Articles from ‘January 2013’ Issue

A Circle Of Renewal

by Linda Wiggen Kraft

The cycle of renewal and growth is the pulse that sustains life on earth. It is the inward and outward expression of life. We experience it with each breath, breathing in and breathing out, with the rest and activity of night and day. The seasons also cycle through the resting time of […]

Artful Happenings

ArtFul Calendar

Through February 3
Abstract paintings by Timothey E. Wagner; drawing by Galina Todorova; reception, 6-8 p.m.; January 11; Northwest Coffee Roasting Company, 8401 Maryland (Maryland & Crandon); for info, call 314-791-6466.

Through February 1
Juried works from around the world; Foundry Art Centre, 520 N. Main in St. Charles; for info, […]

ArtFul Living

With Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky
Healthy Planet Arts Editor

Happy New Year!

I guess the Mayans had the wrong date for the end-of-the-world so… time for a new calendar.

There’s really something special about calendars.

I’m talking about real calendars: the paper kind that have a different picture for every month. I’ve seen some truly awful calendar art as well as […]

Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Schram

How Much Vitamin D Should I Take?

Q: I am totally confused about how much vitamin D to take. Isn’t too much bad for you?

A: Great question. The RDA for vitamin D is 400 IU’s/day. However, recent studies by the Institute of Medicine have determined that those values are low. The new recommendations are […]

Beekeeping Classes Offered

Beekeeping Classes Offered At Maritz,
February 9, Sure To Be Abuzz With Activity

Do you keep bees? Have you ever wanted to learn how to keep bees?

The Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association will offer courses for both beginners and experienced beekeepers on Saturday, February 9, 2013, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Maritz in Fenton, Missouri.

Prominent scientists […]

Call Upon Your Future Self

©2012, Kimberly V. Schneider

A new year just began, so you may be thinking about how to “do it better” from now on. Maybe you’re looking for the secret for becoming that person you will someday be — that wiser, future self.

Here’s a surprise for you: no matter what’s happening in your life, you haven’t been […]

Cardiac Testing And Treatment At Forefront Of Kincaid Wellness & Anti-Aging Program

by Dr. Rosa Kincaid, M.D.

I have been a vegetarian since 1973. I started because I truly believe that animal flesh would not benefit me physically or spiritually. There is no struggle in it for me and I have learned, over the years, to not be too pushy in suggesting that my patients go meat-free, forget […]

Chauvin Coffee Roasters Since 1930

Chauvin Coffee continues a tradition of coffee roasting in Saint Louis, Missouri. Until the mid 1920’s, Saint Louis was the largest coffee roasting city in the world, with over 75 major coffee roasting plants.

In the 1800’s coffee was brought up the Mississippi River by steamboats from New Orleans. Brokers and roasters would purchase the coffee […]

Coalition Report

by Kathleen Logan Smith
Executive Director; Missouri Coalition For The Environment

Greed-topia Grows in the Dark

If a foreign government poisoned our food or water, we would consider it an act of hostility. However, if a foreign corporation did it, how would we respond? Currently we have laws governing food safety and water quality, but what if those […]

Come on kids! Let’s make 2013 a great year for the animals!

by Suzanne K. Gassner

Do your resolutions include making the world a kinder place for all living creatures? If so, invite the kids to help. For the kids in your home, in your neighborhood or the kid in you, 2013 holds lots of possibilities when it comes to making a difference for animals. All it takes […]

Cultivating A Better Food System In 2013

by Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson,
Food Tank: The Food Think Tank

As we start 2013, many people will be thinking about plans and promises to improve their diet and health. But we think a broader collection of farmers, policy-makers, and eaters need new, bigger resolutions for fixing the food system – real changes with long-term impacts […]

Duh Vinci Code for Tasmanian Devils: Cracking the Cancer Code

by Simon Yu, MD

In case you didn’t know, about 70 percent of the wild Tasmanian devil population has disappeared from Tasmania Island due to a facial tumor. This has occurred just since 1996 when it was first recognized. Tasmanian devils are a carnivorous marsupial from Australia. If the current rate of decline continues, devils could […]

Eagle Days Limited Due To Lack Of Funding

In January 2013, Eagle Days at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge – a collaborative program between the Missouri Department of Conservation, Trailnet and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources – will be limited to three weekdays to provide 1,200 underserved fifth grade students with high quality, experiential outdoor educational programming. The public weekend Eagle Days […]

EarthWorms Castings

by Jean Ponzi

Green Renew for the new year
(and then some)

It’s a cosmic bit amazing that you are even reading this.
According to the Mayans we should all be smoke.
Did you know those ancient savants predicted
An Earth-Era End in 12-12? No joke!

But Earth has a way of doing all her stuff in Cycles,
In a goes-around, comes-around […]

Eating For Renewal

by Kari Hartel, RD, LD

Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search

It’s a brand new year, and what better time to think about renewing your body and soul than now. The New Year brings with it promises of new beginnings. One important step on the path to renewal is having a fresh start to your diet. […]

Eliminate Five to Improve your Life: The Top Five Toxins Found in Every Home

by Gail Griswold-Elwyn,
President, Rethink Renovations

The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers, stating that allergies, asthma, lung cancer, and heart problems have all been linked to poor air quality. Below are the top 5 toxins most commonly found in your home—and how you can make healthier choices.

Formaldehyde, the same […]

From Concrete To Abstract

by Barbara O’Brien, Ph.D.

Lately, my two-year-old has been singing, “8-9-10” throughout the day. Now, I know she does not yet grasp the meaning behind these numbers: that 8 is less than 9, which is less than 10 and so forth. This cute song serves as a reminder that much of how she learns involves transferring […]

Gluten-Free and Beyond

by Julie Evans-Vitale

Have you transformed your pantry and refrigerator into a gluten-free zone? If so, you are not alone. Many are now following this way of eating including those who are suffering from Celiac Disease, others who just feel a little better without gluten in their diet, and some who just like to follow the […]

Growing Green Awards: Honoring People + Organizations Transforming The Built Environment

By Jen Kissinger,

Growing Green Award Planning Committee

Nominations are now open for the 2013 Growing Green Awards! U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter is excited to host our 5th Annual Growing Green awards to celebrate and recognize people, organizations, institutions and companies that are transforming our built environment and our community into a healthier, […]

Guide to a Great Cup of Coffee

Until the mid 1920’s, Saint Louis was the largest coffee roasting city in the world, with over 75 major coffee roasting plants. Chauvin Coffee is in its fourth generation as a family owned coffee roaster, continuing the coffee roasting tradition, catering exclusively to the specialty coffee and espresso beverage markets. We strive to offer […]

Healthy “Life” Resources

with Chaplain Paul

Renew Your Commitment To Spiritual Wellness,
Spiritual Assessment and Spiritual Care

How would you define these terms; “Spiritual Wellness”, “Spirituality”, “Spiritual Asses-sment”, Spiritual Care”? Ones answer depends completely on their perspective and definition of the divine. I remember attending a workshop led by Dr Wayne Dyer. He began by asking a profound question. “Which are […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

January 3
Tea Brewing with Traveling Tea
6-7 p.m. Join Kateri for this informative demonstration and class. Sample some delicious full leaf teas and learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea. Free to attend. Local Harvest Grocery and Café in Kirkwood, 12309 Old Big Bend Road, 63122.

January 5, 7, & 9, 2013
Airs […]

If Your Thyroid Is Not Working Properly, Neither Are You

January Is Thyroid Awareness Month

by Wellness Alternatives

Traditional medical guidelines for diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism is very ‘old school’ and inaccurate. Millions of patients suffer from hypothyroidism signs and symptoms and are not getting the care they need. Thyroid testing is difficult for practitioners to interpret and the tests are often inadequate and do not provide […]

January is National Pet Training Month

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Statistics show that most new puppies, kittens and adult critters enter our homes during the period from Thanksgiving through the Christmas Holiday and New Years. Whether acquired from a breeder, or rescued from one of many rescue groups in the area, we pet owners are faced with the reality of a […]

January is the Best Time to Get Rid of Weeds!

by Dr. Alethea Eller

Oh, you are not thinking about your lawn garden this time of year? Well this is the best time to think about weeds! A weed is simply a plant that is growing where you don’t want. Did you know that many wild plants and weeds are very useful and are even used […]

MDC Seeks Recycled Christmas Trees For Fish Habitat

Christmas trees can have a second life after the holidays by providing home for fish.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is accepting used natural Christmas trees to create fish habitat in Lake 35 on the August A. Busch Conservation Area in St. Charles, and in Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis County.

So how does recycling […]

Native Witch Hazel In Winter

by Cindy Gilberg

On warm winter days in late January-February, a sweet honey-like and almost spicy scent drifts on gentle breezes in some gardens and woodlands. True spring is still a couple of months away, yet follow the scent and find an enchanting small tree in full bloom—the Ozark witch hazel. Even more surprising is that, […]

Nature Wisdom

with Pat Tuholske, Naturalist

Memories of a Snow-Loving Child

My inner snow-child cringes when the mercury creeps into the sixties in winter. I have fond memories of endless snows days, sledding down ice-packed streets, tunneling into snowdrifts and sneaking off to explore the magic of the frozen forest.

Flexible Flyer sled in tow, I crunched my way on […]

Pooch Power: The Healing of Four Paws

by Dr. James Feinberg
Child Clinical Psychologist

Ask any pet owner, young or old, about their dog and a large smile will come across their face, their mood will brighten, and they will offer to show you various photos of their dear ones on their smart phone. Those of us who live with dogs and other mammals […]

Publisher’s Corner: Ten Tips For Creating A NEW YOU (and Me)

by J.B. Lester, Publisher/Editor

Creating a “New You” is all the rage around the New Year. Since none of us is perfect, it seems only logical that we would want to improve ourselves a bit. But where the heck do you start? How do you narrow down the list, that for some of us could be […]

Resolve to Meditate in The New Year

by Shirley Stoll

Does your list of resolutions for the New Year include one or more of the following: reduce stress and anxiety or lead a healthier lifestyle? If so, consider adding one more resolution to your list. Learn to meditate in 2013 and help make these resolutions a reality in your life!

Meditation has many benefits! […]

Tai Chi Ch’uan For Health & Fitness

by Paul MacFarlane and Bill Grivna

You’ve probably seen people practicing T’ai Chi on TV, in a movie, or even locally, in a park or at the botanical garden. You know it’s a slow moving, graceful exercise that is supposed to be beneficial. You may have heard that at advanced levels it is a formidable martial […]

Taking A Fresh Look At Nutrition: The First Step In Preventing & Reversing Disease

by Dr. Varsha Rathod, M.D.

Symptoms of most chronic diseases, and often the disease itself, can be ameliorated with a few basic lifestyle changes. These are: sound nutrition, exercise, air and sunlight, stress management techniques and fostering love and relationships in your life. The purpose of this article is to discuss the contribution that good nutrition […]

The Art Of Relating

with Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW,
Therapist & Relationship Coach

Self-Improvement In The New Year

Sign up for my new Art of Relating Newsletter at www.christinekniffen.com Find out what’s coming up this month on my weekly radio show, as well as info on upcoming articles and free relationship tips.

Where do I start? Are we talking weight loss, less […]

This New Year’s Resolution: Less Stress and More Energy

Understanding the Effects of B Vitamin Deficiency
and Supplementing with B Vitamins

by Jon P. Frieda

The B vitamin complex comprises a number of vitamins that exist as a family. The B vitamin family consists of: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), Vitamin B12 […]