Getting Fit and Loving It At New Town At St. Charles

New Town at St. Charles is an active, vibrant community that summons its residents outdoors to enjoy its full potential.  As we continue to grow we are continually offered new ways to enjoy being outdoors amongst friends and neighbors. New Town has become a destination spot, renowned for its full summer of music festivals, outdoor movies and numerous other social gatherings. New Town’s great restaurants like Padavan’s New York, Beatniks and Domain Street Wine Bar all offer outdoor seating in elegant settings that welcome and promote fraternization. There are wonderful shops to visit like the fashionable It Boutique, The Grateful Thread, offering the best in interior design and The Bridge which doubles as a quaint coffee house and retail outlet for hand-crafted Fair Trade goods from the world over.

With all the dining and leisure activities that New Town has to offer it’s important to note that while we enjoy our well earned reputation for playing hard, we also know when it’s time to get to work. The New Town lifestyle affords the perfect balance of both. This union of work and play is exemplified perfectly by the swarm of activity to be found on the beautiful white sand volleyball courts of New Town. New Town Volleyball has leagues forming now (www.newtownvolleyball.com) that extend through spring, summer and fall. People of all ages and skill levels flock to New Town for the fun and fitness beach volleyball offers.

When it comes to being fit and active without having to drive to the gym, New Town has it covered. Whether you prefer the solitary workout or group activity, there are limitless opportunities to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many residents jog or bike to New Town Fitness where they challenge themselves on the top-of-the-line fitness equipment or participate in a karate or yoga class. Many more make the whole of New Town their personal gym, using its pedestrian friendly streets for everything from running, to biking, to rollerblading. New Town’s many lakes and canal offer yet another venue for fitness training. An abundance of kayakers call New Town home and the lakes are full of swimmers. We have even become a training ground for triathletes, many of whom participate in various sanctioned events held right here in New Town. Fitness is embraced early and organically in New Town as demonstrated by the children taking full advantage of the community’s many parks and playgrounds to organize games of football, baseball etc…

If a fit and fun lifestyle is something you’ve been searching for, visit www.newtownatstcharles.com or call 636-949-2700 to learn more.