Is Your Healing Energy Deficient?

by Dr. Joseph Unger, Jr. DC.

Scientists have determined that every part of your body, every cell and even miniscule parts of every cell emit a huge array of specific vibratory frequencies. It is as if every piece of the physical body is a musical instrument and the net result is a symphony of many thousands of energetic frequencies. Physicists and other researchers have investigated this phenomenon for many decades.

Healthy cells produce a full complement of healing energies. These emissions help to coordinate function throughout the body and are thought to be responsible for certain essential healing. If a system or even a cell becomes sick, it cannot produce the energies needed to heal and coordinate function with all of the other body parts. The organism can then become sick.

These healing energies that are produced by the body are thought to be of absolute essence in the healing process. If missing frequencies are at the root of your problem, other forms of therapy may not work. These specific energies cannot be replaced by nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture etc. and are thought to be at the very foundation of the healing process in the physical body. If one is deficient in these specific energetic frequencies, other forms of healing can be partially or totally ineffective.

One of the first researchers to investigate these concepts was Dr. Royal Rife. While his primary focus was microbiology, he was responsible for some incredible discoveries in the field of energetic healing. He even built a machine capable of transmitting certain frequencies of vibratory patterns into people to help them recover from certain conditions. Some of the experiences patients report are quite astounding.

In the last few years researchers at Aura International pioneered methodologies to imprint up to 33 of the essential healing frequencies on to an adhesive patch. There are now over 50 different patches designed to address specific symptoms or conditions. They find that persons can respond favorably to three different patches at any given time resulting in almost 100 essential frequencies. You can wear these patches 24 hours a day absorbing the needed healing energies. If the patches are producing positive results for your condition, 3 to 6 months of continuous therapy often resolves the situation completely.

Advanced Energy Patches (AEP) are now produced by Aura Exploration Inc. and are all available through the master distributor, Atrium Health Services. One advantage of AEP is that they are non-toxic and have no chemicals that can interfere with any other forms of therapy. They simply help restore missing energetic frequencies that the body is supposed to produce on its own. It is like an energy supplement making up deficiencies.

If you have allergies or other unresponsive conditions, you may need to look deeper and address the subtle energies of your body. If you are struggling with your health and not yet found your answers, do not give up. It may simply be time to look at the problem from a different perspective.

If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. Try something different.

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