NATURE WISDOM with Pat Tuholske Naturalist Life As A Weed

I’ve observed weeds my whole life. Weeds are masters of survival adapting to new surroundings, overcoming obstacles and thriving firmly rooted in place. Creative in their propagation, weeds tempt birds to devour tasty seeds then expel them along fencerows; produce feathery tuffs that catch the wind and disperse onto fertile soil; hitch a ride on animals fur and drop into field and forest; or wait patiently to burst with enthusiasm onto welcoming earth.
A weed is merely a wayward plant growing where it is not welcome. I doubt if ancient people even had a word for “weed” as all plants were looked upon as potential allies. Our early ancestors use of plants is evidence of how well they understood their environment. Becoming aware of the weeds growing in your natural surroundings will help you better navigate the cycle of life’s changes and challenges. Identify them, notice how well they adapt to their environment, research their healing and nutritional qualities.

The weeds surrounding my house and barn are my remedies. I work with their life force to transform their energy into remedies for body, mind and spirit. Yellow Dock cleanses the liver. Burdock keeps blood and skin healthy. Black Walnut sharpens brain function. With Mugwort comes dreams.

The wild plants thriving in my yard are my food. I add Chickweed to salads, Lambs Quarters to soups, Violet Flowers to eggs, Nettles to stews. My body is hungry for the nutrition in weeds. My cells recognize and utilize every part of this wild food. Maximum nutrition is absorbed and vital energy is ignited. My body is nurtured and I have the power to live the life I love.

Modern humans have disconnected from the weed world. We eradicate them with poisons, battle them with diggers, and smother them with mulch. We have done the same with our own essence. We don’t listen to our bodies and we shut out our inner longings. Nature offers the cure and the weeds at your door have come to aid you in life’s journey.
Weeds are the footprints of the helping spirits in nature. Learn to interpret the language of the weed before you destroy a potential plant ally. Those with an alert eye and a willing heart can follow the example of the weed to a life of effortless adaptation and deep-rooted prosperity.

Check out Pat Tuholske’s journal “Nature as Healer” for musings on the Human-Nature relationship. Go to elementalearthcamp.com. Pat is the guide at Elemental Earthcamp “off the grid” encampment in the Missouri Ozarks and leads yearly quests. See her wild wreaths and native plant remedies at WillowRainHerbalGoods.com.