Articles from ‘July 2013’ Issue

7 Things You Can Do With Recycled Wine Barrels

Mount Pleasant Estates Now Offers Half and Whole Wine Barrels

With Pinterest, Tumblr, and HGTV people are inspired to turn recycled products into fashionable and functional décor. Mount Pleasant Estates, located in the rolling hills of Augusta, Missouri, is now selling half and whole wine barrels. For the “do-it-yourself-ers,” here are seven things you can do […]

ArtFul Happenings


Opening June 29
St. Louis Art Museum; for info, visit www.slam.org.

Through September 27
Foundry Art Centre, 520 N. Main in St. Charles; for info, call 636-255-0270 or visit www.foundryartcentre.org. or visit www.foundryartcentre.org.

Through July 28
Northwest Coffee & […]

ArtFul Living

St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts
Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

We’re All Still Kids In The Summer

Every month I love to write this ARTful Living column. I dig through mountains of information to bring you insights into the arts in our area. But, when it warmed up today, I realized that it’s truly […]

Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Schram

What Is Chlorella?
How about something for congestion?

Q: Is Chlorella good for you and can I take it on a daily basis?

A: Chlorella is quite possibly the world’s most nutrient-rich food. It contains more than 20 different vitamins and minerals and provides an abundance of naturally occurring beta carotene. It is also one of […]

AutismOne on Healing Autism: Accidental Cure by Optimists

by Simon Yu, MD

Accidents happen. We accept the reality of them as is and we usually move on. On the other hand, accidental discovery is another story. For some people, they ask questions like, “why me?” Or keep asking for a deeper meaning: Is this really an accident or a message to understand? An accident […]

Beneficial Insects As Pest Control

by Randy Greene

Beneficial organisms attack pests, not people, plants, or pets. Beneficials are not pesticides; they need some lead time to work. They should be used as part of an integrated system of pest management which also includes fertilizing, hygienic cultural practices, planting pest-resistant varieties, inter-cropping, proper irrigation, monitoring, tapping, ect. For maximum effectiveness, beneficial […]

Building Materials – Why They Matter

Discussion July 9 At Chapter Meeting

by Diane Beaver, USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Program Committee Member

We find ourselves in an ever changing world of information and thought processes with regard to the way we live and the spaces we inhabit. How can we make sure these interior environments are safe? Are we doing the best we can […]

Citizens for Modern Transit’s Great Race II Demonstrates Air Quality Benefits of Alternative Transportation Modes

Article courtesy of the St. Louis
Regional Clean Air Partnership

In May, the St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership sponsored and participated in Citizens for Modern Transit’s Great Race II event, a unique competition placing four teams – TRANSIT, BIKE, CARSHARE and CARPOOL – in a head-to-head battle to raise awareness about the viable alternative transportation options […]

Coalition Report

by Kathleen Logan Smith
Director of Environmental Policy Coalition For The Environment

Smell The Change

The first delicious smell this spring was the wild plum blossoms. Then came the honey locust trees whose fragrance was so strong their sweet scents wafted for a block. The shrubs bloomed next with lilac reminding us of grandmothers’ backyards. Then came the […]

Destinations: Harbor Club South Haven Now I Know Why St. Louisans Love Michigan So Much!

by J.B. Lester
Healthy Planet Editor/Publisher

St. Louisans have a love affair with Michigan. Everyone knows someone who vacations in the Mitten State. Other than living in Grand Rapids when I was a toddler and a brief trip to Mackinaw Island in my early 20s, I had not really experienced what Michigan has to offer. So when […]

EarthDance Farm Holds HOOP-A-Thon For Year-Round Hoop House

H.O.O.P.ing it up: Help Our Organic Production!

EarthDance’s Organic Farm School is conducting a Hoop-A-Thon to raise funds for a hoop house to extend its growing season and provide more comprehensive education to its farmer students.

Who are we?
EarthDance is a non-profit organization operating an Organic Farm School in Ferguson. Founder Molly Rockamann, sometimes known as the hula […]

Earthworms’ Castings

with Jean Ponzi

Summer Kitchen

My kitchen changes its tune with the climate.

Temperatures rise and foods gets lighter, quicker, needing less preparation. The fruit and vegetable bowls and bins fill and empty and refill rapidly. No beverage container lingers on a pantry shelf for more than a week.

Pots and pans go on vacation while the knives […]


July 6
Bring balance, prosperity, joy, and overall wellness to your life. Use gemstones and crystals to tap into the amazing energy within you. This in-depth and practical workshop gives you the tools to understand, activate and balance the seven main chakras that influence everything from prosperity and self-confidence to communication and […]

How What You Say Becomes What You See

by Kimberly V. Schneider, M.Ed., J.D., LPC

In the late 90s a small group of women gathered to celebrate the summer solstice. They hungered to create an experience of the numinous that was vital and fresh, while also being rooted in ancient wisdom. They didn’t know what they were doing, exactly. They didn’t let that stop […]

Humane Society of Missouri: Red Hot Tips For Pets!

During summer, pets endure the same hot weather as their owners, but your pet’s cooling system must work much harder.

Owners must help their pets stay cool.

Dogs are social animals who desire to be with their families. YOU are part of your dog’s family. The best way to prevent heat-related health problems is to bring your […]

Is Your Pet Stressed?

by Dr. Ava Frick, DVM, CAC

Everyone it seems is maxed out these days and that can include our pets too. Stress can come in many forms; poor diet, pain, toxins, injury, diseases, vaccinations, and pesticides are common ones but there are others you may have not considered. Pets exposed to extreme weather, being isolated from […]

Let’s Celebrate National Berry Month!

by Kari Hartel, RD, LD
Program Coordinator, Cooking Matters, Operation Food Search

July is National Berry Month, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a plethora of richly-colored berries this time of year. Not only are berries delicious, they’re also nutrition powerhouses – chock-full of powerful nutrients that can help you ward off diseases. Berries […]

Pesto Festo 2013 at the Ferguson Farmers Market

A community celebration of local FARMS: Food, Art, Relationships,
and Music — Sustainably!

by Rachel Levi
EarthDance Farm Education Coordinator

On Saturday, July 20th, EarthDance will be hosting Pesto Festo at the Ferguson Farmers Market (20 S. Florissant Rd). This free community celebration of local FARMS—Food, Art, Relationships, Music… Sustainably!—invites all market goers to revel in the basil season […]

Politics & Environment

by Don Fitz

Politics pervades every aspect of environmental activities, from relations between nations to governmental financial decisions to personal behavior. July 2013 Green Time TV explores government claims of inability to fund environmental legislation, destruction of land in Palestine, global failure to protect forests, and eating meat.

Did you ever wonder why the government is always […]

Publisher’s Corner

Back To The Land
(Even In The Suburbs)

It’s amazing how connected we become with the land around us. Whether it be 142 acres in rural Missouri or 1/4 of an acre in suburbia — humans have a keen relationship with the flora and fauna within their immediate environs. Take for example our little plot of land […]

Some Like It Hot

by Cindy Gilberg

Gone are the wildflowers of spring that were so welcome after the long winter. Now nature is cranking up the heat and with that comes a whole new array of flowering native plants. Bees and other pollinating insects are actively searching for pollen and nectar.

Birds are busy pursuing many of these and other […]

St. Louis Earth Day Festival Declared 2nd Largest In Nation

by Jeanette Reynolds
Programs & Communication Director
St. Louis Earth Day

Everyone agrees — this year’s St. Louis Earth Day Festival was an incredible success. New community partnerships were realized, more sponsorship funds were pledged to support our year-round programming, and we expanded the event to have live music and food Saturday night.

But, most visitors also noticed something […]

St. Louis Rain Barrel Sale Planned For July 27-28

As more American’s look to improve their healthy food options by growing their own food, rain barrels have been making a comeback among even novice gardeners. Collected for non-potable use, rainwater is a free resource that has been vastly underutilized.

Like fresh vegetables from the garden, rainwater is unprocessed. According to the American Rainwater Catchment Association, […]

Summer Fun Guide

Eat, Drink, Explore, Experience, Enjoy!

Summer in St. Louis has arrived and there is plenty to do in the Gateway City. Here are some of our suggestions for every member of the family. We have something for everyone!

Create a memory or keepsake at YuCanDu Art Studio in Webster Groves. YuCanDu offers art camps, workshops, art parties […]

Summer Heat Concerns For Your Pets!!!

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Summertime draws all of us out to be more active, exercising through yard work, or walking and jogging around our special haunts. It is important to understand a few points regarding our pets’ well being.

Heat stroke is one of the primary concerns we have this time of year. It can take […]

Sunflowers and Sunflower Houses

story & photo by Linda Wiggen Kraft

Imagine a house with walls made of sunflowers and a ceiling of morning glories. Each morning the easterly facing sunflowers greet the day and blue trumpets of glory welcome the sun. If we could all be so lucky as to spend some days and nights in such a home.

For […]

Unique, New Weight Loss Seminar July 20

by Jackie Fokkens (CH)
Certified Hypnotherapist

I am so excited to tell you about how I can help you manage overeating, smoking or any behavior that no longer serves a purpose! I am a Certified Hypnotherapist who understands the daily challenges of life. I personally have seen many clients overcome fears, test anxiety, win at sports, stop […]

What is Montessori?

by Anita Chastain
Founder and Head of School
Chesterfield Montessori School

Choosing a school or educational philosophy for their children is one of the most important decisions parents can make. It can be quite a challenge weighing the pros and cons of private vs. public education, traditional vs. a more progressive style of education and the financial considerations […]