7 Weeks To Wellness Your plan is based upon the change that you want to be!

by Jamila Owens-Todd, ND

There is no one way to wellness. Your health is solely based upon your views on health. When researching information for a long-term health plan, you must always ask…”is this the plan for me?” For one person, a healthy lifestyle can totally appear reversed for someone else. So, who has the plan to wellness? You do. Your plan to living a completely holistic life is based upon how you have lived your life until today. Your plan is based upon the change that you want to be. 7 Weeks to Wellness is a plan in creating your healthy, holistic and happy existence. Follow it how you wish. All holistic plans are created to support you in the best way for you. Healing is what exists innately within you. Taking a moment to listen, then trusting in your intuition, can provide awesome insight into your health. You may find that you have started treatments or detox programs in the past with little to no success. Consider what else was going on during that time. Were you starting a detox in order to escape stress, or for weight loss, or was it too rigorous for you? These questions are important as they can decrease your enthusiasm with any treatment. Starting on the path to health does not create a drastic change of personality. Your healing journey should initiate subtle and sustainable, daily life enhancements. With starting any plan you must make dietary changes. It is through our food that we have the most healing and repair. It is the one place where we are forced to make daily decisions on living a life of wellness and holism. Increasing green foods daily would be our first and most basic step. 7 Weeks to Wellness (full book available for download FREE online at www.minthealth.org/ 7weekstowellness.pdf)

Week 1- green foods challenge: 10 servings daily of fresh vegetables and fruits.
Week 2 – body challenge: Sweat for at least 10 minutes every day.
Week 3 – clean challenge: Avoid harsh chemicals in toiletries and household products.
Week 4 – sugar challenge: Avoid white sugar/high fructose corn syrup
Week 5 – green challenge: Reduce, reuse & recycle.
Week 6: simple challenge: Avoid excessive, unnecessary purchases.
Week 7 – mind challenge: De-stress every day (breathe and meditate).

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