Who Said Edible Gardens Can’t Be Pretty?

By Abby Elliott
Sugar Creek Gardens

Many gardeners are delighted to discover vegetables, herbs, and berries that are as gorgeous as they are tasty. Whether placed in the garden or in your favorite container, you can create beautiful gardens that will excite your senses. With the plants listed you’ll enjoy colorful flowers, luscious fruit, and intensely scented foliage. These plants will turn your plain old pots and gardens into delectable masterpieces.

DELIZZ STRAWBERRY. The first and only strawberry to win the prestigious All-American Selection Award. Loaded with outstanding qualities, Delizz Strawberry produces an abundance of juicy fruit throughout the summer. Each plump strawberry is packed with rich flavor, perfect for jams, deserts, and snacking. The plant grows in a lovely, uniform, compact habit, making it ideal for flower gardens, containers and hanging baskets. Being a day-neutral strawberry, it produces fruits all season long, beginning in early summer, with fruiting continuing through August. Even hot weather won’t slow down the bumper crop of berries.

It’s both gorgeous and edible! A striking vegetable, Kosmic Kale’s upright green-blue foliage with lovely wavy-edged, creamy white margins is as beautiful as it is delicious. Extremely versatile, it makes a fantastic addition to your vegetable and flower gardens, or to containers on your patio. The gorgeous foliage sets off everything around it. And the best part–being a vigorous grower that won’t bolt, you won’t feel guilty harvesting its continuous supply of nutritious, delicious leaves.

BIG TIME BLUE LAVENDER. Best in the world? Earliest blooming, longest blooming, extra large flowers. Big Time Blue Lavender has the stellar reputation for being one of the most outstanding Lavenders available. Its superior qualities include super-sized flowers and one of the longest bloom times of all English Lavenders. Coming into bloom earlier than others and staying in bloom longer, waves of plump, intensely fragrant blossoms first appear in late spring and continue into late fall. With Big Time Blue you can expect rich bouquets of heady scented purple-blue. A Sugar Creek favorite.

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