Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Take Ownership of the Future

By Tom Braford

We need cooperative and collaborative leadership now! 

There is a saying, “Don’t get angry; get even.” When the growing disparity between physical ownership with its related power and where you are right now gets you down, I can relate. I am sometimes tempted to slash and burn our whole built environment in an attempt to bring down an unfair and unethical system. 

But, after 73 years of experience, I know that a more effective approach is to work together in collaboration with those that seem to oppress us. They are our unlikely allies. 

In many segments of society, dissatisfaction, not just with jobs but with all our life prospects, is a rapidly increasing drag, measured in billions of dollars in lost productivity in our economy.

Ironically, ownership does not start with how many things or how much money you have or don’t have. In fact, many people who physically control the most dollars are, at some level, not satisfied because they know they are in danger of causing the loss of not just their wealth but the prosperity that props up all wealth, i.e., civil society and the natural world. Ownership without responsibility has always been a dead-end proposition.

We can take ownership by being responsible for how things go in civil society and on the planet and holding others to the same standard and, above all else, by being entrepreneurial.

“When rabbits are threatened, they freeze. When human beings are threatened, they entrepreneur.”   — Hunter Lovins

One way to do that is to join our Ecovillage development team. We are not waiting for a majority of wealthy people to take responsibility for civilization and the planet. Instead, we are working from both the bottom up and the top down to take ownership of the future now.

It’s not easy, it’s not fast, but it’s happening!

Take it from someone who knows. When you do that, your satisfaction index goes through the roof and what you are promoting becomes irresistible to others.

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