Why 7 Women and 1 Man Cried Last Thursday

by Dr. David Peterson, D.C.
and Dr. Emily Heckler, DC, CNC, MBA

How much do you have in common with these patients who shed tears of fear, relief, joy, anger, frustration, thanks, anxiety, and lost love? These are interesting stories of a few Wellness Alternatives patients seen in our Functional Medicine office.

FEAR. Hashimoto’s Thyroid patient received an absolute recommendation to avoid gluten and dairy for at least 12 months and lectins for 3 months based on lab testing in order to improve her condition. This evoked tears. Change is hard! The physicians and office team will help make this lifestyle change. We can educate and support this process.

RELIEF. Prospective patient had three nights of good sleep (highly unusual), no intestinal discomfort for a week, yet woke up doubled over again in pain and experiencing diarrhea. Her procrastination had to stop. She called our office and a staff member spent 30 minutes determining if Functional Medicine was a ‘good fit’ for her health needs. Physician reviewed. Case accepted. Tests ordered. A plan was in place! Tears of relief.

JOY. After 2 months of treatment, an infertility couple is pregnant. We all cried with joy.
ANGER. We diagnosed an Auto-Immune patient with bacterial overgrowth and mold exposure through lab testing. Her root cause of sickness was finally identified. Patient cried with anger for the years this was missed and the suffering she had experienced. Knowing the root problem begins the path to health.

FRUSTRATION. New patient’s first consultation. She did everything ‘right’. She exercised, ate clean, dieted, hired a trainer, started taking Synthroid, and still gained 5 more pounds. It seemed unfair. She was concerned about hormonal imbalances or early menopause. A one hour consultation resulted in a plan of care which includes, hormone testing and testing blood levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). Hashimotos’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis could be the underlying cause of symptoms.

THANKS. Mom of teen patient called to say thank you. Daughter’s menstrual periods normalized and moods improved, but an acne-free back meant buying a strapless prom gown. Mom shared a teary thank you; her daughter was on cloud nine.

ANXIETY. Current patient was having a ‘bad’ day. Was it stress causing abdominal pain and abdominal pain causing anxiety? Or anxiety causing abdominal pain? She needed support and assistance. We connected the dots triggering her current anxiety and made suggestions. Support and a trusting relationship with your physician/team must exist.
LOST LOVE. Male with brain fog and joint pain is tested for food sensitivities. Result: severe sensitivities to malt, yeast, barley, and wheat. Reportedly, there was a trail of tears in his last beer, but he is now on the path to health.

This is Functional Medicine. And despite the tears we love what we do. Many of our patients have been to several doctors and have gone to nationally recognized medical clinics, yet their symptoms continue to deteriorate over the years. All too often current medical care options do not address alterations in physiology that can profoundly impact patients’ health and quality of life. Our physicians look at autoimmunity and related issues such as gluten sensitivity, vitamin D imbalances, blood sugar instability, and intestinal permeability. Functional Medicine’s goal is to find the root problem and provide natural treatment options when possible. We also provide dietary, nutritional and lifestyle guidance that can result in significant and meaningful improvements to your health.

Don’t procrastinate. Check our web site, www.stlwa.com or call our office 636-227-4949. We are the leaders in Functional Medicine and Functional Endocrinology in STL. We make a difference.