Chauvin Coffee Roasters Since 1930

Chauvin Coffee continues a tradition of coffee roasting in Saint Louis, Missouri. Until the mid 1920’s, Saint Louis was the largest coffee roasting city in the world, with over 75 major coffee roasting plants.

In the 1800’s coffee was brought up the Mississippi River by steamboats from New Orleans. Brokers and roasters would purchase the coffee right off the boats and levee. Saint Louis got its reputation as the “Gateway to the West” by supplying the westward expansion of the United States with staples such as coffee, sugar, salt, and hard goods.
Chauvin Coffee is in its fourth generation as a family coffee roaster and continues the coffee roasting tradition. We do not rest, but we use our knowledge and experience to constantly keep evolving and improving our coffees and techniques.

Chauvin Coffee caters exclusively to the specialty coffee and espresso beverage markets. We strive to offer the finest coffees available from around the world. Our years of experience allow us to source our coffees from only the best and most reliable suppliers.
With a growing public awareness for specialty coffee and our commitment to quality coffee, we opened one of the first retail stores for specialty coffee in this area, in 1973. More recently, we have concentrated on wholesale coffee roasting. We do not try to be everything to everybody, but feel it is more important to concentrate on what we do best. With the experience gained in operating our retail store, we are able to assist our customers with training and merchandising.

We have been a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America for many years and more recently the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Being an active member helps keep us abreast of all the latest trends and ideas in the Global industry, allowing us to pass them on to our customers.

For more information on Chauvin Coffee please visit www.chauvincoffee.com. Available at cafes, restaurants and grocers throughout the St. Louis area.