Traditional Chinese Face Reading: ‘Get Vibrant Energy & Health Now’

By Dr. Carrie Jardine

You look at a map to reach a destination, so why don’t you look at your personal health map? It’s your FACE! As an office of acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathy, we evaluate the face with a branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) called Mien Shiang or FACE READING.

Your face can tell you what supplements you should take, what foods to stay away from, why your back or neck may be hurting and how stressed you really are. In our hour long evaluation, we prioritize your concerns to create a “Get Vibrant Energy & Health Now” health plan for the next year. This will help focus your time, money and energy on correcting the cause of your problems.

Mien Shiang or face reading has been done for thousands of years with amazing results in China and the orient. Not only can Face Reading assist you in treating your health problems more naturally, but it can hint at personality traits.

Go find a mirror and look at your face right now! Each part of your face relates to an area of the body. Darker colors, acne or bumps mean the organ needs to be cleaned or detoxed. Whiter coloring or wrinkles or saggy skin may mean the corresponding organ is weak and needs support from natural treatments, diet and lifestyle changes to heal.

Forehead: This is the colon area. Wrinkles, lines and bumps could indicate dehydration or the need for probiotics.

Puffy eyelids: This is the gallbladder area. Puffiness may indicate gall congestion (or liver if your gallbladder was removed). Nuts, meats and fats may be hard for you to digest and you may get hot flashes from hormone problems. Surgically corrected puffy eyes can revert back to their original appearance without supporting your gallbladder. Puffiness here is common in women and overweight people.

Lips: This is the stomach and intestine area. Full lips may be culturally desirable but they are commonly associated with a constipated colon and underactive stomach! This shows up a lot when people suffer with weight loss resistance.

Red nose: This is the heart and lungs area. This may indicate you are stressed – emotionally and chemically. This is common when you drink a lot of alcohol, coffee and soda which cause acidity and a sluggish digestive system.

Chin: This is the ovaries, uterus and reproductive area. Many women get even adult acne when birth control or extra hormones have been taken. There are natural ways to balance this important system.

Text a picture of your face and I’ll call you with a free 15 minute Face Evaluation. I will evaluate the first 10 face pictures I get this month! Don’t keep doing things that don’t help you! Correct the cause and get busy being happy and healthy! Send pictures to: 314-607-1038.
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