January is the Best Time to Get Rid of Weeds!

by Dr. Alethea Eller

Oh, you are not thinking about your lawn garden this time of year? Well this is the best time to think about weeds! A weed is simply a plant that is growing where you don’t want. Did you know that many wild plants and weeds are very useful and are even used as natural medicines in herbology? Look at the dandelion. It is one of the most common weeds in our area. I regularly use dandelion in liver support and urinary tract support formulas. It can heal the body and is powerful in health restoration.

We all have “weeds” in our lives: things that we don’t want that keep hanging around. Sometimes they are just a nuisance however they seem to have the ability to take over and ruin something beautiful in your life. Do you have a recurring complaint that plays in your head all day? Maybe you really dislike something in your life. These are weeds in your life that you probably wish you could just pull out.

Have you been making a list of all your “weeds” and found a new resolution that will solve your issues? Many people find the New Year an ideal time to “pull their weeds.” Just like the common dandelion, explore how your weeds may be useful to you. There is often a cure hidden in your issue when you are willing to dig it up. Do you want to lose weight? Being overweight is your “weed” you want to get rid of. Digging up the dirt on this may mean looking at tendencies of overeating, poor self-worth issues, carb cravings and hormone imbalance. Often people eat less and exercise more….. for 3 weeks and then resume old habits.

While integrating Chinese Medicine in patient care, it is vital to look at the “weeds” that you have been ignoring, suppressing or medicating. Often times, the symptoms that you don’t want are your clue to fixing your issue and restoring your health. My examination integrates your physical body, nutritional state and emotions. This is important especially for any problem that has been going on for a while. Don’t be scared to get in there and get your hands dirty! This can be daunting to do alone and I would be happy to help you.

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