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By Nicole Minor

Dealing with acne, eczema, dry skin or wrinkles can be extremely frustrating.  If you have a persistent skin condition, it can be tempting to run out to your local store, grab what seems like it would work, and use it on your face and body while not giving any thought to the ingredients within them.  Most of us want healthy vibrant looking skin; however, more often we look for quick fixes through chemically and synthetically derived skincare products.  As consumers we should be more conscious before we buy.

Read product labels carefully to be assured that what touches your skin will not affect your health.  You might be surprised at what you’ll find in conventional skincare products; furthermore, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, can they be all that safe?  Ask yourself these two questions…Would you cleanse your face with petroleum?  Would you wash your hair in herbicide?  Most people would answer “No” to both questions, yet the uneducated beauty buyer is essentially doing just that.  Chemically based skincare products can jeopardize the health of the skin resulting in dull, lifeless or irritated skin.  The truth is that there are numerous companies that boast “natural” or “organic” skincare products and cosmetics, but not many actually adhere to this concept.

We at Skin of Life believe that one of the first steps to healthy glowing skin is to choose all natural skincare products that are free of parabens, petrochemicals, chemical solvents, irritating detergents, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.  When you bathe with organic bath soaps, cleanse with all-natural facial cleansers, moisturize with natural lotions and creams, and treat your underarms to aluminum-free deodorants, your skin will thank you by revealing sensationally stunning, healthy, glowing skin …naturally.

Regardless of your skin type or condition, nature has all you need to help you to look and feel your best.  The science of natural skincare is really quite simple, “Whatever is put onto the body is absorbed into the body”; therefore, it only makes sense for us to use all-natural ingredients to help eliminate our risk of exposure to toxins and chemicals.  Our skin is our largest organ, so nourish yours with nature, not chemicals, and you will begin to see an end to those persistent skin conditions that have troubled you for so long.

Be Naturally Beautiful.

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