Publisher’s Corner: The Little Things…Simple Pleasures

There’s no doubt about it. Times are tough. And it takes a toll on you. Politics, taxes, healthcare, finances, war, teenagers… you get the picture. Now is the time to enjoy the little things in life. Circle the wagons and remember what brings you the most comfort and joy. So here are some things that make me feel good when times are tough. I hope you can connect with your “inner simple pleasures”, too.

I love coming home and sitting with my wife Niki on our make-shift front porch made of large field stones. From the comfort of our recycled plastic Adirondack chairs we  sip our adult beverages and watch the world go by as summer’s last cicadas sing a swan song. Sometimes we talk and sometimes we just watch the dragonflies dart around the yard. “Does anyone sit on their front porches anymore,” one friend of Niki’s asked recently. Good question. I guess decks and patios have become all the rage. But we love our frontal view. It gives us the opportunity for a sunny, southern  exposure. And in tough times, you need a sunny exposure. We wave and say hello to all the dog walkers, joggers and neighbors as they come home or pass by. We soak up their friendly energy and it makes us feel better. We are joined on the stoop by our furry feline Smokey as he keeps one eye on us and one eye out for the chipmunk that lives under the fieldstones. The neighborhood hawk comes diving down and grabs at something in the sweetgum tree but this time comes up with empty talons. An immature squirrel narrowly escapes being this raptor’s dinner. A goldfinch flickers by for a taste of purple coneflower seeds. A hummingbird darts down from the mimosa blooms and hovers every-so momentarily just before our front row seats. It’s been another tough day in a tough time, but the little things help smooth out the emotional wrinkles. An email or phone call from family. Time spent with good friends. A walk with the dog and conversation with neighbors. A place to sit and someone to sit with.  The simple pleasures make it easier to face the perfect storms of life.

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In Good Health,               J.B. Lester; Publisher