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10 Healthy Living Tips: Set Realistic Goals

by Crystal Moore-Stevens

Examples: “I will do yoga twice per day this month”, “I will eat a vegan diet for one month”, I will go for a 20 minute walk each day for 2 weeks” Make lists! Write down your goals! Set goal dates!

Visualize a happier you. Make a list of attributes that make up the […]

A Walking Meditation in Winter’s Garden

by Linda Wiggen Kraft

Winter is a time to settle into silence, to find that sweet inner space of soul’s pure essence and to be one with nature. There is quiet in the winter. The soft sound of snow falling is a gentle silence not heard at any other time of the year. The quiet essence […]

Animal Energetics & Healing

by Jennifer Scalia

There is a circle that becomes full when you witness an energetic healing with an animal. Picture an animal companion as part of a family unit, and not less than the other members but as important. I am not suggesting that you have your pets eating with you at the dinner table, but […]

ArtFul Happenings


Through February 15
Sculpture exhibition; 3526 Washington Ave., Ste. 300; for info, call 310-614-7338 or email duetstl@gmail.com.

Through February 20
Art St. Louis, 1223 Pine; for info, call 314-241-4810 or visit www.artstlouis.org.

February 4-27
Outsider art by the artists of Turner Center for the Arts; opening reception Feb. 7, 6-8 p.m.; […]

ArtFul Living

With Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky
Healthy Planet Arts Editor

Happy Valentines’s Day to ART Lovers!

As I looked over all that’s happening in the arts this month, I was overwhelmed by the variety of exhibitions and events, from February 1st right through the 28th. But I do know that, if you love the arts, you’ll love this month!!

Dance lovers […]


With Cathy Schram

What’s the Scoop on Oil of Oregano and Valerian Root?

Q: I keep hearing about Oil of Oregano. What is so great about it?

A: Oil of Oregano is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and an anti-oxidant. It is one of the most powerful immune boosters there is. It is much more powerful than echinacea or goldenseal. […]

Coalition Report

by Kathleen Logan Smith
Policy Director,
Coalition For The Environment

TPP: Undermining a Healthy Planet

Last month Wikileaks released the draft of the “Environment Chapter” of the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership agreement (TPP). It has to be leaked because the TPP has been crafted by more than 600 corporate lobbyists working in secret with government officials negotiating with foreign […]

Collagen Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy

by Kathleen H. Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Breakthrough treatments in Red Light therapy were discovered and researched by NASA, Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health, and the US Military. Red Light Therapy is a safe, all-natural process that encourages the body to naturally produce enzymes, elastin fibers and collagen that support the skin’s structure. Numerous benefits are […]

Do You Have A Heart-Wall?

by Dorothy Tomasic, M.A.
Certified Emotion Code
and EPT Works Practitioner

Did you know that your heart beats 100,000 times every day? That’s more than 36 million times in a year! Daily your mighty heart sends 2,000 gallons of blood flowing through a network of 60,000 miles of blood vessels that feed your organs and tissues.
We now know […]

Don’t Let Your Testosterone Get You Down

by Rosa Kincaid, M.D.

Many of us are aware of the change that women may go through as they approach their late forties and fifties. These changes usually involve fatigue, low libido loss of muscle mass and, let’s not forget, hot flashes. Many are not aware that men also go through a change. For a man […]

Earthworms’ Castings

with Jean Ponzi

Popularizing Population Viewpoints

Environmental topics, my stock-in-trade, have thankfully become a real part of our societal dialogue.

We encounter Green stuff not only in the news, but also all over popular culture: celebrity sightings, product design, comedy skits, advertising; woven into the fabric of how-was-your-day. Topics that were geek domain less than a decade ago […]

Getting Rolfed and How We Walk

by Sally and Alan Cina

I’m sure we all know the benefits of walking, it is a fantastic exercise. If you do a search on the internet you’ll find more information about the benefits than I can write about here. Let’s take a moment and examine from Dr. Rolf’s view how we walk. Here again the […]

Growing Green Awards

Honoring People + Organizations
Transforming the Built Environment
Awards Dinner March 27

U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter is excited to host our 6th Annual Growing Green awards to celebrate and recognize people, organizations, institutions and companies that are transforming our built environment and our community into a healthier, more environmentally friendly and prosperous place to […]

Healthy “Life” Resources

With Chaplain Paul


It’s that time of year when countless numbers of people will be using creative ways to show their love to someone special. Flowers! Candy! Special Dinner! Gifts!

Love, what an amazing thing. Thousands of songs written, books, poems, movies, you name it! Our culture is fascinated by this thing we call “LOVE”. We chase […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

February 1 & 3
Passive House: The Idea
Airs on KNLC Channel 24 2/01 at noon and KNLC Renewable Energy Channel Channel 24-2 2/03 at 8:00 p.m. In 2013, St. Louis saw the construction of its first Passive House, a home that does not require central heating. It is so well designed, insulated, airtight that it uses […]

Healthy Snacking 101

by Kari Hartel, RD, LD
Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search

Americans are now more overweight than ever, and the current obesity epidemic is often attributed to oversized portions. However, while huge portion sizes have likely contributed to this growing public health issue, experts in the field would argue that constant snacking is often to blame […]

Holistic Help For A “Broken” Heart

by Teresa Garden, DVM

Heart disease is common among dogs and cats. It may be congenital or acquired later in life. Cardiac disease may present as valvular insufficiency, endocarditis, cardiomyopathy, or even congestive heart failure. Clinical signs may be as subtle as a pet that does not move or play as much as normal. More overt […]

How Do You Know Your Heart Is Celtic?

by Kimberly Schneider, M.Ed., J.D., LPC

Valentine’s Day! In my house, along with expressions of affection for our loved ones, Feb. 14th also means we’ve just celebrated Imbolc, and St. Patrick’s Day is coming.

You may not have known that February 1st marks the beginning of spring (Imbolc) in the Celtic calendar and perhaps you don’t yearn […]

Life Lesson: Basic Human Interaction 101

by Kris Ash

This past Thanksgiving was probably the happiest I have ever experienced. Like so many of us, family events can be stressful and difficult at best, and serenity is rarely the norm at these huge gatherings. So, after spending a surprisingly harmonious afternoon with my loved ones, I then spent days afterward in reflective […]


by Christine Kniffen, LCSW,
Therapist & Relationship Coach

So, what is love? This is a topic that does not suffer a lack of opinions as to how to define it. It is perhaps one of the most written about, talked about topics we know. Culture is filled with endless platitudes exposing plenty of silly nonsense. Take for […]

Nadoz Offers Raw Juice Bar & More

by Denise Christen
Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor

Locally-owned nadoz Bakery + Cafe serves fresh, healthy and imaginative fast, casual food. Conveniently located at The Boulevard across from The Galleria next to Crate and Barrel, it was easy to park in the attached garage and has a welcoming, modern European atmosphere. Unique to nadoz, they offer a raw […]

Operating Solar Off the Grid: A Panel Discussion Feb. 25

By Johanna Schweiss, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator,
USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter

2013 was a big year for the photovoltaic (solar) industry. The last Solar Energy Industries Association’s Solar Market Insight Report predicted that 2013 would be the first year in more than a decade that the US installs more solar capacity than Germany! And the residential market continues […]

Plan Now For Sustainable Backyard Tour In June

Area-wide Sustainable Backyard Tour Returns June 22nd. Join us for a homesteading, landscaping, outdoor living experience like no other. Public Meeting February 9.

by Terry Winkelmann

The 4th annual Sustainable Backyard Tour, held each year in June, is becoming a much-anticipated event heralding the outdoor season in St. Louis. That’s because the Tour is a unique opportunity […]

Population Institute Names 34th Annual Global Media Award Winners

The Population Institute handed out its 34th annual Global Media Awards recently in Washington D.C. The recipients made a significant contribution to public discussion and understanding of population and family planning related issues. The Population Institute is proud to recognize these individuals and news outlets for their journalistic excellence and valuable insights.

Earthworms with host Jean […]

Publisher’s Corner

February: A Test Of Patience

February is a month of “patience” for me. And perhaps for everyone else as well. Winter lingers on in St. Louis and everything is usually frozen in time. February is the caboose of winter. And like a motorist waiting at the crossing, we count the cars and wonder how long until […]

Say Goodbye To Cabin Fever and Hello To Adventure on the Missouri River Runner

Don’t spend the whole winter cooped up at home. Get out and about with a trip on the Missouri River Runner and receive 20% off your fare. It’s a great way to explore The Show Me State — while we show you the savings.

Have a Relaxing or AdventurousWinter Getaway
The scenic Missouri River Runner route connects […]

Seeds — An Investment In The Future

By Cindy Gilberg

Contemplating this year’s landscape projects prompts questions of budget versus the wish list—how to afford all the new plants that you want to add? There are many ways to obtain new plants and the easiest is to buy plants already grown by a local nursery, prime for planting. Many gardeners choose to propagate […]

Sprayology Homeopathics For Health & Wellness

by Jennifer Deschene

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is over 200 years old, that is based on the premise that certain natural substances are able to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms, allowing the body to heal itself. After symptoms of a condition have been alleviated, homeopathy works to reestablish internal order at the […]

Tell Your Hormones to Melt Your Excess Belly Fat

By Raj Banerjee, DC
Dr. Banerjee’s Wellness Centre

Dear Seeker of Health & Fitness, Be honest with yourself. Do you like what you see
when you look in the mirror—especially a full-length mirror? Do you want to turn back the hands of time? Has your quality of life been diminishing a little bit here and a little bit there because your appearance, […]

Varsha Rathod M.D. Joins Elite Group Of Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners

If total healthcare costs in the United States, more than 75% is due to chronic conditions. The key to reversing the rapidly spreading epidemic of chronic disease is to address the underlying causes and solutions for chronic disease, which are primarily driven by the lifelong, daily interaction among an individual’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices. […]

What is Montessori?

Anita Chastain Founder and Head
of School – Chesterfield Montessori School

Choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions parents make. It is a challenge to weigh the pros and cons of private vs. public education, and traditional education vs. a more progressive style of education. For those parents who are […]

Winter is Upon Us! Take Heed!

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

We are just getting a taste of winter weather, albeit with little snow, but more than enough frigid cold. What are our pet concerns this time of year? Many should be obvious, but nonetheless, we will review them for our reading audience.

Cold can be threatening, but wet cold and wind are […]