Inspirations for Life! PLANT!

By Deb Powell,
Healthy Planet columnist

It’s May! Planting time! Who’s planting their first garden? Congratulations! You’ll never want store bought food again! Nothing tastes better than garden fresh!

Here are some fun tips:

  • Learn lots about gardening, especially the basics
  • Plant only your favorites, so less varieties to learn about
  • Connect with others to learn, share, and trade
  • Consider container, raised, climbing, or hanging gardens… great ways for reusing pails, bags, flower pots, tubs, ladders, ropes… uses less space, or can be moved
  • Make it interesting and educational by trying new foods and recipes
  • Try eating only what’s in season
  • Eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, they’re more nutritious, and the enzymes are still alive. Our ‘live’ bodies need ‘live’ enzymes. Do your homework…
  • If you have an abundance of something: freeze, can, dry, or trade with someone else…
  • If you love flowers, share their space with fruit trees/bushes, vegetables, or herbs. Your gardens will still be beautiful, and will produce delicious fresh food – Win! Win!

Now is the time to start something new! Plant a garden, start a group, learn to sew, take a course, change your thinking, improve your health, play a sport, find a new hobby… do something! Your brain needs new thoughts as well as nutrition to function properly. If you don’t use it, you lose it! It’s true with everything: Our minds, memories, muscles, creativity, skills, abilities…

I’m still on my health journey, but not where I want to be. The nicer weather is helping me get outside more, keeping busier, and getting back on track.

So to keep yourself and our planet healthy, start something new that’s fun and productive!

Don’t sit and let life overpower you like this grape vine did… Keep rocking!

Join me next month in my journey and for more inspiration!

For questions and feedback: debmag04@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you! ☺