Cardiac Testing And Treatment At Forefront Of Kincaid Wellness & Anti-Aging Program

Dr. Rosa Kincaid

by Dr. Rosa Kincaid, M.D.

I have been a vegetarian since 1973. I started because I truly believe that animal flesh would not benefit me physically or spiritually. There is no struggle in it for me and I have learned, over the years, to not be too pushy in suggesting that my patients go meat-free, forget about going RAW. Therefore it was no big deal when my friendly “medical-gadget” salesman agreed to do some free cardiac scanning on my muscular, BMI of 20, body habitus.

This equipment is used by major medical centers to measure central (aortic) blood pressure and tell you your biological age by measuring how hard your arteries are; in essence, the biological age of your heart and blood vessels. “This’” I said myself, “will show them all what veggies and working out regularly, can do for you.”

I was baffled by the results!! My scores were disappointing to say the least and worse than some of my meat-eating patients. I followed this up with further studies including: ultrasound of my carotid arteries (large neck blood vessel) and genetic testing. So what did the doctor learn:
1. That plaque in my carotids could have been caused by eating too many refined carbohydrates (50 percent of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol).
2. Could be caused by a gene that I found out that I have that does not respond to diet or exercise (thank you Grandma Rosa).
3. Stress plays a bigger role in heart health than most of us realize!

Having these tests: carotid ultrasound, central blood pressure and genetic testing, have changed my life. I was able to detect disease in a person who is totally asymptomatic, and whose standard laboratory tests have all been normal. It’s like seeing the “underside” of the iceberg, before you can see the tip. There are many people like me who have no medical problems. There are some whose first sign of heart disease is a fatal heart attack.

Cardiac testing and treatment is now at the forefront of the Kincaid Wellness & Anti-Aging program. Advanced cardiac testing and scanning is now available at my office. Cardio-Vascular Disease is the biggest killer of Americans today. Discovering you have it before it presents itself as chest pain or hypertension, gives you the opportunity to get rid of it, (yes, it is reversible).

It reminds me that just thinking that you don’t have it, won’t make it go away.
Remember that game you used to play as a child? By covering your eyes to avoid seeing something or someone, it was like it wasn’t really there? This doesn’t work where your heart health is concerned.

For more information contact Dr. Kincaid at Kincaid Medical Associates, 314-531-0008 or online at www.drrosakincaid.com.