Publisher’s Corner

Susan Hunt-Bradford

Happy Mother’s Day

By Susan Hunt-Bradford

When I think about Mother’s Day, I first think of my mother, who passed away 24 years ago. It seems like yesterday we were laughing, traveling, and spoiling my son. I think about her and my dad every single day, as I know many people regularly think about their loved ones who have passed. There is sadness when a day celebrating mothers rolls around because I first think of the woman I miss. I forget that I am a mom and can be a part of the celebration. We, as moms, almost always put ourselves last. I love being a mom to my son, John, and my dogs, Kiba and Jazzy. I’ve never been as good a mom as my mom was, but I continue to strive to be more like her. No matter how old I or my son get, I continue to grow as a mother. My son has taught me how to be more patient and understanding and not to push my goals and wants for him. He’s a good guy, and as parents, we always want to help our kids, no matter their age. We want them to have it easier than we did, but that’s not always the right path to take. I’ve learned that making mistakes, whether it’s me or him making the mistake, is the very essence of how we grow and tackle life’s challenges.

Each mom has a different way of parenting, and I’ve had plenty of advice from other moms who thought they could give me solid advice to ensure I was raising my son correctly. The thing about advice and parenting is that each individual child is different, and you really have to parent in accordance with your family, not anyone else’s family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, including the moms of fur babies. You are doing a great job. Even though we’re not perfect, we would do anything for our kids, and love is always our motivator.Last month, The Healthy Planet hosted the 42nd Natural Living Expo. Thank you to all the vendors who had terrific items to sell and information about making our lives healthier and better. Thank you to all the visitors who attended. It was great meeting so many of you, and everyone said they really enjoyed the expo.

Susan Hunt-Bradford, Publisher