Winter: A Season of Preparation

by Jennifer A. Kornberger

Wildlife Rescue Center


For many of us, the winter season is a natural time of rest, reflection, and an overall slower pace. This becomes even more apparent after the holidays are over. The days are shorter now, as the light available to us from the sun is lessened in duration. With the cold temperatures and the long, dark nights, we often want to take refuge in our warm homes and find a quiet space in which we can arrive at personal renewal after the rush and pressures of the previous three seasons. Winter is truly a season of preparation.

At the Wildlife Rescue Center, winter is also our slow season for both animal intake and special events. However, life is not necessarily slow as we prepare not only for our largest fundraising event of the year, “Go Wild at Mardi Gras” Trivia Night, but also for the fast approach of the busy baby animal season that comes in the spring.


Orphaned baby animals actually begin arriving at the Center as early as mid-February, and preparations for the injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife that arrive begins for us during the winter months. Winter time is spent recovering from the busy seasons the year before as well as reorganizing and preparing for the coming busy baby season still ahead. Caging and enclosures need maintenance and upgrades, the building itself needs to be deep cleaned and refined, and the grounds need that extra loving touch as well so that the rest and repair period that winter provides can allow for strong support when the animals in need arrive and the special events are well underway.


Preparation for Trivia Night, which occurs this year on Saturday, Feb. 11, starts in mid-November the year before and continues throughout the entire winter season. The months of preparation ultimately culminate in a fun and festive four-hour event. This particular special event is critical for the Center as a fundraiser, with proceeds generated helping us to continue our mission of rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife each year.


So, as you contemplate the new year and the growing time of the spring season that is just around the corner, ask yourself…What would you like to accomplish in the coming year? How would you like to leave your mark within the community? What will the rest and reflection of winter prepare you for this spring?


To find out more about the Wildlife Rescue Center and how you can get involved, visit www.mowildlife.org. And stop by our booth at the Healthy Planet Expo, March 4 In Webster Groves.