Publisher’s Corner: Two Decades of the Planet

JB Lester

Twenty years ago this month, The Healthy Planet magazine rolled off the press for the very first time. I lugged some bungles of that inaugural edition down to the Earth Day Festival in Tower Grove Park where I set up shop and handed out the our new publication. Obviously it was well received by a very eco-friendly crowd since our mission was Health, Wellness and Environmental News. But I have to tell you, I was scared witless. Having been in publishing for more than 17 years as co-founder of the Webster-Kirkwood Times I was a bit in shock starting totally over in an “alternative” market. Back then the terms such as “Wellness” and “Eco-Friendly” were considered fringe. Today, 20 years later these terms have become mainstream along with “Green”, “Integrative”, and “Sustainable.” No matter what it is all called, we have been working hard to bring St. Louis a magazine which offers resources for improving your life and the life of our planet. The mission has not changed in 20 years and it continues with much work to be done. It is no wonder that our cover this month is Rosie The Riveter. History buffs will recognize this symbol of the many women who entered the workforce during World War II in factories and shipyards in support of the war effort. Today, Rosie is still a symbol of all the strong women in the workforce. The Healthy Planet magazine has had so many strong, creative and professional women working here over the past two decades. Too many to list, but they know who they are and they have my endless gratitude. We have had so many wonderful women columnists, writers, artists, doctors and other business women and heads of organizations working with us. So we honor some of them by offering up our Women@Work promotion this month. Truth is, 84% of our readers are women and this readership has stayed constant since we started in 1997. Why? Because women care more about health and wellness than we men do. Men need to start taking more control of our health. It’s up to us to learn more about prevention and self care. And they can start by reading The Healthy Planet each month. Health and Wellness is a big part of who we are. Our other mission is sustainability and eco-awareness. So much has happened in the environmental realm in the past 20 years. Some good and now not so good. But any good cause is worth fighting for. And the health of our Planet tops the list. We remain committed to bringing our readers information and resources to help them make the best “Green” choices for themselves, their families and their communities. On a personal note, it has been a pleasure owning and operating this small, local, family-owned business. Challenges yes, achievements yes, but no regrets. Just working with some of the best people on the planet has been such a reward. Thank you to all who have passed through our door either in person or via cyberspace. Your contributions have made The Healthy Planet magazine one of the best read publications in town. And we can be read online for all our fellow Earthlings to enjoy. Thank you to so many, especially our many loyal readers. I hope you will continue to be a “Planeteer” for years to come!

In Gratitude, J.B. Lester, Publisher