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ARTful Happenings October 2019


Through October 26
Works by 9 artists; The Luminary, 2701 Cherokee; www.theluminary.com.

Through October 31
Longview Farm Park; 13525 Clayton Road.

Through December 9
Gallery 210 on UMSL campus; for info, visit www.gallery210.umsl.edu.

Through December 15
Works of special meaning to MOCRA’s recently retired founding director Fr. Terrence Dempsey; MOCRA […]

ArtFul Living

St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts
Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

Art Is In The Air!

Saint Louis Classical Guitar is well known for bringing awesome musicians from around the globe for their performance seasons held at The Ethical Society, 9001 Clayton just west of Brentwood Blvd. The 2019-2020 Great Artist Guitar Series is “Celebrating […]

Autumn Time At Edg-Clif Winery & Brewery: Harvest Moon Wine Dinner Oct. 11

Edg-Clif to host the Harvest Moon Dinner with Edg-Clif Wines and Craft Beer. Make your reservation NOW for Oct 11th, 2019, 6:30pm, to join in this fabulous event with 5 courses to include Vension Burgundy, local artisan cheeses used in appetizer, chestnut cauliflower soup, Pear and candied walnut salad, seasonal root vegetables, and Harvest Cake […]

Biochemical Individuality and Functional Medicine

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

Functional Medicine is focused on overall health by using personalized and system-oriented medical care. We are all truly unique in our genetic makeup and in how our environmental exposures impact us. There are two different components that contribute to biochemical individuality.

First, the genes inherited from your parents and ancestors determine physical […]

Biomats & Infrared Portable Saunas: Quantum Tools for Your Health, from A to Z

By Clint Willett,
Infrared Medical Foundation

The Infrared Biomat helps with 1,800 Medical Issues from A to Z, with the Biomat’s technology based on a Nobel Prize In Medicine. The Quartz Enhanced Biomat allows the Infrared to gently go into your body 6-8 inches, whereas most all other Infrared Devices and Saunas only go 1-2 inches into […]

Boost Your Immune System With Elderberry Syrup This Cold & Flu Season

By Crystal Stevens, Author, Teacher, Artist, Farmer

Cold and flu season is right around the corner. Give your body an immune boost with elderberry syrup. Not only do elderberries offer amazing immune support, but they are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hippocrates called elderberry “the peoples medicine chest” because elderberry was used to treat […]

Breast Cancer Survivor Offers Foundation For Optimal Health

By Jaime Zografos

I am Jaime Zografos and I found my true purpose in life about four years ago after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I learned that life is much bigger than me and that I am here to help people when they are unsure of what they need. I was 39 years old […]

Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day By Taking A First Step!

By Johanna Schweiss,
Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter

One of my favorite days of the year is fast approaching – Energy Efficiency day is October 2nd!

Energy efficiency has a huge role to play as we work to meet our climate goals. The EPA estimates that the average building wastes about 30% of the energy it […]

Coalition Report

By Gabriella Simoneit, Community Engagement Asst.
Coalition for the Environment

Environmental Racism in My Community

When I think of community, I think of home. Home is a safe comfortable place to spend time with family and friends. A place to sleep, eat and live. It is being able to sit on the porch and soak up the sun. […]

Diet-Related Dilated Cardiomyopathy In Dogs

By Teresa Garden, DVM

Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a heart disease usually found only in certain breeds of dogs due to genetic risk factors. Breeds at risk for DCM are Doberman Pinschers, Boxers, Irish Wolfhounds, and Great Danes. Surprisingly, veterinary cardiologists from all over North America began seeing this disease in all types of dogs beginning […]

Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Subtle Turning

Even in a rainy year like this one, our Tulip Poplar trees start browning and dropping leaves in July. They’re an early affirmation of the Great Turn to come.

In dry times, we run our sprinklers just to support them. Our city place is an intentional forest, landscaped for the trees. Scant patches […]

Experience Fall at Trout Lodge — Plan your family’s fall getaway today!

As the calendar flips to September and fall quickly approaches, now is the time to begin thinking about a fall getaway for your family to enjoy the magical experience of fall in the Ozarks.

Located only 90 minutes from St. Louis, YMCA Trout Lodge is the perfect location to unplug, reconnect, and recharge with your loved […]

Green Dining Alliance A Program of earthday365 Brings Sustainability to the St. Louis Restaurant Scene

By Victoria Donaldson

The Green Dining Alliance, a program of earthday365, certifies restaurants in sustainable practices, connecting them with resources to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste, conserve water, source locally, and more. All GDA restaurants recycle, phase in energy efficient lighting, never use Styrofoam, and set goals to improve over time. The GDA meets restaurants […]

Guide to Green Dining in the St. Louis Area

Visit www.greendiningalliance.org for a complete list of participating restaurants – be sure to use our site when choosing where to dine out. This Green Dining Guide is cosponsored by The St. Louis Jefferson Solid Waste District.

4 Hands Brewing Company1220 S. 8th Street314-436-1559 • 4handsbrewery.com

Atomic Cowboy,4140 Manchester Road, 63110, 314-775-0775www.atomiccowboystl.com

Avenue Restaurant,12 N. Meramec, 63105, 314-727-4141.www.avestl.com

Bailey’s […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

October 1
Known & Grown Launch Party Celebrates Local, Sustainable Farms
Known & Grown STL, a regional brand for local, environmentally responsible farmers within 150 miles of St. Louis, is celebrating its official launch with a truly farm-to-table dinner at Turn and the roof of the .Zack building in Grand Center this October 1st. Attendees will meet […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Free $oloing ‘El Capital’ Together

By Tom Braford

One of our social impact investors recently asked us if we thought that maybe our Ecovillage project was stuck. He cited the history of financial challenges faced by many intentional community developments and the experience of his sister as an instructor having to talk down inexperienced rock climbers who got to a difficult […]

October Gardening Tips

By Abby Lapides

Fall is the ideal time to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees, since cooler weather encourages roots to grow deep. By spring plants are well established and ready to produce their delightful flowers and more importantly food for many critters. You can plant perennial plants through October and woody plants right up until the […]

Old Bakery Beer Names Major Brands, Inc. its Statewide Missouri Distributor

Old Bakery Beer (OBB) is pleased to announce that Major Brands, Inc. will become its exclusive Missouri distributor, launching its expansion throughout the state. Major Brands will begin distributing OBB products throughout the state of Missouri, effective immediately.

OBB, which is located in Alton, Illinois is one of only about 30 certified organic breweries in […]

Past Life Regression and Personal Transformation Workshop October 23

October 23, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Held at My Office.
Visit www.claytontherapy.com for location and directions.

Join us for a special seminar as Peggy Levinson shares with you how you can uncover memories from your past lives. Using a technique called past life regression. Peggy will guide you through the process of recalling these memories located deep inside […]

Publisher’s Corner

A Pumpkin Tale

Jackson walked through the giant Halloween pumpkin patch looking at all the wonderful pumpkins with his mom. “Come on Jackson, pick one,” his mother said with her cart already full of pumpkins and gourds for her Halloween porch display. Jackson got to pick his own pumpkin this year and he wanted just the […]

Soil Super-heroes Help Forrest Keeling Grow Superior Plants

Article Courtesy of Forrest Keeling Nursery

Better plants don’t come from more fertilizer. They come from unlocking your plants’ natural ability to access nutrients. Healthy soil is key. And, it’s one reason Forrest Keeling’s RPM-produced plants grow better.

Healthy soil has a fascinating and complex system of microorganisms. These include mycorrhizae, protozoa, nematodes and bacteria. These […]

The Art Of Relating

Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW
Your “Personal Relationship Coach” is just a click away at www.ChristineKniffen.com

Three Fundamental Requirements For Achieving A Successful Relationship

There is a very important distinction between finding love and having a fulfilling, successful relationship. However, for many of us the logic seems to follow the route of we fall in love and then a […]

The Lost Words Spell Songs — Songs of Love and Lament for Nature

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

There is now a fourteen song musical companion to the highly successful book The Lost Words, A Spell Book. The songs are blessings, protests and praise words that were inspired by The Lost Words book. Written in 2017, the book is a response to Oxford Dictionary for Children removing fifty nature words […]

Throwback Thursday: 1989

Taste of Green November 14

Earthday365 will host its annual Taste of Green fundraising party from 6–9pm on Thursday, November 14 with the theme, Throwback Thursday – 1989! The celebration will take place at the event space at St. Louis ArtWorks, 5959 Delmar in the Loop East, and feature food tastings and drinks by 25 restaurants […]

What To Eat Before, During and After Pregnancy

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

Research is clear that consuming the Standard American Diet isn’t a recipe for giving birth to a healthy baby who grows into a healthy adult. Eating like our ancestors did, however, is. While there isn’t one optimal human diet, we’re genetically adapted to eat whole, nutrient-dense plant and animal foods. An […]