Is The hcg Diet a Miracle Cure For Obesity

by Deanna M. Woodroffe, WHNP-BC


The hcg diet was initially created from the work of Dr. Simeons in the 1950’s.  Through research and practice Dr. Simeons discovered hcg (human chorionic gonadatropin) had the ability to “mobilize” stubborn fat stores.  Simeons  found that if a patient followed a restricted calorie diet while this fat was being mobilized, the body utilized the excess fat for energy and weight loss was accelerated.


About two years ago when patients began asking me about hcg, I discouraged them.  I don’t support fad diets, and everybody knows that a diet too low in calories is not a sound way to lose weight.  I continued to counsel women on healthy weight loss through diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, I had many patients that were unable to lose weight, even when they were doing everything “right.”  Becoming more and more frustrated on my patient’s behalf, I was determined to help them.


When a colleague mentioned he was using hcg with patients, with great success, I was skeptical.  The more we talked, the more intrigued I became.  Curious, but skeptical and anxious about the safety of hcg, I secretly tried the plan under close supervision of my colleague. I lost one pound a day. People began to notice as my clothes became looser.  Convinced that it wouldn’t last, I kept the diet to myself.


I was certain I would rapidly regain the 20 pounds I lost after following such a restricted calorie diet as soon as I resumed normal eating.  Days after finishing the plan, I went on vacation.  For ten days I ate rich food at every meal, in normal amounts, and the weight did not return as I had expected.  My next round of hcg was just as successful.


Not long after, I attended a conference on “SHAPE Reclaimed,” a homeopathic product utlizing a glycoprotein complex in place of hcg, able to mimic the effect hcg has in the body, while decreasing unwanted side effects.  Impressed with the results other practitioners were having with this product, I began using “SHAPE” in my office.

Not only does weight come off quickly using the “SHAPE Reclaimed” program, the greater benefits are decreasing inflammation and enhancing immune function.  If you are someone who has tried every diet program without lasting success, say good-bye to the battle of the bulge and hello to restored health.


There is no miracle cure for obesity.  No program can solve your weight problems and allow you to resume bad habits with continued success.  “SHAPE Reclaimed” will jumpstart the lifestyle changes necessary for lasting success.


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