Life Lesson: Basic Human Interaction 101

by Kris Ash

This past Thanksgiving was probably the happiest I have ever experienced. Like so many of us, family events can be stressful and difficult at best, and serenity is rarely the norm at these huge gatherings. So, after spending a surprisingly harmonious afternoon with my loved ones, I then spent days afterward in reflective and dissection hoping to uncover the mystery behind its joyous success. (After all, if I could experience one happy holiday, surely I could recreate more of these harmonious future events!)

The truth really wasn’t that hard to figure out. My brother had pretty much summed it all up during one of our more intimate conversations when he shared some stories he’d been told by a patient of his. But, it was in understanding my role in the power behind these stories that reminded me, yet again, that despite the complexity of human behavior, relationship dynamics, and our consistent biological programming which has us perpetually looking for problems (often catapulting our minds into worry, fear, and negativity), that I came to succinctly focus on the simple outline for joy which I’d experienced.

It’s true that there is no one precise handbook for human interaction, but if we can keep just 3 small core points in mind, we can master the realm of harmony in any given moment.

Point 1 – Gandhi said it best, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Change starts and ends with us because we only have control over ourselves. Thus, that is where we should focus our energies for change.
Point 2 – “Peace begins when expectations end.” (Buddhist proverb.) If we consistently put the power of our happiness in the hands of others, we will almost always be disappointed. Again, we must look inside to manifest true contentment.
Point 3 – It all takes practice. To change our behaviors (points 1 and 2), we need to remember that we are the co-creators of our lives. Therefore, we must remain focused, tenacious, and patient. Then, it will come.

It isn’t always easy keeping our thoughts on course. It helps to have supportive people, reliable resources, and effective tools at our disposal so that we can stay ever vigilant towards this end. A word stone is a tool I’ve found that can serve as a focusing reminder. I carry Gandhi’s words with me in my pocket. And, when I find myself giving my power away, I reach in and touch this reminder of where my true power lies, in my soul as a co-creator in my life.

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