Inexplicable Anguish

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

My mind acts as a guardian for my heart and carefully files away groups of memories from my heart, but it seems as if these files escape and come alive when I am asleep.

I have curiosity for what these memories could be, but still despite this curiosity I experience an anguish that consumes my every sense of being.

As it crawls through my bones, veins, and soul.

This inexplicable anguish eats away at my existence and I fear I cannot explain this to others, as I cannot understand this for myself.

Words cannot describe what I feel and I have no other option but to try and feel, to feel this anguish and listen to the truth that lies within my bones despite my heart wanting to run.

Despite my heart’s greatest efforts to run, my bones entrapped my heart where my mind finally released my entrapped memories despite its tragedies.

Yet, I feel a sense of relief by being able to face this destruction, to finally feel that my tragic experiences were real, and not a figment of my imagination that lived in my dreams.

My heart and mind now have found tranquility in being able to accept my unfortunate reality, while opening the door to a path where healing and renewal awaits for my aching soul.