Notes from the Wildlife Rescue Center Volunteer Driven – Countless Benefits

by Jennifer A. Kornberger


There may not be a paycheck involved, but volunteering has countless benefits. You meet people with similar interests and have an immediate opportunity to build life and career skills. In many organizations volunteers have special perks, too, like discounted merchandise and free access to events or programs. And, as cliché as it may sound, it really does feel good to know that you’re helping a cause that’s important to you and that serves the community at large.

To be a bit cliché again, volunteering really is a win-win situation, especially for those who are early on in their career or looking for a career change or even simply a change of pace. Volunteering allows individuals to gain skills and experience while networking and building their portfolio and contact list. Especially in smaller nonprofits, where there is minimal staff, volunteering tends to provide numerous opportunities for valuable experience in many areas of the organization.

Having worked with a lot of nonprofits over the years, I know the difference volunteers can make. I have been both an employee of a nonprofit, a volunteer, and both at the same time. And, there are differences between volunteer-driven organizations and volunteer-reliant ones. Volunteer driven organizations value their volunteer staff and work hard to provide meaningful engagement and development opportunities for them. Volunteers take on key roles and play a major part in evolving the character, culture, and mission of the organization which they serve. And, for many small nonprofits, they literally could not survive without their volunteer staff, which makes the healthy relationships in a volunteer-driven organization a critical component.

No matter what you’re interested in… environmental awareness, animal care, youth education, social services, art, culture, restoration… there’s more than likely a volunteer opportunity out there for you. For those interested in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation as well as environmental education, special events, and administrative work, the local Wildlife Rescue Center offers numerous opportunities for experience and support in a volunteer-driven environment.

Visit our website today at www.mowildlife.org or call 636-394-1880 to get involved and stay involved.

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