Articles from ‘May 2012’ Issue

“Lantern Festival: Art by Day, Magic by Night” at Missouri Botanical Garden May 26-Aug. 19

Elaborate, illuminated works of art from China will take center stage this summer at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. “Lantern Festival: Art by Day, Magic by Night” showcases Chinese culture, traditions and symbolism through larger-than-life, detailed scenes crafted from colorful silks and molded steel. The striking sets, ranging in size up to three […]

2012 Bark In The Park Set For May 19 in Forest Park

Come! Walk! Stay! Play! Fetch your family, friends, co-workers and canines for the can’t-miss event of 2012! Join the Humane Society of Missouri on Saturday, May 19 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for Bark in the Park at Cricket Field in Forest Park. Presented by PurinaONE®, Bark in the Park is the largest dog […]

7 Weeks To Wellness Your plan is based upon the change that you want to be!

by Jamila Owens-Todd, ND

There is no one way to wellness. Your health is solely based upon your views on health. When researching information for a long-term health plan, you must always ask…”is this the plan for me?” For one person, a healthy lifestyle can totally appear reversed for someone else. So, […]

ArtFul Happenings


Through May 11
May 2-9
Temporary public art installation; by principals Lucy Begg and Robert Gay of Thoughtbarn; corner of Grand and Samuel Shepard Drive in Grand Center.

May 3-26
Featuring work of selected area high school students; Gallery 210 on the UMSL campus; for info, call 314-516-5976 or visit www.gallery210.umsl.edu.

May […]

ArtFul Living

With Michelle “Mike” Oconicky
Healthy Planet Arts Editor

This month’s column is all about ME.

Yes, ME!! I’m delighted to celebrate the month with my very favorite events—and I think some of them are your favorites, too!

The best place to start is a walk to the world-class art museums and galleries of Grand Center on May 11. […]


Cathy Burkemper

Natural remedies For Physical & Emotional Stress

Q: Help! I have four kids under the age of seven, work full time and try to keep up the house. I constantly feel stressed. I drink coffee all day just to stay awake. Is there anything I can take that is natural and […]


Biological Dentistry Offers Our Patients Choices

By Michael Rehme, DDS, CCN
(Certified Clinical Nutritionist)

In the beginning of my dental career, I was taught that the importance of saving teeth was to provide a healthy, stable dentition that would support the chewing and mastication of our food. If there was decay we know how to restore it. If there was an infected tooth, […]

BLUESWEEK Festival Announces Schedule Of Performers

Bluesweek is Saint Louis’ premier Blues celebration, drawing from the most influential players and historians in the Blues community. Held on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27, in beautiful downtown St. Louis, this year’s Bluesweek Festival benefits the National Blues Museum, as it showcases talent from along the Blues Highway, Clarksdale to […]

CalciYUM! May is Osteoporosis Prevention Month

by Kari Hartel, RD, LD
Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search

What better time to talk about the importance of adequate calcium and vitamin D intake than during Osteoporosis Prevention Month! Perhaps your parents told you to drink your milk when you were growing up, and rightfully so. Milk is an excellent source of calcium and […]

Can You Answer Life’s Big Questions? What’s Next?

by Shannon Casey Falkenstein
Executive & Career Coach

“Figure out who you are; then do it on purpose.”
–Dolly Parton

What will your life look like in September?

Can you imagine smelling the first crisp scent of fall and realizing that another summer has passed and…you’re doing the same things, getting the same results?

Kind of a bummer, huh?

Now imagine […]

Diversity in a Mix Up Garden

by Linda Wiggen Kraft

A mix up garden (my own term) is by its very nature a diverse garden. A mix up garden is different from what the modern western world has been used to. It is a garden that mixes up parts that have always been separate and brings the diversity of edibles, medicinals […]

EarthWorms Castings

by Jean Ponzi

Father Lode – Remembered

Last year at this time, my family said good-bye to my dad, Bert Ponzi. He was 83.

Meeting the circles of friends and kin who came to support us and honor him, I was touched by the breadth of tributes to his life, gregarious and generously, productively lived. This piece, from […]

Explore the Landscape and Meet The Inhabitants of the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle, home to many different species of marine mammals and fish, has an impact that is larger than most people realize. The Science Center’s newest OMNIMAX® film, To The Arctic, takes viewers to the Arctic Circle to view the breath-taking landscape and explore the problems that are plaguing this region and its inhabitants.

To […]

Four Muddy Paws Hosts Pet Health & Wellness Fair, May 12

Pets are what they eat and good nutrition is the cornerstone to their health and well-being. The Four Muddy Paws Pet Health and Wellness Fair will be held on Saturday, May 12 from 11 AM – 3 PM at the Lafayette Square – St Louis location, 1711 Park Avenue, St Louis, MO 63104

Event details […]

Gitana Productions’ Muddy River Dance Theatre Explores Iconic St. Louis Racial Events and Issues, May 11-19

Muddy River, an original dance theatre performance by Gitana Productions that explores iconic St. Louis racial events and issues, opens May 11 and runs through May 19 at Cardinal Rigali Center, 20 Archbishop May Drive at Laclede Station Road. Performances are on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. For ticket information, visit www.gitana-inc.org.
A collaboration of […]

Healthy Planet Happenings


Wild horses, working horses, circus horses, women with horses….During the month of May, St. Louis artist Leslie Faust will have a Wall of Equine Art on display in the lobby of the Metropolitan Square Builing, 211 No. Broadway, downtown St. Louis. The space is big and beautiful and open […]

Irresistible Community Builders Presents: Occupy Adult as Possibility: The Next Level of Human Evolution?

by Tom & Carol Braford

At first we took on strengthening community by building a model cohousing community in St Louis. Over time, the project has morphed into something much more ambitious that requires your assistance and active engagement.
We are now out to support a sustainable culture, environment and economy in St Louis and beyond by […]

Is Your Healing Energy Deficient?

by Dr. Joseph Unger, Jr. DC.

Scientists have determined that every part of your body, every cell and even miniscule parts of every cell emit a huge array of specific vibratory frequencies. It is as if every piece of the physical body is a musical instrument and the net result is a symphony of many thousands […]


Little Shop Around The Corner Offers Eclectic, Resale Treasures

by Amy Hoover

The Little Shop Around The Corner is an antique, vintage and fine collectible resale shop that benefits the Missouri Botanical Garden. The Little Shop is a “green” destination for high-quality furniture, artwork, vintage jewelry, silver, china, and other accent furnishings.

All items found in the Little Shop have been donated and because we […]

May Brings Manure in Congress & Gardens To Delight

Coalition Report
by Kathleen Logan Smith
Executive Director; Missouri Coalition For The Environment

The once-every-five years Farm Bill that sets our nation’s food policy is beginning to take shape. The U.S. General Accounting Office is the newest entity to weigh in on the need to limit taxpayer subsidies. Its focus is on crop insurance subsidies which have become […]

NAMI Walks May 26 To Benefit Mental Illness

by Linda Hoff

He was a beautiful healthy baby. He was bright, curious and happy. He walked early and then ran everywhere. He loved toy soldiers and cars. He laughed a lot and cried a little. He loved to read and was in the gifted program in grade school. He had a few good […]

NATURE WISDOM with Pat Tuholske Naturalist Life As A Weed

I’ve observed weeds my whole life. Weeds are masters of survival adapting to new surroundings, overcoming obstacles and thriving firmly rooted in place. Creative in their propagation, weeds tempt birds to devour tasty seeds then expel them along fencerows; produce feathery tuffs that catch the wind and disperse onto fertile soil; hitch a […]

OH MY! It’s a Tumah!!!

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM
Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic & Vet Pet Rescue

Growths arise on our pets at all ages and at all stages of life. By strict definition, a tumor is any kind of growth. That being said, a pimple can be called a tumor, but it is NOT a cancer or a malignant […]

Pain, What Pain?

by Jane Arrington, RN

Have you ever tried so hard to break a habit, or just wanted to get rid of that pain that made your whole day dreadful? Well now there is a way to do that. Auriculotherapy has been proven effective for many years to help with the following conditions; Back Pain, Bursitis, Headaches, […]

Paul Bear Underwater

PUBLISHER’S CORNER 15 Years of Planet Publishing

Fifteen years ago, The Healthy Planet magazine was first introduced to the St. Louis public at the Earth Day Festival in Tower Grove Park. No staff, no signage, no eye catching booth with sign-ups for family vacations. Just me and a stack of fledgling magazines. I stood behind my table handing out my new publication […]

Purposeful Landscaping

story, cover and article photos
by Cindy Gilberg

Gardening has traditionally been all about aesthetics—planting with beauty as a primary consideration. While this should always be a factor to keep in mind when designing a landscape, the question is who decides what is beautiful and what is not? Growing up I heard, plenty of times, the […]

Quantum Reality of “What is Your Success Rate?” Acupuncture Meridians as a Language of Nature

by Simon Yu, MD

We live in a quantum world. Scientific American said so. The February 2012 Scientific American issue asked, “Is the Universe digital? Space of the Universe may not be smooth and continuous. Instead it may be digital, composed of tiny bits according to astrophysicist Craig Hogan. He believes that the world is fuzzy […]

Rockwood Center Art

Rockwood Center for Creative Learning Students Take ‘Action4Air’

Article courtesy of the St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership

With motor vehicle idling ranking as a major contributor to ozone pollution, 4th grade students from the Rockwood Center for Creative Learning’s (CCL) “There’s No Zone Like the Ozone” classes have embarked on an anti-idling campaign to help reduce emissions and improve the region’s air quality.

Led […]

Spring Cleaning…the Liver?

by Deanna Woodroffe, WHNP-BC

Severe fatigue, irritable bowel, chemical & food sensitivities, headaches, joint pain, fibromyalgia, depression, irritability, hormone imbalance, PMS…

This list of symptoms that I encounter with patients every day is endless. Patients experiencing symptoms like these have often visited multiple doctors and specialists only to be told that everything is “fine.”

Everything is NOT fine! […]


Levitate a person five feet off the ground! Ride a unicycle! Twist animal balloons to take home! Sound fun? This is only the tip of the iceberg at Abra-Kid-Abra’s one-week entertainment camps! We offer four different programs at community centers and schools throughout St. Louis, all summer: magic, circus stars, comedy, and balloonatics. Half […]

Sustainable Communities = Healthy Communities

By Christy Cunningham-Saylor of Vertegy,
An Alberici Enterprise
and USGBC-Missouri Gateway Board of Directors

The USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter’s mission is to transform the built environment and often when discussing green projects, we talk in singular examples such as an office building, a school or maybe a campus going green. But if we’re truly going to transform the built […]

The 10 Best Perennials for Lazy Gardeners

by Kim Reiss,
Manager Sugar Creek Gardens

No muss, no fuss. Get in, get out. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
If that’s the way you like to garden, then here are 10 “must have” perennial plants for you. Plant them once then sit back and enjoy.

Shade/part shade (4-6 hours of morning sun or dappled sun throughout the day)

1. […]

THE ART OF RELATING with Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW, Therapist & Relationship Coach

Staying Too Long
Really Does A Number On Your Ego

Go to www.TheArtofRelatingBook.com to purchase my book.
Sign up for the monthly newsletter and listen to the “featured” radio show, get free relationship tips and preview the upcoming Healthy Planet article.

The pain of a relationship that ends can feel devastating. This is especially true when you […]

The Earliest Spring Ever

by Nancy Smith, Farm Sourcer-ess

Spring is my favorite season of the year. This year it started in February, but no-one is complaining. What happens when the weather is spring-like in February? Fruit trees blossom early, winter greens keep growing (and some of them bolt and go to seed), and adventuresome gardeners and farmers begin […]

Today’s New Found Gardening Methods?

by Randy Greene

For the last few years you have seen this person or another talk about a new method of gardening or farming and how their method is better than the last method.

What does it mean when someone says their way works better than anything we have tried in the past? If you really […]

Travel Journal: Costa Rica…Pura Vida!

by Gretchen Inman

If there ever was a market slogan that sums up a country it is Costa Rica’s Pura Vida! Pure Life!
Visiting this peaceful Central American country has been on my bucket list for over two decades and I finally made it! If any expectation could have been exceeded it definitely was! The people are […]

Why 7 Women and 1 Man Cried Last Thursday

by Dr. David Peterson, D.C.
and Dr. Emily Heckler, DC, CNC, MBA

How much do you have in common with these patients who shed tears of fear, relief, joy, anger, frustration, thanks, anxiety, and lost love? These are interesting stories of a few Wellness Alternatives patients seen in our Functional Medicine office.

FEAR. Hashimoto’s Thyroid […]

World Harmony Run Coming To St. Louis May 12

When the USA team members of the World Harmony Run pass through the Gateway Arch on Saturday, May 12, they will have run through 17 states and had countless adventures since the start of their journey in New York a month earlier. Founded in 1987 by the late visionary Sri Chinmoy, the run is a […]