Articles from ‘August 2020’ Issue

“Grow Solar” Programs Deliver Solar to Gateway Region Homes

By Peter Murphy, Solar Program Director for Midwest Renewable Energy Association 

With many working from home since March, you may have noticed just how much electricity you use every day: a light left on, an always-running laptop, devices with their tangle of chargers. For Julie Downs of Waterloo Illinois, and Robert McMullen of University City, these devices […]

An Herbalist’s View Of Covid-19

By Kimberly Ward, Herbalist

COVID-19. Unfortunately, a common name amongst most households these days. Lots of questions too… How is it spread? How do we fight it? How do we protect ourselves against it?, etc… We’re in some crazy times!!!!! But, we will get through. As an owner of an herbal store, Kim’s Herbs & Detox […]

ArtFul Living

St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing ArtsMichelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

The St. Louis community is rich in the arts. Now it’s up to us to keep those ARTS viable.

Jessica Henthoff, Artistic/Executive Director of Circus Harmony (www.circusharmony.org ), may have described this time perfectly in a recent message she sent: “We feel like we are […]

August Happenings

August 11Weaving Integrative Medicine with Internal Medicine FREE Monthly Seminar and Discussion — Weaving Integrative Medicine with Internal Medicine — Learn how to build your immune system and take charge of your health. If you are suffering from chronic conditions, you’ll learn why you don’t have to live with your “incurable” symptoms anymore. Topics covered include: Cancer, […]

Benefits of Sun Exposure: Vitamin D

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. One in eight people will get some form of skin cancer during their lifetime and one in fifty will get melanoma. This makes skin protection important for everyone. However, sun exposure is tricky because you need sun exposure to make […]

Coalition Report

By Sophie Watterson, Agriculture Policy AssociateMissouri Coalition for the Environmentwww.moenviron.org

Factory Farms Threaten Missouri’s Health and Environment During COVID-19: Here’s What You Can Do

Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) — often referred to as “factory farms” — are intensive livestock facilities that confine thousands of animals in warehouse-like barns without access to sunlight or pasture. In recent […]

Conservation Corner

A Snap Chat on Snapping Turtles

By Dan Zarlenga, Missouri Department of Conservation

Snapping turtles can get a bit snippy sometimes. They used to be referred to as the “common snapping turtle”. More recently though, scientists prefer to call them simply “snapping turtles”. But that’s not what snapping turtles get snippy about.

These turtles live throughout Missouri and […]

Coronavirus: A Functional Medicine Perspective

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

Alot has been learned about COVID-19 since the onset. It is highly contagious and can mutate. It can be spread through asymptomatic individuals. 

Symptoms vary greatly. All body systems can be impacted resulting in respiratory, cardiovascular, immunological, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal, and neurological crises. Severity of the infection varies greatly from asymptomatic to […]

Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Animal Sagas: Owl & Bear

When wild creatures, individuals like ourselves, connect across the boundaries we observe, of species, place and time, let us be honored to meet them.

Over 30+ years hosting my KDHX show Earthworms, I’ve had the pleasure of conversing several times with Mark H. X. Glenshaw, The Owl Man of Forest […]

Feline Dementia Possible In Cats Over 10 Years Old

By Teresa Garden, DVM

For years veterinarians and pet owners have been aware of cognitive dysfunction in our aging dog population. We are just now understanding and appreciating that our aged cats are vulnerable to dementia just like people and dogs. It is thought cognitive changes are common in cats greater than 10 years old. Recognizing […]

Five Reasons You Should Care About Air Pollution

Article courtesy of the Clean Air Partnership

Even as concerns related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic remain top of mind, there is no doubt that air pollution is also a global public health emergency to be conscious of during the remaining summer months when the potential for poor air quality conditions is higher. In recent weeks, […]

Humane Society of Missouri Calls All Secret Agents to Explore Its “Mission ImPAWsible” Activity Kit

Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) is encouraging secret agents, ages 5-12, to explore its new “Mission ImPAWsible” hands-on, at-home activity. Their mission, should they choose to accept, is to learn about animal welfare by completing 10 “missions” designed for children. Each kit comes equipped with clues, decoders and gadgets to teach agents how they can […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Take Ownership of the Future

By Tom Braford

We need cooperative and collaborative leadership now! 

There is a saying, “Don’t get angry; get even.” When the growing disparity between physical ownership with its related power and where you are right now gets you down, I can relate. I am sometimes tempted to slash and burn our whole built environment in an attempt to […]

Medical Acupuncture on Stomach Meridian: Global Whining and Fear-mongering to Global Healing

Rebellious Stomach for Nobel Prize

By Simon Yu, MD

Medical dogma held that stress and lifestyle factors were the major causes of peptic ulcer disease. Australian Dr. Barry Marshall and pathologist Robin Warren rebutted this theory through self-experimentation – Marshall drank an H. pylori cocktail to cause the disease, and took antibiotics to cure it. This discovery […]

Past Life Regression and Personal Transformation Workshop Aug. 27

August 27, 7:30 – 9:30 pm Held Online Via ZOOM

Join us for a special seminar as Peggy Levinson shares with you how you can uncover memories from your past lives. Using a technique called past life regression. Peggy will guide you through the process of recalling these memories located deep inside your unconscious mind. She will […]

Publisher’s Corner

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good. My wife Niki and I had tickets to see Hamilton at the Fox Theater this past Spring, but like so many other things, the performance was canceled due to the pandemic. So Niki was very pleased to see that it was available with original cast as a movie […]

Resilient STL: Healthy People, Healthy Places, Healthy Economy

By Fredericka Brandt, USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

What does resiliency mean? We’ve been hearing that word a lot recently, especially in the midst of this unprecedented public health crisis. What can be resilient? People? Places? The economy? 

Rebound, spring back, recovering readily from war, illness, adversity; buoyant and flexible enough not to break, are some […]

Sweet Fall Vegetable Gardens Start Now

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

During the hot days of August it is sometimes hard to remember the sweetness of cooler fall days. Now is the time to plant seeds for that vegetable fall sweetness. The garden will be full of delicious flavors due to the cooler temperatures and freshness of new plants. 

Seeds should be started now, […]

T’ai Chi Ch’uan For Health and Fitness

By Paul MacFarlane and Bill Grivna

Like everyone else, the St. Louis T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association has found itself having to change its usual class schedule in response to the corona virus. We hope to have in person classes when our fall semester begins in September. We may limit class size, have live stream classes, or […]

T’ai Chi Ch’uan For Health and Fitness

By Paul MacFarlane and Bill Grivna

Like everyone else, the St. Louis T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association has found itself having to change its usual class schedule in response to the corona virus. We hope to have in person classes when our fall semester begins in September. We may limit class size, have live stream classes, or […]

The Art of Relating

Getting What You Want

Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW www.Christine Kniffen.comYour Personal Relationship Coach is just a click away… Now Offering Video Sessions on Phone or Laptop

Isn’t the thought of getting what you want exciting? Isn’t the idea of a healthy, loving and respectful relationship appealing to all? Who wouldn’t agree with that notion? Almost everyone would agree with that, […]