Articles from ‘February 2016’ Issue

Publisher’s Corner: Left To My Own Devices

My young adult daughters love to make fun of me and my awkwardness when left to my own devices. I have always been behind the curve when it comes to electronics. I like to think of it as being old-fashioned and traditional, but apparently I am a techno-dinosaur. It all started with my first 35mm […]

12 Strategies To Enhance Your Immune System!

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

We are constantly exposed to potential infectious agents like viruses and bacteria that cause infections such as colds, flu, bronchitis and ear infections. The immune system defends us from invaders and repairs the damage that occurs with infections.

When the immune system is weak infections may occur frequently and be difficult to […]

A Winter Is Upon Us. Take Heed!

By Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

We are just getting a taste of winter weather, albeit with little snow, but more than enough frigid cold. What are our pet concerns this time of year? Many should be obvious, but nonetheless, we will review them for our reading audience.

Cold can be threatening, but wet cold and wind are […]

ARTful Happenings February 2015


Through February 14
Gallery 250 & the Alexandria & Charleston period room; St. Louis Art Museum; for info, visit www.slam.org.

Through March 31
Opening reception, Feb. 5, 5:30-7 p.m.; Chesterfield City Hall, 690 Chesterfield Park West; for info, call 636-812-9523 or […]

ArtFul Living: St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

By Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

Art Is All About LOVE!

A few years ago, I visited Le Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal. The LOVE sculpture by American artist Robert Indiana, 1964, outside the museum entrance made me smile. It’s an iconic image, seen everywhere when it was created, a statement of its era. In a […]

Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Schram

Heart Health Supplements

Q: Since February is Heart Health Month, what supplements can I take to help protect my heart?

A: Cardivoscular disease is a huge problem in this country. You are very smart to think about protecting your heart and prevention rather than waiting until the unthinkable happens. Of course, exercise and diet play […]

Benchmarking Jam Feb. 25

Get Hands-on Help to Benchmark Your Building’s Energy Use

By Johanna Schweiss, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator,
USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter

No matter where you live, work, play, or worship, we’re all looking to reduce costs. And if cost reductions also lower environmental impacts, well you can sign me up! Energy conservation cuts your utility bills while also lowering your […]

Biomats & Far Infrared Portable Saunas

Quantum Tools for Your Health, from A to Z

By Clint Willett,
Far Infrared Medical Foundation

The Far Infrared Biomat helps with 1,800 Medical Issues from A to Z, with the Biomat’s technology based on a Nobel Prize In Medicine. The Quartz Enhanced Biomat allows the Infrared to gently go into your body 6-8 inches, whereas most all […]

Coalition Report

By Alicia Claire Lloyd,
Clean Water Policy Coordinator,
Missouri Coalition For The Environment

Why is Meat So Cheap? The Hidden Health Costs of Megafarms

By February, many of us are well into our 2016 resolutions – often to get fit and eat healthier. In efforts to curb sugar and carbs and to ramp up protein intake, we check food […]

Do You Have A Coughing, Wheezing Cat?

By Teresa Garden, DVM

If you have a cat that is coughing or wheezing, your cat may have asthma. The preferred medical term is feline allergic bronchitis. It is a syndrome of reversible airway inflammation and narrowing. Asthma is often triggered by inhaled allergens. Sometimes the allergens can be identified. Often, they are not. Pollen allergies […]

Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Sock Monster

Black socks
They never get dirty
The longer you wear them
The blacker they get
Some day
I think I will wash them
But something inside me
Is saying “Not yet!”

It’s true I don’t wash “sox” every time I wear them, but not because they are all black. I do conserve energy and water – and use mild laundry […]

FitPAWS® “Power to the Dog, Fun Dog Fitness”

By Ava Frick, DVM, FAIS

If you are looking to find fun ways to build a stronger bond between you and your dog, then learning the FitPAWS® way could be just the ticket! FitPAWS® is a successful conditioning program designed by veterinarians, physical therapists, and trainers that relies upon in-depth communication between the Master Trainer™, the […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

February 1
Pasta Bowl 2016 To Benefit Operation Food Search
In celebration of the anniversary milestones of LoRusso’s Cucina and Operation Food Search, LoRusso’s is hosting PASTA BOWL 2016 the evening before Super Bowl on February 1st at LoRusso’s at 3121 Watson Road on the Hill, commemorating its 30th anniversary and Operation Food Search’s 35th. At PASTA BOWL, […]

Healthy Planet Spring Expo Set For Sunday, March 20

Food Samples, Wine & Craft Beer Tastings, Live Music, Free Health Screenings, Drawings, Giveaways & Much More

The Healthy Planet magazine invites everyone to come celebrate the first day of Spring at its 31st Natural Living Expo, Sunday, March 20, 10 am to 4 pm, at the Webster Groves Recreation Center in Webster Groves, 33 East […]

Here’s The Reason You’re Fat…

By Dr. Raj Banerjee, DC

The reason you can’t lose weight has nothing to do with your will-power, over-eating or the Right Diet!…

The Reason you are fat and unhealthy is because you have disgusting plaque and horrible little ‘CRITTERS’ living in your guts!

This is harmful Plaque – Everybody has it. But to keep from getting sick […]

Medical Acupuncture on Large Intestine Meridian: Ancient Romans and US Army Targets Demons

Training By Simon Yu, MD

Imagine divinity, humanity, and demons in a context of homeopathy, herbs, and drugs. What if I say parasites are like demons? Parasites are deceptive, evil, wiggly, shadowy characters. They literally suck and drain your energy, hijack your mind, and take over your will power. If we substitute the word “parasites” with […]

Sowing The First Seeds of the Season

By Crystal Stevens

As farmers, this time of year for us is magical. We sow the first seeds of the season in anticipation of longer days and warmer temperatures. For nearly the past decade, we have spent Valentine’s Day showing our seeds some love. It has become a lovely tradition. Seeds sown now in the high […]

T’ai Chi Ch’uan For Health and Fitness

By Paul MacFarlane and Bill Grivna

You’ve probably seen people practicing T’ai Chi on TV, in a movie, or even locally, in a park or at the botanical garden. You know it’s a slow moving, graceful exercise that is supposed to be beneficial. You may have heard that at advanced levels it is a formidable martial […]

The Art Of Relating: What Kind of Love Do You Want?

By Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

Love is not supposed to make you feel bad, rejected, unhappy or stressed out. Period. Stop selling yourself short.


Supportive – supports your endeavors and wants to see you grow as a person.
Validating – your partner validates your feelings as logical (different from always agreeing with them).
Communicative – willing to talk things out, even […]

Tom’s Story: A Heart Felt Success

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

February is National Heart Health month. I would like to share a heart health story with you. This is the story of Tom.

Tom initially came to see us because he was concerned about his weight. His goals were to “lose weight” and “stop heart disease before it starts.” While we too […]

Traditional Chinese Face Reading: ‘Get Vibrant Energy & Health Now’

By Dr. Carrie Jardine

You look at a map to reach a destination, so why don’t you look at your personal health map? It’s your FACE! As an office of acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathy, we evaluate the face with a branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) called Mien Shiang or FACE READING.

Your face can tell […]

Winter Wonder Gardens

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

Gardens are full of wonder year round. In winter gardens speak to us in a whisper instead of a shout. Winter gardens are more like a meditation than a celebration. During the growing season we celebrate the riot of flowers, foliage and fruit. It is during the quiet of the winter when […]

Women and Heart Health

By Kari Hartel, RD, LD
Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search

February is American Heart Month, and since heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, it’s important to employ strategies now to help prevent it. Simple lifestyle changes, along with getting your numbers checked, can help you stay on top of your […]

Women’s Fitness Offers Personal Body-Mind Training

Ladies, are you intimidated by the big box gyms with no personal attention? Or just looking for a fitness routine that is fun, geared toward your fitness goals, and full of camaraderie and encouragement from fellow lady friends? Then you should visit Women’s Fitness.

Women’s Fitness Personal Training is a personal training studio in Fenton, MO […]

Women’s Wellness Weekend At Trout Lodge Feb. 19-21

What’s YOUR New Year’s resolution? Most people vow to get into better shape, lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle. But do you notice when you go to the gym – no one is smiling. There’s got to be a better way to get in a healthier mindset.

Here is the perfect solution to start the […]