EarthDance Farm Holds HOOP-A-Thon For Year-Round Hoop House

H.O.O.P.ing it up: Help Our Organic Production!

EarthDance’s Organic Farm School is conducting a Hoop-A-Thon to raise funds for a hoop house to extend its growing season and provide more comprehensive education to its farmer students.

Who are we?
EarthDance is a non-profit organization operating an Organic Farm School in Ferguson. Founder Molly Rockamann, sometimes known as the hula hooping farmer, created EarthDance in 2008 on Missouri’s oldest organic farm. Established in 1883 by the Mueller family. Molly saw a need to preserve this peri-urban farm and so she formed EarthDance’s Organic Farm School, using the Mueller Farm as a vibrant hub for agricultural education, collaboration, and celebration. Until last year, EarthDance had been on a one year lease, unable to make significant changes or upgrades to the farm. But in 2012, EarthDance reached its goal of saving the farm by purchasing the land with the help of partners and is placing a conservation easement upon the property to ensure that it will stay farmland into perpetuity. EarthDance’s mission is to sustainably grow food, farmers, and community, one small farm at a time, through hands-on education and delicious experiences.

About the project:
A major component of what EarthDance does is our nationally-recognized Organic Farming Apprenticeship Program, which educates beginning farmers in the skills of sustainable agriculture from seed to market. By putting up a hoop house, EarthDance will not only be able to grow food year-round, but also train 25 other farmers every year on how to extend the growing season. Imagine the impact this could have on our local food economy! A hoop house is a structure similar to a greenhouse that allows for extending the growing season by providing an environment crops can grow in during the winter months. As part of this project, EarthDance will host a workshop on how to build the hoop house, create a video, and then post it for all to use. This education becomes invaluable not only to farmers, but to everyone who wants to eat local, even when it’s cold outside!

New farmers, growing skills, appreciation for gardening and farm equipment, friendships, flowers, herbs, young people’s understanding of where food comes from, compost, an awareness of nature, confidence, a sense of belonging, food, community…these are things that EarthDance is growing… with your support!

Ways You Can Help
To make a contribution to EarthDance’s Hoop-A-Thon, visit www.hoopathonstl.org. We at EarthDance love all of our supporters! Even if you’re not able to make a financial contribution, you can help us spread the word through word of mouth, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. You can also volunteer on the farm or at an event, or donate an item on our wish list. Together we can keep growing food, farmers, and community for the St. Louis region!