Getting Rolfed and How We Walk

by Sally and Alan Cina

I’m sure we all know the benefits of walking, it is a fantastic exercise. If you do a search on the internet you’ll find more information about the benefits than I can write about here. Let’s take a moment and examine from Dr. Rolf’s view how we walk. Here again the articles talk about brisk to moderate. I’m talking about another kind of how.

With Dr. Rolf’s work we are interested in how the legs move. Where does it happen from, the knee, hip, ankle? Is the alignment of the legs straight and supporting the body or are the knees coming together while the feet are wide apart? Are the knees looking forward like the headlights on a car? Do the feet point forward or are they going out to the sides? The wear patterns on your shoes tell a story about how and where your weight is on your feet.

So not only is this a wonderful thing for walking, how about going up or down stairs? That’s right, the same patterns happen here. In fact, stairs can show the patterns much sooner than just regular walking.

So what do we do? We have a hands-on method to assist you in changing your patterns and creating an awareness of these new patterns to change out the old ones. As your patterns change it is easier to walk and do so for longer periods of time. Walking is meant to be effortless and a joy.

Our work has more to offer than just teaching you to walk. Something many of us were not taught. We figured it out by imitated our parents or others who were or are influential in our lives when we were young. SO what else to talk about… re-patterning the whole body; finding alignment in gravity; ease of movement.

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