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Renew Your Commitment To Spiritual Wellness,
Spiritual Assessment and Spiritual Care

How would you define these terms; “Spiritual Wellness”, “Spirituality”, “Spiritual Asses-sment”, Spiritual Care”? Ones answer depends completely on their perspective and definition of the divine. I remember attending a workshop led by Dr Wayne Dyer. He began by asking a profound question. “Which are you?” He asked; “A human being that is trying to be spiritual or a spiritual being having a human experience?” When you think about it, these represent two very different postures of identity and life.

Spiritual knowledge is often left out or treated minimally in the holistic model of patient care. As a Chaplain of many years, to me that exclusion is absolutely inexcusable! Medical care has its origin deep in the model that we are indeed spiritual beings! I have seen first hand the power and significance of providing spiritual care to all people of all faith traditions. A major problem is the lack of knowledge and understanding of those providing medical care as to what spiritual care really is.

Dr Yu of Prevention and Healing says:
“By contrast, most forms of holistic health and healing, on the other hand, begin with the fundamental assumption that we are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting physical bodies during our time here on the physical plane. If this truth is to be honored, spiritual laws and energetic principles must be taken into account when we consider issues of health and illness.”

I work with this definition of “Spirituality”. Spirituality is the individual, subjective experience of and from which a person derives Purpose, Meaning and Hope. (Miller and Thoresesn 2003)

People often confuse spirituality and religion as the same. Religion is one aspect of human spirituality.

So, what is “Spiritual Wellness”? Simply stated, it is the synergistic balance of body, mind and spirit working together in harmony to rid the being of anything that is toxic to the physical body, the mental body, the spiritual body and the consciousness and ultimate purpose and meaning of ones life. Being whole!

Spiritual care is the ultimate “Empathic Connection” with the person. It is being there to see how the patient sees. To feel what the patient feels. To help them find strength and discipline within their beliefs and life experiences. It’s helping them to find and maintain their purpose, meaning and hope while facing major health issues. My work as a consultant with patients is to assist them in a thorough assessment of their Spirituality.

With 35 plus years of experience, I have developed a process that is enabling patients to implement a “Spiritual Wellness Plan of Care” to join with their medical plan of care. If you are interested in learning more about this process please feel free to contact me:

Chaplain Paul R. Johnson, M.Div.
Director for Medical Spiritual Wellness
Prevention and Healing
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