Articles from ‘November 2021’ Issue

America Recycles Day and Missouri Recycles Day, November 15!

America Recycles Day is celebrated on November 15 to remember and acknowledge the need to recycle. Recycling is one of the main steps we can take to protect our deteriorating environment and this day commemorates this.

 Why America Recycles Day?These days we’re living in a nightmare. We’re in the middle of a mass extinction event. Carbon […]

ARTful Living: November Celebrates The Arts In St. Louis

By Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Healthy Planet Arts Editor

Photo Caption: Indiana Woodward of New York City Ballet, An Evening with Ballet Stars 3, by Dance St. Louis.

November leaps into graceful dance at 7:30 p.m. on November 6 with An Evening of Ballet Stars 3. Presented by Dance St. Louis at the Touhill, featured dancers include Adiarys […]

Conservation Corner: Suspended Animation

By Dan Zarlenga, Missouri Department of Conservation

We’ve seen the science fiction movies, the ones where the astronauts embark on a many-year mission through the galaxy. The travelers put themselves in a “cryochamber” and—using incredible technology—slip into suspended animation. Time and aging stop for them as they sleep their long voyage away.

In nature, cryogenic sleep is […]

Cover Crops: A Cornerstone of Sustainable Farming

By Charlotte Renner

When farmers plant crops for harvest, sometimes the soil they grow on can pay the price. That’s why it’s environmentally responsible to utilize cover crops. 

Sohat is a cover crop? It’s a plant that helps keep soil healthy by slowing erosion and heaving, smothering weeds, controlling pests and keeping the soil in place.

A vast […]

COVID 19 – Long Hauler’s Strategies for Support

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

COVID 19 and the problems that have arisen in the aftermath of even mild cases are confounding doctors across the country. Symptoms commonly include, fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath and poor endurance. Many other issues are being seen including joint and muscle pain, recurrent shingles, reactivation of mono, strokes, myocarditis, […]

Earthworms’ Castings: Shapeley Plastic!

By Jean Ponzi

Brrrring-RING! Thanks for calling Shapeley Plastic, what can we provide today?

I’m looking for some structural panels, various sizes, not large.

I believe we’ve got just the shapes for you. Our stock of packaging forms from LED string lights come square and rectilinear; flat panels with 1-2” depth dimension, plenty of connective openings. Mostly Milk […]

Fat Cats & Portly Pooches

 By Teresa Garden, DVM

 COVID-19 has turned the world and everyone in it upside down and inside out. When the lockdown started it seemed beneficial to our pets. They were receiving more attention and affection from their families. Dogs were being walked more and several of my patients initially lost weight, but after a while COVID […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Let’s Build Back Greener: A real decarbonization strategy

By Tom Braford

All roads lead to Rome, as the saying goes. It is similar with conventional community development. There are no shortcuts if you follow the existing prescribed pathways. But what if it were possible to create new, more direct pathways that get us to the destination we really want and need?

In my years as […]

Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) Diverts Electronic Waste From The Landfill

Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) is a R2/RIOS Certified electronics recycler with four (4) locations in the State of Missouri.  MRC provides to its clients electronics recycling services, Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD), Data Destruction Services, and e-Waste Collection Events with the goal of properly diverting electronic waste from the landfill while offering convenient solutions to […]

Miracle-Ear Tinnitus Seminar November 18

Do you have trouble sleeping or concentrating because of a ringing, roaring or humming noise in your ears? If so, it is possible you could be experiencing a form of Tinnitus. The condition is common and affects nearly 15 percent of adults in the U.S.

Tinnitus is normally a symptom of a larger hearing health condition. […]

Missouri Organizations Working Toward a Healthier Planet

Missouri local and regional organizations are working together to assure a Healthy Planet.  The Missouri Product Stewardship Council (MO PSC) represents local governments, and other stakeholders and businesses working jointly to reduce waste, increase reuse, and help grow the economy. The Council was created by the Product Stewardship Institute who coordinated with many states to […]

Nature Wisdom: Heart of the Deer

By Pat Tuholske

November is Deer hunting season here in the Ozarks. The autumn morning frost triggers orange vested hunters to migrate to the woods, rifles loaded and ready. They sit in their spot, senses heightened, alert to the soft sounds of the Deer.

The Deer culture in our country is reflected in those bright orange hats […]

Perennial Gets Creative to Host Safe Clothing Swaps

At the beginning of pandemic Perennial, a sustainable non-profit workshop, paused their popular clothing swaps. “People were heartbroken, but they understood we needed time to figure out how to safely host an event that regularly attracted over 100 people to a small space,” says Perennial Executive Director, Katie Carpenter. After some brainstorming Perennial was able […]

Plastic Bags and Wraps Impact the Single-Stream Recycling Process

Most people know that recycling is good for the planet and that it’s the right thing to do. People also understand they play a role in recycling efforts, that’s why so many people regularly participate in recycling programs offered in their communities. But few people are sure of what exactly to do with the various […]

Publisher’s Corner: Tough Love, Term Limits & Collateral Damage

We live in a very polarized society. On every topic from voting rights to vaccination mandates, social programs and a woman’s right to choose, we can’t agree on anything these days. Someday, many will be found to have been on the wrong side of history. But that may be long after they are gone and […]

Recycling Update: Why is the City of Saint Louis Stopping Recycling Collection?

A Blog By Bob Henkel, Program Director, earthday365314.282.7533 | bob@earthday-365.orgwww.earthday-365.org

As shared at the Parks and Environmental Matters Committee Meeting of July 14, 2021 by Deputy Commissioner of Refuse, Randy Breitenfeld, the Saint Louis City is struggling with severe labor shortages. This is impacting their ability to keep dumpsters from overflowing. Apparently, they are short nearly […]

Six Missouri Schools Honored in Missouri Green Schools’ Initial Awards Round

By: Lesli Moylan, Missouri Environmental Education Association

Missouri Green Schools (MGS), a support and recognition program co-managed by the U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter and the Missouri Environmental Education Association, just completed its inaugural year as a state level program and selected its first round of honorees. Six Missouri schools have been awarded […]

Solid Waste Grantee Success Stories: Recycling & Waste Reduction Ventures

The St. Louis – Jefferson Solid Waste Management District is a regional agency that was created in 1993 to assist the public, private and nonprofit sectors in establishing and expanding programs for recycling and waste reduction. The service area includes the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County. Funding […]

The Giving and Receiving of Gardens

By Linda Wiggen Kraft, Healthy Planet Green & Growing Editor

The garden gives and we receive. As the garden year shifts from the time of harvest and abundance, to the time of garden rest, it is time for giving to our gardens so they can receive an abundance of our feelings of gratitude and love. It […]

Thoughts for a Positive Life

This is the title of a new 106 page, affordable, and easy to read, book that is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores. The author is a local person named Dr. Larry A. Brown who has amassed and entire career of work in the community and with people, organizations, and corporations. This allows […]

Uncircumcised Unvaccinated – Distorted Vaccine Immunology & COVID-19

By Simon Yu, MD

Immunology is complicated. The immune system has a complex Cellular Sense connecting the Brain-Gut-Immune system and clinical immunology is even more complicated, with unpredictable interactions of immune cells with self and the outside environment. What do vaccine critics think? They are concerned with potential short-term and long-term side effects of COVID mRNA […]

What is Shockwave Therapy?

By Dr. Brian Harasha

Most people know me as the ‘Laser Guy’, so why have I added shockwave therapy to my preferred modalities? To me, laser therapy is the king of promoting tissue healing, however, sometimes chronic issues and areas with lower blood flow are slow to respond. Even though special parameters used with a laser […]