. Or maybe its the free eco-friendly tote bags, Missouri Botanical Garden tickets or AmTrak train ticket giveaway. I have noticed that the chair massage line grows longer every year. I think it has a lot to do with cabin fever, too. Get out, go somewhere, get healthy advice, help the planet, create good karma and be with friends. It’s all good. Then again, I can’t forget about all the delicious food, wine and beer samples. Or maybe find something for your pet. Or your home, or your garden. There’s plenty to fill your free tote bag. Or maybe they all come to see me! I can hear my kids laughing. Okay, I may never know why they all come. But I am glad they do. It warms my heart and enriches my life. See you at the Expo, March 4. Come hungry and go home healthier and happy!

J.B. Lester; Publisher