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Artful Living… Lots of Great Events in August

By Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Healthy Planet Arts Editor

Photo Caption: Artwork by Michael Halbert, In/Of/About Nature at Art Saint Louis

St. Louis Shakespeare Festival continues free outdoor performances this month, in 24 (!!) different park locations, August 1-27. At 6:30 p.m., Tuesdays-Sundays, The Merry Wives of Windsor, set in ‘90’s sitcom style, charms audiences for 90-minute each […]

Climate Change Making It Harder to Breathe and Clean Up Ozone Air Pollution

Article courtesy of the Clean Air Partnership

Scientific research done in recent years has added to the evidence that a changing climate is making it harder to protect human health. These health impacts are a concern for the future, but are also evident right now, as rising global temperatures and disruption of short- and long-term weather […]

Exotic Looking Native Missouri Wildflower

By Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens

Enjoy a special delight in your garden with the mesmerizing Michigan Lily, Lilium michiganense. Although it looks exotic, Michigan Lily is a native Missouri perennial. Tall stems display this wonder’s fascinating orange-red recurved petals and sepals that bring to mind a type of cap worn by early Turks. The speckled […]

Explore Night in the Outdoors at Nocturnal by Nature

Event Aug. 12 at Busch Conservation Area

See how the outdoors comes alive after dark at this free family event.

Photo caption: Stargazing through telescopes is one way visitors can explore nature at night during the Nocturnal by Nature event Saturday, Aug. 12 from 7:30-10:30 p.m. at Busch Conservation Area in St. Charles.

Nature spends half of its […]

Moving Home

By Jennifer Scalia

I recently moved back to the St. Louis area after being away for almost 9 years. I had moved to Southern California and later New Mexico. I chose to live nomadically at times and at others, the nomadic living came to me. My dog Bella was with me throughout these experiences and in […]

Road Trip Ready Refreshments

By Natalie R. Toney, M.F.A.,C.H., Healthy Planet Food Editor

It seems summer just started, and already here we are, receiving flyers and ads for “Back to School” sales alongside Labor Day deals. Several of you might be thinking of getting that last road trip in for the season, or perhaps going on the first one, and […]

Take Back Outdoors with Skitopel

Summer is here and with that comes all the bugs. Many people are now deciding to spend most of the summer inside instead of either getting bitten and stung or having to resort to putting chemicals on themselves which is very sad.

A few years ago, we found that we could be outside without any bugs […]