Publisher’s Corner: Tough Love, Term Limits & Collateral Damage

JB Lester Healthy Planet

We live in a very polarized society. On every topic from voting rights to vaccination mandates, social programs and a woman’s right to choose, we can’t agree on anything these days. Someday, many will be found to have been on the wrong side of history. But that may be long after they are gone and before that time the rest of us have to suffer in this social purgatory.

Our government, which is supposed to protect us from this type of calamity, is partially to blame. The same system that is broken is also in charge of fixing it. But we have too many politicians and not enough statesmen and stateswomen. We have too many lawyers and legal gymnastics to overcome in order to get anything done in Washington. We have one party of our two-party system that is so broken, they have no platform to run on or can they identify as Grand anymore. The other party’s tent is so large it resembles a 1000-piece-puzzle that sits on the card table for months and months without being put together. It will take a strong ringmaster to bring the tent under control. What this country needs is new leadership that believes in governing and not simply running for office. Politics should not be a profession, it should be an adjunct position filled by people who are called to serve limited terms. Perhaps, those who serve well can serve again, after sitting out 4 to 8 years. This break would give them a chance to get back in public where they can talk to people and see how the real world works.

Right now, we are testing our democracy by entertaining the thoughts and views of people who believe their personal rights are greater than the rights of the community and country. These people are not patriots as their signs imply. Their pleas for freedom are self-serving and self-indulgent. History is marking this moment and circling in red the phrases “stop the steal” and “the big lie”. The only thing being stolen from us is our belief that this could never happen in the Unites States of America. The only lie being told is from a person and his followers who lost a fair and free election.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand,” said Abraham Lincoln. This teaches us division is not just disagreement, but in its worst, it is democracy split in two by hatred and malice. When I listen to some in Congress, all I hear is hatred and malice, not just disagreement. Why would anyone want to serve the country with such contempt, distain, and disrespect for their colleagues? While they sling mud, we suffer. While they shoot arrows, we struggle. The rule of law is all we have. It must be followed in order to create calm from chaos. Right now, we must face down this mass hysteria. Subtle psychology doesn’t work on the brainwashed. It’s time for tough love, and that means bringing those to justice who break the law. Beginning with those who try to subvert or overturn our fair elections. Those who protest by burning buildings and looting businesses must pay the price.

History is being written with each day that goes by. Like so many other bad actors throughout time, these villains too shall meet their madness and justice will be served. We can only hope that we survive the collateral damage.