Animal Energetics & Healing

by Jennifer Scalia

There is a circle that becomes full when you witness an energetic healing with an animal. Picture an animal companion as part of a family unit, and not less than the other members but as important. I am not suggesting that you have your pets eating with you at the dinner table, but they are a larger part of the puzzle of your family’s emotional dynamics than you may realize.

When I meet with people to work with their “pets” for energy therapy, one question that comes up frequently is, “why would he be stressed, he is a dog?” Animals are empaths (the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual). We all know how it is when a member of our family is upset…we can feel it and we want to help. But without learning of an energetic boundary when having a sense of understanding, we can also take on others emotions. When we think of wanting to take away their pain that may energetically do exactly that, unless we are aware to hold a space of compassion and allow others to process what they are feeling and learn from it. When we see others as strong during difficulties, as a supportive prayer, we help encourage their growth. Animals have this same system of empathetic nature.

I learned this personally when I dealt with my own crisis years ago and had to take a sabbatical from my work. I observed my dog beginning to show signs of a weakening immune system as well as developing a tremor. She was mirroring my symptoms as well as taking on the stress. I met with a Spiritual teacher that helped me understand this better energetically. With some simple energy techniques and communication with my dog, she now sits close by or observes when I am under stress and she does not try to process if for me.

When I assist an animal with an emotional or physical discomfort, many times the root issue not only has to do with a trauma they may be holding onto from their own past experiences but there is
also the issue of processing one of their family members stress. We can learn to communicate with our animals for this reason and help them heal. It is another tool for unraveling the issue as well as honoring our animal companions as a part of our complete family unit.

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