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Are You A Square Peg In A Round Hole?

by Debbie Haikal,

the Common Sense R.N.


Is your health a concern? Do you ever feel that what seems to work for everyone else doesn’t for you? Health problems manifest differently with each person. No patient is a cookie cutter case. One frequent question I receive is, “I know I am a difficult case, but I want […]

Artful Happenings



Through July 24



Works by three artists; Gallery at Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar; for info, visit www.stlrac.org.


Through August 6



Both exhibitions at PHD Gallery, 2300 Cherokee; for info, call 314-664-6644 or visit www.phdstl.com.


Through August 7



Community Gallery, St. Louis University Museum of […]

Artful Living

With Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky

Healthy Planet Arts Editor


Summer just goes hand-in-hand with nature


The beauty of the great outdoors fills the season with color, texture and light.

Haven’t we all been impressed by an outdoor view and thought “I should paint that!” or “I wish I had a camera with me!” What better way to experience summer than […]

Ask The Herb Lady

Cathy Burkemper


Q: There are four women in my household, ranging between the ages of 16 and 48. We all deal with symptoms of PMS, but not the same set of symptoms. Could we all benefit from taking the same supplements?

A: That is a tough question to answer without knowing the exact symptoms. […]

Awakening the Healer Within You: Medical Spiritual Wellness for a Bucket of KFC

by Simon Yu, MD


Spiritual Wellness is a part of my lecture series and a part of our prevention and healing program. In the beginning of the lecture, I ask the audience the metaphysical question, “What if the doctor does not heal and God does not forgive?”

The audience has no problem relating to the idea that […]

Celebrate Your Independents!

Buy More from Locally Owned Independent Businesses


By Ed Mantels-Seeker,

BUILD St. Louis Board President


Spend your money wisely – buy more from local independents. Don’t let the St. Louis area become just another generic Anytown, overloaded with non-local chain stores and franchise businesses that drain money from our local economy and diminish St. Louis’ unique local […]

Coalition Report

by Kathleen Logan Smith

Executive Director ; Missouri Coalition For The Environment


Speak Up or Drink it Down

Bills Make Water Hard To Swallow


Note: we will return in August to America’s food policy but today, the subject is water.


Our nation’s water stands to go from less than clean to downright filthy if Congress’ attack on clean water standards […]

Earthworms’ Castings

by Jean Ponzi


Bless & Release


Trina called with a special request for our friends known as The Teachers, on the morning of the big Summer Party at their rambling country place.

A born naturalist, she phoned from the World Bird Sanctuary, where she’s a multi-talented young staffer. “An orphaned Barred Owl we raised here is ready to […]

Food & Farmer’s Expo Sept. 18

by Nancy Smith, Secretary, Farm To Family


Last September, the Healthy Planet magazine and Sappington Farmers Market joined forces to present the first Food and Farmer’s Expo. Farmers and other food producers, as well as some garden-related vendors and nonprofits joined forces to present an overview of local food to over 1,500 attendees in […]

Green + Healthy = FUN! Saturday, September 24

by Jean Ponzi


Two great Garden events join forces to help your family live Green – and live healthier!

EarthWays Center brings home to the Garden grounds our 10th annual celebration of sustainable living, now partnered with the “healthy you – healthy planet” resources of Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine.

Bring […]

Green Light Program Offers Intensive Outpatient Plan For Overweight & Obese

by Cherie Massmann, MA, LPC, NCC

Webster Wellness Professionals


Are you one of the 33% of all Americans that are overweight? Have you tried diet after diet with limited long term success? For some people, the extra weight they carry is more than they can address on their own with a sensible diet and an […]


With Craig Jung – www.StLouisGreen.com

Healthy Planet Green Living Editor



Looking to turn your organic waste into a rich soil amendment with the help of a tumbling composter? Roll into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located at 3763 Forest Park Ave, to learn how to make this tool and get answers to your composting questions. If you […]


with Heather Hawk

Healthy Planet Fitness Writer


Beat The Heat


The steamy summer temperatures have certainly arrived. As I discussed in last month’s column, jumping in the water is a perfect way to beat the heat while still staying active. Yet many of us walkers, runners, and cyclists want to enjoy the summer weather by hitting the pavement […]

Hey Hank, Why do you Drink?

by Dr. Alethea Eller


Later this month, the whole family gathers for an entire week at Sam A. Baker state park in southern Missouri. Despite the scorching temperatures, at night we light a huge campfire. Even the “cabin dwellers” (you know, the people that enjoy air conditioning and running water) know that this […]

Irresistible Community Builders Presents: The EcoVillage is Back! Back the EcoVillage!

by Tom & Carol Braford


We could easily have gone under, as many other real estate development projects have in the last couple of years, but we are not just another real estate development. We are a community and communities are resilient. A dedicated team of souls hung in there with their financial support, time […]

July Happenings

July 2,9,16,23,30



9:30-10:45 a.m. Beginning and intermediates, Bring mat or blanket.Call Gretchen for info. – 314-772-8848.


July 7

Intro to Furniture Repair

6-8pm, 4168 Manchester Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110. Got a wobble problem? Learn the basics of furniture repair to secure joints and overall structure. Acquired skills can be applied to a […]

Learning About Natural Building Materials

By Evelyn Parker,

USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter volunteer


While green building may be a new term to some, it is hardly a new concept for others, namely Dan Chiras. Founder and director of The Evergreen Center, Dan Chiras is a green pioneer, author, designer, and teacher of natural building. He has written over twenty books dedicated to […]

Locavore’s Guide To Food & Drink


Delicious, Free Raised® American Grass Fed Beef® is not your typical grass fed beef. Our 100% grass fed and grass-finished heritage-bred Angus cattle are expertly finished by the Whisnant family on the certified organic pastures of Rain Crow Ranch. Using over 9 varieties of grass and careful pasture management techniques, the […]

Nature Wisdom

with Pat Tuholske



A Joplin Hero


Finn and I worked the Joplin Tornado Disaster for six days. We met Dr. Ben Leavens when two of the dogs on our team sustained paw injuries. Dr. Leavens came to our search site to render veterinary care. He immediately brought a calming presence as he tended […]

New Playgrounds Get A Green Touch

Article courtesy of the

St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership


Across the nation, going green is becoming child’s play as increasing numbers of communities and schools are transforming traditional playgrounds into more natural, sustainable and eco-friendly play spaces. As they do, the jungle gyms of yesteryear are being replaced with structures made from sustainable building […]

Notes from the Wildlife Rescue Center Volunteer Driven – Countless Benefits

by Jennifer A. Kornberger


There may not be a paycheck involved, but volunteering has countless benefits. You meet people with similar interests and have an immediate opportunity to build life and career skills. In many organizations volunteers have special perks, too, like discounted merchandise and free access to events or programs. And, as cliché as it […]

Publisher’s Corner

Enjoying Something Old & Something New

This is the time of year that it’s all about gardens, fresh foods, farmers, buying local and recognizing that living off the land is a celebration of an age-old way of life. In this high-tech, web-savvy world, it is hard to imagine someone slugging manure from a stall or hand […]

Retreat In The Shade

story & photo by Cindy Gilberg



Where better to be on a hot, sunny St Louis summer afternoon than relaxing in a shady nook in the garden. Some gardeners say they have too much shade and can’t grow anything. To the contrary, many beautiful native plants grow in the woodlands of Missouri.

For inspiration on designing a […]

Sacred Seeds Sanctuaries At Home and Around the World

by Linda Wiggen Kraft


The seeds of plants hold not only genetic material, but also the key to the past and future of human culture and survival. Plants provide food, medicine, materials for tools, clothing, and crafts; and in some cases spiritual companionship. The knowledge of specific plants, their healing powers and other […]

Sacred Seeds Sanctuaries at Home and Around the World

by Linda Wiggen Kraft

The seeds of plants hold not only genetic material, but also the key to the past and future of human culture and survival.  Plants provide food, medicine, materials for tools, clothing, and crafts; and in some cases spiritual companionship.   The knowledge of specific plants, their healing powers and other uses, is threatened […]

Summer Adventures at YMCA Trout Lodge

by Melissa Gilliam


If you’re looking for a place to cool off this summer, YMCA Trout Lodge offers a 360-acre spring-fed lake and more than 40 activities for kids and families.

Sunnen Lake sparkles under the summer sunlight, and the sounds of splashing water and children’s laughter fill the air at the Trout Lodge Waterfront. The swimming […]

Summer, Simmer and Sizzle: Cooking Al Fresco

by Gretchen Morfogen


The temperatures are up, kids are home, the pool is open, and the garden is growing. How can we keep the kitchen cool and still prepare deliciously light summer menus? Keeping the heat outside – that’s how. Many cooks feel like the grill can only be used for BBQ, others know the virtues […]

Take A Big Bite Out Of Dental Disease & Other Health Problems

by Dr. Ava Frick, D.V.M.


Yet another “wives tale” bites the dust. How many of you reading this today have a cat or dog that has had a dental exam? And how many times was that? What type of food does he/she eat? I would wager that 90% of you say […]

Taking The Mystery Out of Yoga

by Gretchen Karros



Ashrams (spiritual centers) in India.



Many people are traveling to foreign countries, even though the thought of flying is not as easy as in the past. That being the case, for those adventuresome souls who may still want to travel to India, the land where Yoga began, here are […]

The Art Of Relating

By Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW – Therapist & Relationship Coach

Sign up for my Art of Relating Newsletter at www.christinekniffen.com.  Find out what’s coming up this month on my weekly radio show, as well as info on upcoming articles and free relationship tips.

Trying to have a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable can often, unfortunately, […]

The Art Of Relating

Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

Therapist & Relationship Coach


Sign up for my Art of Relating Newsletter at www.christinekniffen.com. Find out what’s coming up this month on my weekly radio show, as well as info on upcoming articles and free relationship tips.


Trying to have a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable can often, unfortunately, be a […]

The Five Ts: Tips For A Mosquito-Free Summer

by Martha Baur


Summer in St. Louis… ‘Tis the season for bottled water, juice and other frosty beverages that quench our thirst and cool our bodies. Next time you crack open a cold drink, consider this: one mosquito can lay 300 eggs in an area equivalent to the inside of a single bottle cap. At that […]

Tinnitus Finally Gone!

By Michael Rehme, DDS, CCN

(Certified Clinical Nutritionist)



After being introduced to biological dentistry 17 years ago, I learned several things that have built the foundation for my dental practice. First, the human body is designed to heal itself, and will continue to do so, if given the opportunity. Second, from major organ systems to basic […]

Traveling With Your Pet? Plan Well!

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM


School ended and many of us are interested in a summer family vacation. Certainly, we want to share that with our entire family, including our beloved Fido! But, in order to have a pleasant and care free trip, pet owners need to do their homework in order to […]

Working To Keep Your Food Safe

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Working with farmers is the best part of my job. The job presents many challenges, but small, independent farmers are the salt of the earth, and they continually rise to the challenges of producing a fresh, tasty and safe food supply for the nation.

On June 13, […]

YMCA Calls For Book Fair Volunteers

It takes some 400 volunteers and 8,000 volunteer hours to pull off one of our region’s most notable book fairs – the annual YMCA Bookfair.

Volunteers are currently needed to sort and price books at the Historic Cardonelet 600 Loughborough Ave. 63111 and during the YMCA Bookfair, August 19-24, at the Kennedy Recreation Center, 6050 Wells […]