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Coalition Report

By Rebecca Dowd,
Missouri Coalition for the Environment Intern


“We The People 2.0” Fight the American Oligarchy

The Trump administration calls our current framework for environmental protection “burdensome” and “unnecessary” and he has advocated for its elimination. Now is the time for unity and activism.

Across the United States, the public does not have a right to clean […]

24th Annual Bark in the Park Set For May 20 in Forest Park

The 24th annual Bark in the Park will be held on Saturday, May 20 at Cricket Field in Forest Park!

Presented by Purina, Bark in the Park is a 5K Run, One-Mile Walk and Pet Festival benefiting the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Fund. Register as a “Pack” and raise dollars by asking friends, family […]

Alternative Building & Sustainable Living Farm Tour – June 10

You are invited to the Alternative Building and Sustainable Living Farm Tour, June 10, hosted by Solis Farm in conjunction with Farwig Farm and Silver Seed Farms. Entry to the Farm Tour is free but the sponsors ask that you bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to a local food bank. There will […]

Alternative Building & Sustainable Living Farm Tour June 10

You are invited to the Alternative Building and Sustainable Living Farm Tour, June 10, hosted by Solis Farm in conjunction with Farwig Farm and Silver Seed Farms. Entry to the Farm Tour is free but the sponsors ask that you bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to a local food bank. There will […]

ARTful Happenings – April 2017


Through April 20
Framations Gallery, 218 N. Main in St. Charles; for info, 636-724-8313 or visit www.framations.com.

Through April 28
Opening reception, March 30, 5-9 p.m.; Bruno David Gallery, 7513 Forsyth Blvd., for info, call […]

ARTful Happenings May 2017


Through May 12
Included with regular garden admission; Missouri Botanical Garden, 4344 Shaw; for info, call 314-577-5100 or visit www.mobot.org.

Through May 15
The Luminary, 2701 Cherokee; for info, visit www.theluminaryarts.com.

Through June 1
The Gallery at Regional Arts Commission; 6128 Delmar; for info, visit www.racstl.org.

May 4-June 3

Artful Living – May 2017

St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

So Where Are Contemporary Artists?

Bruno David Gallery presents an exhibition this month featuring the works of five contemporary—but very different—artists. “This/That” is the first solo exhibition of paintings by William Conger. He investigates formal non-representational abstraction (“This”) nuanced by the suggestion of […]

ArtFul Living: St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

By Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

Let’s Focus On Festivals This Month

Opera Theatre of St. Louis, supported by PNC Arts Alive, presents Opera Tastings on April 18 – 23. Check out this concept: Participants in this “culinary concert” series, a 90-minute event, are led through music from across the history of opera through live performances from […]

Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Schram

What Can I Do For Dry Eye Syndrome?

Q: I have dry eye syndrome. What causes this and are there any supplements that may help this condition?

A: Dry eye syndrome (DES) is a very common problem, particularly among peri and post-menopausal women. The eyes have ocular layers that make up the tear film. There […]


With Cathy Schram

Olive Leaf Extract & Irritable Bowel (IBS)

Q: I use Olive Leaf Extract whenever I start to feel a cold coming on but I was wondering if it has any other health benefits?

A: Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) has some pretty amazing health benefits. The olive leaf is full of plant compounds called polyphenols,which have […]

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Hosts Spring Planting Festival May 7 & 8

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company is excited about its biggest festival of the year. The 17th annual Spring Planting Festival at Bakersville Pioneer Village near Mansfield, Missouri, is Sunday and Monday, May 7 and 8. The event that started with a small gathering of gardeners in the year 2000 has grown to 10,000 attendees each […]

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Hosts Spring Planting Festival May 7 & 8

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company is excited about its biggest festival of the year. The 17th annual Spring Planting Festival at Bakersville Pioneer Village near Mansfield, Missouri, is Sunday and Monday, May 7 and 8. The event that started with a small gathering of gardeners in the year 2000 has grown to 10,000 attendees each […]

Balaban’s Offerings Include Poached Monk Fish Well Paired With a 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

By Celia Henson
Healthy Planet Destinations Editor

Out and About St. Louis Missouri…

I had the pleasure of dining at a little unknown place (at least to me it was) called Balaban’s.

Balaban’s is located at 1772 Clarkson Road in Chesterfield Missouri at the corner of Baxter and Clarkson.

In the front of the restaurant it appears to be more […]

Born To Enchant Your Garden

By Abby Elliott
Sugar Creek Gardens

From the outstanding Elizabeth MacGregor Nursery in Scotland comes the Swan Anemone Series. Like their magnificent namesake, Swan Anemones stand out above all others. Their spectacular blossoms and prolific flowering bring exceptional grace and beauty to the garden. Exquisite nodding flowers with icy white faces and violet blue undersides adorn the […]

Celebrate Earth Day with the City of Sunset Hills April 8

Saturday, April 8 come for FREE FAMILY FUN! Join in on celebrating the beauty of nature at a family fun event for all ages! The celebration kicks off at 9:30 am on Saturday April 8, 2017 and will be held at the Sunset Hills Community Center, 3915 South Lindbergh.

As in prior years, the Earth Day […]

City of Chesterfield Celebrates 26th Annual Earth Day Festival April 29 at Chesterfield Mall

The Chesterfield Earth Day Festival is celebrating its 26th anniversary this year! This festival is one of the region’s largest Earth Day events and offers a convenient recycling drive-thru, eco-friendly and up-cycled products, information exhibits, plus cultural entertainment! The Chesterfield Citizens Committee for the Environment will host the 26th Chesterfield Earth Day Festival on Saturday, […]

Coalition Report

By Alicia Lloyd,
Clean Water Policy Coordinator,
Missouri Coalition for the Environment

Who is Responsible for Allowing Factory Farms to Pollute Our Air & Water?

Overseeing Missouri’s water-related activities, the Clean Water Commission is a 7 member, governor-appointed citizen’s board. Public representation on the Commission protects our water from being compromised by special interests, but that public […]

Could Your Guts Be Leaky?

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

(This is Part 2 of a 2 part article. Part 1 appeared in the April 2017 edition of the Healthy Planet magazine.)

In last month’s article, we discussed what leaky gut is and the wide-ranging signs and symptoms that could indicate you have a leaky gut. This month we’re going to explain […]

Could Your Guts Be Leaky?

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

(This is part 1 of a 2 part article. Part 2 will appear in the May edition of The Healthy Planet magazine)

Chances are you have heard of leaky gut, but you may not know exactly what it is. It sounds disgusting, right? While over 10,000 research articles have been written on the […]

Creating Moments of Joy For Older Adults

By Denise S. Pott, LCSW
Assistance Home Care

I have a friend who, at 77 years of age, is afraid to retire. It’s not that he has financial worries or insurance concerns; he’s afraid of boredom. He says “I don’t want to just sit in front of the TV”. Many people share my friend’s concerns and are […]

Destinations: Augusta Plein Air Art Festival in Missouri Wine Country April 20-30

The Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce is proud to celebrate the cultural heritage of historic wine country as it hosts the 15-year anniversary of the Augusta Plein Air Art Festival in Missouri Wine Country. The unique festival that attracts amateur and professional artists from across the country runs April 20-30, 2017. Art, wine and culture […]

Earth Day, Garden Day, Every Day

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

We celebrate Earth Day* once a year, but earth day is really every day. Earth is our Mother, our home, our every thing. By saying it is our every thing, it is recognizing that it is our physical place in life, and also part of our psyche and spiritual knowing.

Before the […]

EarthDance Offers Organic Farm School Classes At Earth Day Festival

By Crystal Stevens

Every year, the St. Louis Earth Day Festival brings together the wonderful organizations in the region whose values and missions are in alignment with earth stewardship. The festival draws a crowd of over 60,000. This year is expected to be the largest festival yet, as it will take place both Saturday and Sunday.

EarthDance […]

Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Requiem for a Perfect Experience

I was raised to be a shopper, the quintessential middle-class American, striving to acquire STUFF.

One local enterprise has enabled me to manage – and enjoy – this unsustainable trait, while benefitting students in a most inventive way. I have called it, irreverently, the Squalor Shop, although its stuff quality […]

For A Greener Garden: COMPOST!

Composting is Mother Nature’s way of recycling old scraps into a beneficial meal for your garden. Your compost pile is the true hero in green gardening. By collecting grass clippings, fruit and vegetable trimmings and leaves, gardeners can create their own compost and give their garden a free, healthy, enriching treat. Composting your organic scraps […]

Get Unplugged At Clearwater Lake – Near Ellington, Missouri

The perfect way to get unplugged from everyday life is to head out for a couple of days of camping, fishing and boating on Clearwater Lake. Located in heart of the Ozark Highlands, Clearwater Lake is a beautiful 1700-acre lake. The crystal clear Black River and several springs empty into the lake and attribute to […]

Green Homes Festival Saturday, June 3, 9 am – 4 pm, Missouri Botanical Garden

Green Homes Festival Spotlights Plant-Based Options for Sustainable Living

Are you looking for green living ideas? Do you want to learn how to live more sustainably? Are you planning to build a new house? Have comfort issues and want to make improvements to where you live now?

Missouri Botanical Garden has resources for you, at the 16th […]

Hamilton Farms: A Towering Success

By Denise Christen
Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor

A flourishing year round garden in St. Louis City? Welcome to Hamilton Farms, the only commercial tower garden setup in the Midwest. This is the brain child of Paul Hamilton, purveyor of Hamilton Hospitality, who, along with his wife Wendy, have brought new life into old buildings in the Lafayette […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

April 2
Transformational Breathwork
Facilitated by: Shelby Corson, LMT, Certified Transformational Breathwork Facilitator, Sunday, April 2, 2017, 1:00-3:30pm, The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, 7649 Delmar Blvd. Cost: $60. Transformational Breathwork is a breathing process that helps to open restricted patterns of breathing, integrate and clear the subconscious mind and help you connect more fully with […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

May 4
Look Good, Feel Good
Presented by Iris Salsman & Deborah Zorensky, MS, RD, LD, CCN. Wednesday May 4. 7:00pm – 8:30pm. The Classroom at The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit
7647 Delmar Blvd. Attendance is free, but please register. How do you feel about yourself in terms of weight, looks and health? Are you noticing […]

High Tech Gizmos & Gadgets For Pets

By Teresa Garden, DVM

Our lives have been transformed and enhanced by technological wonders over the last several years. Most of us are familiar with the activity tracker Fitbit. Since it is all the rage in the human world, is it any wonder this trend is now extending to the pet marketplace as well? Web and […]

How Are You?

Once You Experience PALM, You Will Have A Whole New Way Of Answering That Question

You likely remember the location, but what you discover when you walk through the doors of the former Busch’s Grove Restaurant is a whole new concept in integrative health and wellness. (photo right)

PALM Health (PALM stands for Personalized Advanced Lifestyle Medicine) […]

How to Annoy Your Patients and Still Win Them Over: Difficult Doctor on Difficult Patient’s DNA Test

By Simon Yu, MD

About 25 years ago, during my early exploration of alternative, complementary medicine, occasionally, my front desk staff would ask me, rolling their eyes, what happened to the last patient I saw. She stormed out of the clinic crying, telling them that she will never come back again. She told my staff that […]

How To Change Everything Right Now!

By Kimberly Schneider, LPC & Samantha St. Julian, Ph.D.

Common wisdom says change is hard, and it takes a long time.
Often, that’s true—especially if you follow common wisdom about how to create change (you know: set goals; take action; work hard).

But common wisdom is wrong. At least, if you want to experience transformational change. Right now.

In […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Imagine the City of St. Louis with 500,000 Residents Once Again

By Tom Braford

Back in 2014, Dan Jay, an architect and planning commissioner, first proposed the idea of having 500,000 residents again in the City of St Louis as a thought experiment. This was a brilliant move because brain scientists say we literally have to burn new neural pathways before we can fulfill on a new […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Transforming Civilization and the Planet: One Reformed and Terraformed Community at a Time

By Tom Braford

In our society, many things have worked well for a long time, so there’s no need to keep reinventing the wheel. At Arizmendi Ecovillage, we are including many of these, like cohousing for social sustainability and ecovillage for neighborhoods that are ecologically sustainable as well.

Of course, they need to work economically too, so […]

LEED, Energy Star & Well on Display at the Green Building Showcase May 9

By Nick Bristow, Chair of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Board of Directors

Many are familiar with LEED, the green building rating system administered by the U.S. Green Building Council that certifies buildings designed and operated for improved environmental performance. But LEED is far from the only green building rating system around. In recent years, the green […]

Local CSA & Farm Education

EarthDance Organic Farm School
Since 2010
EarthDance Organic Farm School sustainably grows food, farmers and community, one small farm at a time, through hands-on education and delicious experiences. EarthDance offers Farming Apprenticeship each year to community members. The Farm and Garden Apprenticeship is a part-time, hands-on, education in organic gardening, market farming, and applied permaculture. EarthDance apprentices (aka […]

Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske, Naturalist

Keeper of The Wild

May has arrived in full splendor! The first of May historically signaled the beginning of Summer with ancient bonfires lit on hills in raucous revelry. People leapt the fire to bring good fortune, fertility and happiness through the coming year.

This time of year I feel most strongly the presence […]

Open Eyes, Open Hearts

By Phylis Clay Sparks

April 22nd has been recognized as Earth Day every year since 1970. It’s claimed that more than a billion people all over the world will acknowledge Earth Day in 2017, celebrating our planet’s abundant and naturally beautiful resources, petitioning our governments to take action against threatening climate change, and encouraging all people […]

Parasite Infections are Leading to Undiagnosed Health Problems for Veterans

Misdiagnosed, Undiagnosed and Untreated Special Attention to VA Hospital Administration

By Simon Yu, MD, Internal Medicine
USAR, Retired, Colonel, MC

In February 2017, I saw a 69 year old Vietnam veteran from Asheville, North Carolina with a high suspicion for parasite infection. He was told by his doctor that he has Blastocystis hominis and other undefined and unidentifiable […]

Pet Health Care Concerns for Springtime Garage Cleaning

By Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Spring is upon us! Unseasonably warm, breezy evenings where choruses of spring peepers and intermittent barred owl hoots fill the darkness with harmonic melodies. I find myself outside earlier in the morning and later in the night, with two of my beloved canine companions, Bruno and George, tagging right along. They […]

Publisher’s Corner: Two Decades of the Planet

Twenty years ago this month, The Healthy Planet magazine rolled off the press for the very first time. I lugged some bungles of that inaugural edition down to the Earth Day Festival in Tower Grove Park where I set up shop and handed out the our new publication. Obviously it was well received by a […]

Publisher’s Corner: Will Horton Hear Us?

Earth Day is a time to pay homage to Mother Earth. I think it only right that we have given a female gender to our planet as she definitely provides for us. She nurtures us. Yes, we have learned how best to reap what she sows, but remember, a little knowledge can be a dangerous […]

Recycling News

The St. Louis – Jefferson Solid Waste Management District is a regional agency that was created in 1993 to assist the public, private and nonprofit sectors in establishing and expanding waste reduction and recycling. The District includes the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County. For more information visit […]

Schlafly Distributes Free Wildflower Seeds, Farmers Market Opens April 12

Schlafly beer is highlighting its ongoing support of all things sustainable this spring. In addition to using 100% renewable energy, being a leader in St. Louis’ composting program, supporting local farmers, growing their own produce in their urban garden, and having two Green Dining Alliance approved restaurants Schlafly will step up its sustainable efforts to […]

Solutions for Stress: The Functional Medicine Way

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

Stress is omnipresent in our lives. Anxiety, irritation, frustration, impatience and lack of self-control are all symptoms of being “stressed”. Lack of understanding of how to address emotions is the primary cause of today’s stress epidemic. People believe that the mind rules. More often than not, it’s the emotions that determine […]

Some Easy Ways To GO GREEN!

By Nick Frisella
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Director – Metro Lighting

Make the Switch To LED
Installing an LED bulb is the quickest, easiest way to save energy — and money. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights convert most of the energy they use into light rather than heat.

Why? They consume about 85% less electricity and last up to […]

Springtime Conditioning For Your Active Dogs

By Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Wow! Even ole’ fellas like me feel invigorated with the warm, bright days of Spring. I often jump out in the garage to clean out junk, and begin working on my garden. Yikes, by evening, I can hardly stand up without wrenching in pain.

Why am I sharing such personal information? Well, […]

St. Louis Area No Longer Among “Most-Polluted” U.S. Cities in 2017 ‘State of the Air’ Report

Article courtesy of the Clean Air Partnership

Data from the American Lung Association’s 2017 “State of the Air” report has revealed that the St. Louis area is no longer ranked among the top 25 most-polluted cities in the U.S. This news reflects an overall trend in improved air quality nationwide, highlighted by lower overall ozone levels […]

St. Louis Earth Day Festival Expands To Two Days, April 22-23

Unofficially marking the kick-off of St. Louis’ outdoor event season, the St. Louis Earth Day Festival is scheduled for April 22-23 this year.

Now in its 28th year, the festival, which began as a small, grassroots gathering, today welcomes tens of thousands of guests, largest by far in the midwest welcoming guests to celebrate, learn and […]

Tears — More Than Meets The Eye

By Ava Frick, DVM, CVC, FAIS

Tears have a purpose; to lubricate and moisten the eye. Many pets have facial staining from excessive tear production. We often see it in small breeds, brachiocephalic and large round eyes. This can happen if eye lashes rub against the eye, irritating it. But there are other underlying reasons too.

Tears […]

The Art of Relating

With Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

Doing Your Work Before You Get “Hitched”

Thinking about getting married this year? Does the idea of a 50-plus percent divorce rate weigh on your mind at times? Do you want to greatly increase your odds of having it last? Then it is imperative that you “do your work” before you get […]

The Art of Relating: Change Takes Action

Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW
(now accepting insurance)

Plenty of us have periods in our lives when we are simply taking some time out to just rest. We have ventured out towards our endeavor, only to seemingly hit a brick wall, and have once again retreated to the comfort of our daily routines. After all, there is […]

The Path to Sustainability: 2017-2018 Green Schools Quest Comes to An End but the Work Continues

By Shawn Fluckey, USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Intern

The U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter’s 2016-17 Green Schools Quest ended last month. This year-long challenge targets elementary, middle, and high schools within the Chapter’s territory, which includes the state of Missouri and parts of southern Illinois. The Green Schools Quest challenges each school to devise […]

Think Like A Flower, Think Like A Bee

By Linda Wiggen Kraft,

Healthy Planet Green & Growing Editor

Fortunately there is a change in the way gardeners think about gardens. For too many years the only one who counted was the gardener. The garden’s purpose was to look beautiful for the gardener. Bees, insects, pollinators and wildlife were not welcome. Beauty, as deemed by […]

Trees Work! MO Dept. of Conservation Educational Campaign Focuses On Trees and Forests

Trees work for your health.
Trees work for your family.
Trees work for your wallet.
Trees work for the environment.
Trees work for your community.
Trees work for the economy.

Did you know that being around trees lowers your blood pressure and pulse rate? But that’s not all! Kids perform better on tests and have reduced symptoms on ADHD after spending […]

What Makes Functional Medicine Different?

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

Functional Medicine is proactive, predictive and personalized medicine which empowers patients to take an active role in their own health. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. The Functional Medicine physician […]

Who Said Edible Gardens Can’t Be Pretty?

By Abby Elliott
Sugar Creek Gardens

Many gardeners are delighted to discover vegetables, herbs, and berries that are as gorgeous as they are tasty. Whether placed in the garden or in your favorite container, you can create beautiful gardens that will excite your senses. With the plants listed you’ll enjoy colorful flowers, luscious fruit, and intensely scented […]