Soil Super-heroes Help Forrest Keeling Grow Superior Plants

Article Courtesy of Forrest Keeling Nursery

Better plants don’t come from more fertilizer. They come from unlocking your plants’ natural ability to access nutrients. Healthy soil is key. And, it’s one reason Forrest Keeling’s RPM-produced plants grow better.

Healthy soil has a fascinating and complex system of microorganisms. These include mycorrhizae, protozoa, nematodes and bacteria. These tiny creatures are invisible to the naked eye. But, when balanced, they breakdown elements with powerful chemistry.
Then, roots can absorb usable components and benefit the plant.

Forrest Keeling has experimented with beneficial soil amendments. The result? A balanced growing media with vibrant microbial activity. “Our special media helps our Nursery produce stellar RPM plants. Studies show RPM-produced plants grow, flower and fruit faster, and survive like champs. Also, the media each RPM plant carries to its planting site continues to help build healthy soil at the site,” explained Kim Lovelace-Young, Forrest Keeling vice-president.

Fertilizers feed plants, but alone, they are far from enough. Plants need sustained nutrition not only with periodic fertilizer application. For this, you have to get back to carbon, the foundation of life. Soil fungi breaks down solid carbon chains and prevents its escape. Bacteria then reorganize them to help make nutrients available as needed by plants.

Mycorrhizae are special fungal filaments that extend root systems. They do best with a variety of plant species and roots of varied depths. Their symbiotic relationship is critical to the plant’s effective nutrient and water absorption.

Together, these microorganisms help soil aggregates absorb water without breaking apart. They also help soil hold moisture during drought.

At Forrest Keeling, we say, soil super-heroes help us grow superior plants. And, along with the soil media that comes with them, their deep roots help improve your soil.
“One tree at a time.”

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