Breast Cancer Survivor Offers Foundation For Optimal Health

Jaime Zografos

By Jaime Zografos

I am Jaime Zografos and I found my true purpose in life about four years ago after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I learned that life is much bigger than me and that I am here to help people when they are unsure of what they need. I was 39 years old at the time of diagnosis; I was shocked to say the least. I went on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. I opened my nonprofit and sister company to help women find breast cancer products that they need on their journey that they don’t know they need. My company is called YourBoobtique.com. I founded OsteoStrong shortly after.

OsteoStrong is a system that focuses on strengthening the foundation of your body. We improve bone density, strength, balance, posture and reduce joint and back pain. The foundation of our body is crucial to be able to maintain good health and keep the remaining years of our life the best they can be. Many of us do not think of bones when thinking of maintaining our health; we think of going to the gym. OsteoStrong is a simple, yet profound system that is changing lives! Our members push or pull as much as they comfortably can to create pressure against their bones. The pressure they create against their bones triggers an adaptive response in their brain to grow new healthy bone and muscle tissue.

Our research has shown that we need 4.2 multiples of our own body weight to be able to trigger new bone tissue and this is not something we can do at the gym. Our sessions take 15 minutes once per week and the results have been impressive! We have seen our members increase their bone density on repeat DEXA scans. We have seen drastic improvements in balance, posture and strength. Our members are able to enjoy their lives even more than before and a lot of them are now, pain free.

I am humbled, honored and grateful to get to help people day after day improve their health. I have two beautiful daughters that are 20 and 15 and a wonderful man, Jason in my life. We have the Ballwin, Sunset Hills and Clayton locations open, and we are opening O’Fallon Illinois, Wildwood area and Kirkwood-Webster in the next year.

Please book a complimentary session and come experience what we have to offer. Ballwin: 636-697-3902; Sunset Hills: 314-501-2002.