Publisher’s Corner

Enjoying Something Old & Something New

This is the time of year that it’s all about gardens, fresh foods, farmers, buying local and recognizing that living off the land is a celebration of an age-old way of life. In this high-tech, web-savvy world, it is hard to imagine someone slugging manure from a stall or hand tilling a row of peppers. But on smaller, family-owned farms there is still that back-breaking work that goes into getting the freshest and healthiest foods to market for the rest of us. Of course most farmers have tractors and other farm equipment, but for the most part, there are still plenty of tears and toil that goes into working the land. Especially when you have to count on Mother Nature’s fickle weather. So we want to honor our farmers buy making a commitment to purchase their produce, meat and other products in an effort to make our lives as sustainable as possible. In our Locavore’s Guide to Food and Drink, we offer you some of the markets and restaurants that work with local farmers. Also in this issue and again in our August editon, you will find our annual Grower’s & Market Guide, sponsored by AgriMissouri. This guide offers you the opportunity to connect with local Missouri farmers and producers so you can see when and where they offer their harvest. Many invite you come to visit their farms for the freshest possible “right off the vine” produce. Support your local Farmer’s Market this summer, try growing some of your own produce, and most of all when you do buy, “buy local.” It’s the healthiest and most sustainable thing you can do!


Living off the land maybe an OLD concept, but getting with the 21st century in the world of high-tech, web-based information is certainly our NEWest endeavor. Even though we have had a website, thehealthyplanet.com for years now, we have just recently decided to take it to the next level and create an interactive site that includes a live edition, more resources, viewer giveaways and in general, we are just growing up! We invite you to check out our new site thehealthyplanet.com starting in July, to see what I am talking about. You can sign up for a chance to win a FREE Family Weekend at Trout Lodge YMCA of the Ozarks and our FREE monthly e-newsletter. In the months to come you will be able to link directly to all your favorite organizations and businesses that will help you create healthier and more eco-friendly lives for yourself, your family, your community & your planet!


Here’s To The Old & New! J.B. Lester; Publisher