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ArtFul Happenings



Through February 23



Opening reception, 4:30-6:30 p.m.; Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery, 11333 Big Bend; 314-984-7632.


Through February 23



Works by eight artists; Art St. Louis, 555 Washington; for info, call 314-241-4810 or visit www.artstlouis.org.


Through February 25



Good Citizen Gallery, 2247 Gravois; for info, call 314-348-4587 or visit www.goodcitizenstl.com.


January […]

Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Burkemper


Please Explain Different Types of Vitamin B12


Q: I am confused about

the different types of B12. Can you please explain?


A: This is a question I get asked very frequently.  Many of us have a Vitamin B12 deficiency and look to a supplement to help.  However, if we are not taking the right type, […]

Believe in Spontaneous Healing: Medical Spiritual Wellness for Bushwhackers

by Simon Yu, MD

with Chaplain Paul R. Johnson


Do you believe in Spontaneous Healing and Miracles? I do. You don’t have to be a deeply religious person to believe in “spontaneous healing” or miracles. Most Holistic medical doctors believe in spontaneous healing, although often the conventional medical profession calls the phenomenon the “placebo effect.”


I have addressed […]

Bringing Nature Home

by Cindy Gilberg


Biodiversity is increasingly threatened around the globe through habitat destruction. In “Bringing Nature Home”, author Doug Tallamy gives compelling insight into our historically non-native approach to development and landscaping that has produced landscapes devoid of many plant and animal species that were once common sights. Suburbia is a vast area connected by lawns, […]

Coalition Report


By Kathleen Logan Smith

Executive Director ; Missouri Coalition For The Environment

Do You Know

What You’re Eating?


What you eat affects your health. What is in the U.S. package of legislation collectively known as “The Farm Bill” also affects your health. It also affects your bank account, your water, your air, and the soil upon which agriculture […]

Coalition Report

by Kathleen Logan Smith

Executive Director; Missouri Coalition For The Environment



Earth To Nixon: Jobs Plan Needs Missouri Roots


Missourians need jobs. And we need food. And we need energy. Generally, jobs ensure we can buy food and keep the power on.

Last month, on January 14, the St. Louis Post Dispatch ran two headlines side by side:

“Nixon unveils […]

Coalition Report: Jobs & Prosperity at Our Table

by Kathleen Logan Smith, Executive Director Missouri Coalition for the Environment

In this column, we’ve been learning more about the U.S. Farm Bill, the package of legislation that impacts our food system- what is grown, how it’s grown, and how much it costs. The Farm Bill, or the Food Bill as it should be known, is […]

Creating A Deer-Resistant Native Garden

by Cindy Gilberg


For those of us in ‘deer country’, the excitement of spring quickly wears off as deer discover and eat in our gardens. While it seems contrary to use native plants to enhance habitat for wildlife and at the same time to want to exclude deer, it is possible to accomplish both as there […]

Getting Fit and Loving It At New Town At St. Charles

New Town at St. Charles is an active, vibrant community that summons its residents outdoors to enjoy its full potential.  As we continue to grow we are continually offered new ways to enjoy being outdoors amongst friends and neighbors. New Town has become a destination spot, renowned for its full summer of music festivals, outdoor […]

Going Green For The GENIUS: An Action Guide to A Healthy & Sustainable Future

By Dr. Katie Belisle-Iffrig
Author and Sustainability Consultant

What People Are Saying
“Dr. Katie Belisle-Iffrig has written an engaging book that clarifies our connection to our living planet and what we must do to help it (and us) survive. She explains sustainability and “green living” with humor and an array of informative sidebars that clarifies facts, provides activities, […]

Green Home Remodeling and Interiors: A Cure for the Common House

By Marla Esser,
HomeNav by Sustaining Spaces

Green: concerned with or relating to conservation of the world’s natural resources and improvement of the environment.
Remodel: to reconstruct, make over.

From these definitions, Green Remodeling could be summed up as a make-over which takes into account conservation of natural resources and improvement of the environment. A pretty good definition!

Remodeling, in […]

Noboleis Vineyards Offers Beautiful Setting for Wine Tastings, Weddings & More!

The beauty of Augusta wine country awaits at Noboleis Vineyards with wine tastings, live music, and a place to relax and enjoy the views of rolling vineyards and hillsides. A family-owned and operated winery, Noboleis Vineyards resides in the heart of America’s first recognized grape-growing region, the Augusta AVA, which is known for its rich […]

Publisher’s Corner: The Little Things…Simple Pleasures

There’s no doubt about it. Times are tough. And it takes a toll on you. Politics, taxes, healthcare, finances, war, teenagers… you get the picture. Now is the time to enjoy the little things in life. Circle the wagons and remember what brings you the most comfort and joy. So here are some things that […]

Slow Flowers…

by Linda Wiggen Kraft

Have you heard of Slow Food? Probably. Have you heard of Slow Flowers? Probably not. The Slow Flower movement is part of Slow Food’s effort to promote sustainably and locally grown plants. Instead of plants we eat though, Slow Flowers are cut flowers we share in our homes, celebrations and life transitions.

Slow […]


by Teresa Garden, DVM



     These are very stressful times we are living in. Many of us are worried about losing our jobs, our homes, our 401Ks, and our health. The stress we are under spills over into our homes and becomes absorbed by the little sponges we live with-namely our […]

The Food-Mood Connection: ADHD, Mood Swings, & Performance at Work & School

By Ian Wahl, Founder and Mdical Director
of St. Louis Allergy Relief Center

You already know that what you eat triggers your sense of taste. But did you know that what you eat also triggers your perceptions and emotions? That’s right, food affects your mood. We’ve all experienced eating something that affects how we feel, think, and […]

Your Natural Solution to Healthy Clear Skin: SkinofLife.com

By Nicole Minor

Dealing with acne, eczema, dry skin or wrinkles can be extremely frustrating.  If you have a persistent skin condition, it can be tempting to run out to your local store, grab what seems like it would work, and use it on your face and body while not giving any thought to the ingredients […]