Articles from ‘May 2024’ Issue

“The Dog Logue”

By Phil BerwickPhoto: Visitors writing in The Dog Logue

Those who pick up and open a Healthy Planet Magazine are two categories of humans; Folks olden in body, and young in spirit, or young ones in body and olden in spirit. The Healthy Planet Magazine was founded on a passion to help people make our earth […]

Activate Your Own Dormant Stem Cells, Economically

Stem Cells make up every part of your body

By Gary Bates

The biotechnology industry is exploding. It is expected to reach 3.2 billion dollars in the next few years.

Here’s how you can use the new technology economically to improve your health. But, first let’s look at how it works. I am not talking about expensive injections […]

Air Quality Forecasting Resumes for 2024

Air quality forecasting made its return to the region on May 1st, and the ozone season is kicking off with a reminder that the importance of keeping the air we breathe clean is at an all-time high. Millions of people living in America – including those that fall within the bi-state region’s non-attainment area – […]

ARTful Living      

By Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Healthy Planet Arts Editor

Art: Landscape Tapestry 4 by Janelle Esparza, on exhibition at MOCRA

Ah, the merry month of May has arrived! Happy Mother’s Day! Happy End-of-School! Happy Memorial Day! (Happy “Big-Birthday” to my husband!). So much to celebrate!

The Botanicals & Blooms IV exhibit opens the month at Green Door Art Gallery, […]

Bark In the Park, May 18th

Grab your friends and your four-legged companion and join us in beautiful Tower Grove Park on Saturday, May 18 for the 29th annual Bark in the Park, presented by Purina! Known for its beautiful landscaping, popular Farmer’s Market and dozens of major St. Louis events each year, Tower Grove Park is going to be a […]

Congratulations to Missouri and Illinois Green Schools Quest Winners!

By Deborah Rogers Curtis, Green Schools Coordinator for the Missouri Gateway Green Building Council

Show-Me Green Schools has announced winners of the Green Schools Quest, a six-month low- or no-cost sustainability project with the support of a School Leader and a Mentor from the community. Students chose a project meaningful to them, and they were involved […]

CONSERVATION CORNER: Don’t Be A Smoothie For Chiggers!

By Dan Zarlenga, Missouri Department of Conservation

Photo Caption: Chiggers are definitely something you’ll want to watch out for when going outdoors in warm weather!

Artwork courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Believe it or not, chiggers really do have some good qualities. The adults never bother us. They don’t carry diseases. They don’t even suck blood. […]

Earthworms’ Castings: One Day Without Water

By Jean Ponzi

Prompted by a kitchen update, this a First-World problem to have, and – full disclosure – my household flow stayed on for one toilet, tub and the bathroom sink.

My plumber (aka Husband Dale) checked and re-checked diagrams, pipe and elbow inventory, and much more. His planning layout had the meticulous clarity of mosaics […]

Embrace Wellness: The Power of Health Coaching

By Wendy Robin

In the quest for a healthier life, the path can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s where health coaching comes in, offering personalized support tailored to your needs and goals. Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, health coaches take the time to understand you and craft a plan that fits your life. Whether you want to lose weight, […]

Founder’s Forum: Side Effects and Old Age

By J.B. Lester

I was having a conversation with my 84-year-old mother-in-law about the health challenges we both have encountered in our lives and how we are amazed that modern medicine has kept us alive and kicking. We have battled cancer, blood clots, heart trouble, hernias, surgeries and more, and yet here we are sitting on […]

Help Wanted

The St Louis Wellness Center has an immediate opening for a part-time, client-facing office manager in our Webster Groves office

If you’re interested in assisting others healing and growth, as an ancillary yet crucial support for others – this could be your ideal job. Be of service, create community, have flexible working hours and get paid; […]

Inexplicable Anguish

By Jasmin Acosta, Healthy Planet Staff Writer

My mind acts as a guardian for my heart and carefully files away groups of memories from my heart, but it seems as if these files escape and come alive when I am asleep.

I have curiosity for what these memories could be, but still despite this curiosity I experience […]

Inspirations for Life! PLANT!

By Deb Powell, Healthy Planet columnist

It’s May! Planting time! Who’s planting their first garden? Congratulations! You’ll never want store bought food again! Nothing tastes better than garden fresh!

Here are some fun tips:

Learn lots about gardening, especially the basics

Plant only your favorites, so less varieties to learn about

Connect with others to learn, share, and trade

Consider container, […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Just Post Carbon Communities of Practice 

By Tom & Carol Braford

Whether you think climate change & social and environmental justice are issues or not, you can make a better life for yourself and future generations by working together in community with your neighbors to experience the health, environmental and economic benefits of a post carbon lifestyle right now. 

The culture and economy […]

Lessening Inflammation

By Dr. Gail Cloud

Our world here, especially in the West, is riddled with inflammation. Most of us carry lots of inflammation in our bodies and have symptoms of metabolic issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, joint pain, stomach aches, constipation or its opposite, etc.

One of the causes is the amount of processed foods […]

Organized for Life: Minimize! Socialize! Revitalize!

By Deb Powell, Healthy Planet Columnist

Signs of spring and summer besides flower gardens, convertibles, and farmers’ markets, are yard sales, backyard BBQ’s, and vacations! These last three years were pretty stressful for many and void of our usual communal needs, so let’s get some of that community spirit back!

Make up for those lost times by […]

Pamper Her from Head to Toe This Mother’s Day

For anyone seeking a unique Mother’s Day gift, a visit to Vitality Unlimited Spa provides a perfect opportunity to pamper the important women in our lives. The spa offers a serene setting where moms can enjoy relaxing treatments like massages, facials, and nail care that offer many health and wellness benefits.

MassagesMassages are excellent for reducing […]

Publisher’s Corner

Happy Mother’s Day

By Susan Hunt-Bradford

When I think about Mother’s Day, I first think of my mother, who passed away 24 years ago. It seems like yesterday we were laughing, traveling, and spoiling my son. I think about her and my dad every single day, as I know many people regularly think about their loved ones […]

Recycling 101: Recycling Events

By Steve Davies, Healthy Planet Columnist

So, a couple of weeks ago, I learned about a recycling event that was being held over at Meramec Community College. It was an event that I learned about at the last minute for electronics, metal and the shredding of paper, and apparently a lot of people also learned about […]

Stroll Through Water Gardens And Be Refreshed By Nature

June 22nd and June 23rd

June is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors. Gardens are lush and green after the Spring. The beauty of nature takes root, literally, and we are treated to landscapes rich with color, scent, and sound. Take a stroll through local gardens with spectacular water features on the 24th […]

Synthetic Biology on Artificial Parasites: Long COVID Antidote with What?

By Simon Yu MD

What is synthetic biology? I have been reading about synthetic biology on how we can manipulate genetic materials to create new species of biological entities. The idea is not a new concept, but I am quite alarmed with what we have been through with the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic may have […]

The Colors of Your Garden

By Linda Wiggen Kraft, Healthy Planet Green & Growing Editor

In my many years of designing gardens, everyone has flower color preferences. Each of these gardens had a base of green foliage colors, but the colors of flowers were what inspired the garden. There were several all-white gardens; gardens with only pastel blue, white & pink; […]

The DOWNS & UPs of Vibration & Health

By Diane K. Wilson

With awareness and intentional choices, it’s possible to maintain high resonance to avoid negative energies from manifesting into physical form. Make it a goal to transform your life into a light & happy experience!

Food: Heavy, greasy foods, meat, dairy & processed foods drain energy, leading to fatigue and illness. Opt for fresh […]

Top Pollinator Plant Loaded with Top Features

By Ann Lapides

Don’t be fooled by this beauty’s low-key presence. Blunt Mountain Mint, Pycanthemum muticum, packs a wallop of top features. In summer, a flat flower cluster of pale lavender-pink is set off by silvery bracts. The bracts create a soothing yet fascinating display. A strong mint-like scent fills the air when the leaves are crushed. […]