Leap Forward in 2012: Reoccupy the St. Louis Rust Belt and Blighted Neighbors

by Tom & Carol Braford


Once every four years we get an extra day, a chance to catch up or to leap ahead, as the case may be. This year that auspicious day of February 29th falls on a Wednesday.

Coincidentally, Occupy St Louis is holding General Assemblies on Wednesdays at the Culver Way Ecovillage. So, we declare February 29, 2012 as Re-Occupy St Louis Day. That is what we call our plan to create a network of Integral Urban Ecovillages throughout the region.


During the winter months, Occupy St Louis is focused on long term planning, strategy and tactics to create a better world so when spring arrives we will be ready to spring into action. We are not interested in reinventing the wheel, so if you have a project or program that you are already passionate about that could be folded into an Occupy Everywhere strategy, come talk about it.


A strategy of Culver Way Ecovillage and the network of Integral Urban Ecovillages that we are inviting Occupy St Louis to adopt as their own is to identify sites in our region that could be slated to be Integral Urban Ecovillages, reach agreement with the owners and then draw a Green Line around them on a map.


We also plan to make resources and services available to Green Edge communities in neighborhoods surrounding the Green Lined projects.

The idea is to reverse the trend of marginalizing minorities and the poor that started with corporate redlining a half century ago.


We believe this will be a leap forward for our region and humanity. Please plan to attend the Occupy St Louis General Assembly at the Ecovillage on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 to share your ideas and make your wishes known.


Other opportunities to jump in are to help organize and inhabit the three cohousing neighborhoods and the dozen or so co-op businesses at Culver Way. If you are really ambitious, you could take on occupying an abandoned industrial or commercial site or residential block as a Green Lined project or you could retrofit your block under the Green Edging program.


On Saturday, February 18th, we will hold our monthly orientation and tour of the Ecovillage at 11:00, followed by a potluck lunch. Come join us!

On Sunday, March 4, visit our booth at the Healthy Planet Natural Living Expo, 10am-4pm a the Webster Groves Recreation Center.



Tom & Carol Braford www.CulverWayEcovillage.org