Humane Society of Missouri Calls All Secret Agents to Explore Its “Mission ImPAWsible” Activity Kit

Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) is encouraging secret agents, ages 5-12, to explore its new “Mission ImPAWsible” hands-on, at-home activity. Their mission, should they choose to accept, is to learn about animal welfare by completing 10 “missions” designed for children. Each kit comes equipped with clues, decoders and gadgets to teach agents how they can make a positive impact on animal welfare in the community.

Agents can complete their missions without computer access, but every mission features bonus online content to enhance the experience. Agents in training will be given a series of “assignments,” which will allow them to explore the wide range of key services provided in the world of animal welfare. In one mission, kids will find themselves learning veterinary diagnostics using real x-rays to analyze medical issues, while in another, they’ll be appointed as deputies of HSMO’s Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACT), giving them a chance to decide how they might handle a call to the ACT Hotline.

Agents who complete all 10 of the missions and decipher the hidden code found at the end of each mission can mail in their “mission completed” postcard and receive a special reward: Secret agent credentials, including a badge and certificate to show that the newly decorated agent is prepared to turn their compassion into action for animals!

The Mission ImPAWsible activity kit is available to order now by visiting www.hsmo.org/secretagent.

Mission ImPAWsible is HSMO’s newest offering, allowing children to learn about animal welfare while maintaining proper social distancing from the comfort of their living room.

You can order your kit online at www.hsmo.org/secretagent. Cost: $50.00. The kit can be ordered online and picked up curbside at one of HSMO’s locations.

Rewards will be shipped upon receipt at HSMO secret agent headquarters located on the “mission completed” postcard.

Excessive Heat Warning: Keep Your Pets Safe! The Humane Society of Missouri urges extreme caution and responsible pet owner behavior as temperatures sore this summer.

 As we head into August, we’re facing excessive heat. In addition to checking on neighbors and making sure friends and family stay safe, pet owners must consider the health of four-legged family members as well. Every second counts in excessive heat and it is imperative pet owners take the proper precautions.

  1. Never leave a pet unattended in a parked car when the temperature is above 70 degrees.  Act immediately if you see a distressed animal in an unattended car by calling the police and the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Hotline at (314) 647-4400 as soon as possible.
  2. Keep pets inside when possible. In extreme temperatures, it is too hot for pets to remain outside. 
  3. Do not bicycle, rollerblade or e-scooter with a pet. Pets do not know any better and will do everything they can to keep up with you while you’re moving fast. 
  4. Prepare for thunderstorm stress. Thunderstorm activity can be scary for your pets, as many pets are terrified of loud, sudden noises. 
  5. If your pet shows signs of heat exhaustion, apply cool water to their extremities. Start by placing a cool, wet towel around a pet’s neck or pouring cool water over their body, especially the abdomen and between the hind legs. 

For more information on how to care for pets during the summer heat, visit www.hsmo.org/donttakerover.  To report an animal in heat-related jeopardy, call the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline at (314) 647-4400.