Nature Wisdom

with Pat Tuholske



Under Robin’s Wing


The flutter of wings fills the sky as they swoop low over the cedar treetops.  I stop still and listen to the music of wing on wind.  I hear a hundred in song as their clear carol fills the deep green trees.  Cheerful chuckles grace the day as they flit from berry to branch.

Flocks of red-breasted Robins are over-wintering in the cedars surrounding our home.  Plump juicy blue berries adorn the tips of the cedar branches and beckon the drove to come feast and seek sanctuary.  The Robins visit our birdbath a dozen at a time fluttering from branch to bath.


My favorite early morning activity is observing the flock clucking and flitting overhead on my walk.  I close my eyes to open my ears to the poetry they chant to the trees.  Robins’ winged heart song fills my earth-born spirit.  We greet the Sun as day’s first rays illuminate red plumage and set it ablaze.


Robin holds a place of deep significance in ancient myth and lore.  In European mythology, Robin is linked with the New Year and the rebirth of the spirit.  Medieval Europe often depicted Robin attending both the birth and death of Christ.  In the Blackfoot tribe, Robins are a symbol of peace and their presence was a sign the people would be safe.  Robin was a storm-cloud bird held sacred by Thor, the Norse God of Lightning.  As the Guardian of Fire, Robin is said to have brought fire from heaven.  This hallowed bird symbolizes divine service and sacrifice.


Robin teaches how to adapt and thrive and to know the wisdom of change and growth.  He guides us to courageous new beginnings and to trust in our unique creative expression.  Let Robin open your heart through joyful song and let go of personal drama.  Learn to laugh with life.


Like so many common things we take for granted, Robin can be a doorway into the spiritual world of nature.  No matter what life brings they fill the air with the power of song.  They symbolize the light of eternal hope and the reassurance that life continues on and on.


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