Population Institute Names 34th Annual Global Media Award Winners

The Population Institute handed out its 34th annual Global Media Awards recently in Washington D.C. The recipients made a significant contribution to public discussion and understanding of population and family planning related issues. The Population Institute is proud to recognize these individuals and news outlets for their journalistic excellence and valuable insights.

Earthworms with host Jean Ponzi received the award for Best Radio Show. Jean Ponzi, known as “Green Jean”, has been an environmental force around St. Louis for over 25 years, and has produced and hosted the weekly environmental radio talk show, “Earthworms,” on FM-88 KDHX for over 20 years. Jean is a consistent, thoughtful and outspoken voice on population growth and its impact on the environment. Her award winning efforts over the past year included at least five shows that explored the population/environment nexus.

Other recipients were: Isaac Masingati, a reporter at Malawi’s The Daily Times; Alan Weisman, the author of several books; East Los High for Best TV Show & Social Media; Blessed Fruit of the Womb for Best Film or Miniseries; Carmen Barroso of International Planned Parenthood Federation and Michael Brune of the Sierra Club for Best Opinion Piece for “Women at the Center of a Sustainable World.” For more information visit www.populationinstitue.org.