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12th Annual St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival Returns To Forest Park July 14

By Troika Brodsky
Executive Director, St. Louis Brewers Guild

St. Louis, which was recently named the nations’ “best beer scene” by USA Today, is gearing up to host its premier beer event, The 12th Annual St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival, Saturday, July 14, 2 to 6 pm at the Grand Basin in Forest Park. The Heritage Festival […]

2018 Native Of The Year: Missouri Primrose

By Abby Lapides
Sugar Creek Gardens

A cherished Missouri native perennial, Missouri Primrose, Oenothera, boasts brilliant 3-5” cup shaped yellow flowers. They begin to appear in late spring and continue into early fall. Each delightful softly fragrant blossom only lasts one day, usually opening in late afternoon and remaining until the following morning. Stunning winged 2-3” seed […]

2018 Pond-O-Rama Set For June 23-24

The St. Louis Water Garden Society will present its 18th annual water garden and pond tour, Pond-O-Rama, Saturday, June 23and Sunday, June 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The 2018 tour has 33 private gardens owned and maintained by Society members.

Tickets covering both days of the tour are $15 each and are […]

2018 Summer Beer Guide

2nd Shift Brewing

4 Hands Brewing Company
4 Hands Brewing Company, located in the LaSalle Park neighborhood, will provide the craft beer enthusiast a handcrafted portfolio inspired by the American craft movement that pushes the limits of creativity. They have 6 year round beers , a large variety of seasonal offerings and a barrel aged beer program. […]

ARTful Happenings July 2018


Through July 12
Framations Art Gallery, 218 N. Main in St. Charles; for info, call 636- 724-8313 or visit www.framations.com.

Through July 27
Bruno David Gallery, 7513 Forsyth; for info, call 314-696-2377 or visit www.brunodavidgallery.com.

Through September 8
THE […]

ARTful Happenings June 2018


Through June 22
Foundry Art Centre, 520 N. Main Center in St. Charles; for info, call 636-255-0270 or visit www.foundryartcentre.org.

Through August 11
Pulitzer Arts Foundation, 3716 Washington; for info, call or visit www.pulitzerarts.org.

June 1-August 12
Playable, […]

ArtFul Living

St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts
Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

Random, but ARTful, this Summer…

It’s summer in St. Louis. The Muny is in full swing and there are outdoor concerts all over the region, plus quite a few other ARTful, random things. But isn’t that what summer is all about? It’s a time […]

ArtFul Living – St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

“Juliet, Juliet, wherefore art thou?”
In the Glen of Forest Park, June 1-24, of course!

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis opens its 18th year with the beloved Romeo and Juliet, directed by Elena Araoz, critically acclaimed New York-based director of opera and theater. Said Araoz, “Romeo and Juliet is such a timely story for […]

Better Buildings Through Benchmarking

By Johanna Schweiss, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator,
U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter

These days, our ability to collect and analyze data is revolutionizing our lives. A fitbit can remind me to move and tell me details about my sleep. A budgeting app can remind me that I probably should hold off on a big […]

Braces vs. Adjustments: Teeth & Spines Take Time To Realign Properly

By Dr. Brenda Kingen

Why do people accept that braces take months/years to fix crooked teeth, but assume ONE adjustment should fix a lifetime of subluxated vertebra?

Anyone who has ever had braces knows how long it can take to move teeth. That perfect smile doesn’t just happen. An orthodontist slowly applies pressure to move the teeth […]

Coalition Report

By Melissa Vatterott,
Food and Farm Director Missouri Coalition for the Environment

Do You Eat Food? Why The Farm Bill Matters & You Should Care!

The United States doesn’t grow enough fruits and vegetables to feed every American a healthy diet based on nutrition guidelines established by the Department of Agriculture. Every five years, Congress rewrites […]

Coalition Report: Where’s The Hope

By Heather B. Navarro
Executive Director, Missouri Coalition for the Environment

I’ve been an environmentalist as long as I can remember. I know the term can turn some people off, but to me, it’s the only way I know to describe how fiercely committed I am to protecting our natural resources and the right for all people to […]

Colonial Village Strives To Be A Wellness-Focused Pharmacy

By Dr. Steve Zielinski, Pharm.D, FACA

became the owner of Colonial Village Pharmacy on April 1, 2016. As I transitioned from the Director of Pharmacy Services at CenterPointe Hospital to an entrepreneur, I was able to achieve one of my life long goals of owning a pharmacy. Within the first year, both doctor offices behind me […]

Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi


Mama Robin was set on building her nest in the curve of our downspout.

Despite its corrugated form, the pipe from the roof outside Dale’s studio proved too slick to hold her stuff. For more than a week, birdy building supplies just dropped to the ground, littering that end of our home with stringy […]

Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Not Perfect

I stopped into Scheidt Hardware, a practical institution in Maplewood MO, for my weekly purchase: two dozen eggs from the free-range chickens on a nearby farm. Fresh and local, buying these brown eggs is one way I strive to live Green.

“You know about recycling,” said Ben, one of the owners. “What can […]

Environmental Toxic Chemicals & Mysterious Illness: A Tale of Two Leukemia Patients

By Simon Yu, MD

Synthetic petro-chemical production has been exploding since the 1940’s, along with an epidemic rise in chronic illnesses with a multitude of symptoms including fatigue, memory loss, anxiety/depression, brain fog, allergies, food intolerance, body aches and other undiagnosed mysterious illnesses. There has also been a steady rise in allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, […]

Healthy Breath In The Garden and Forest

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

Breathe in, gardens and forests heal us. Breathe out, healing takes place. The simple act of breathing in and breathing out while surrounded by gardens and trees, enhances the health and healing of our body chemistry and immune system.

Research on Forest Medicine began in Japan in the early 2000s. Today Japanese universities […]

Healthy Planet Fall Expo Set For September 30 In Webster Groves Exhibitor Spaces Now Open For Reservations

The Healthy Planet magazine invites everyone to come celebrate the first week of Autumn at its 36th Natural Living Expo, Sunday, September 30, 10 am to 4 pm, at the Webster Groves Recreation Center, 33 East Glendale Road in Webster Groves.
More than 50 exhibitors will share information, goods and services pertaining to health, wellness and […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

June 2
Green Living Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden
Local vendors, conversations and demos of green and sustainable options will fill the lovely grounds of the Kemper Center for Home Gardening on Saturday June 2, when the Green Living Festival returns to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Whatever your Green interests, you’ll find something useful and inspiring at […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

Beginning in July
Women Needed For A Research Study at Washington University
The purpose of the study is to understand the effect of the dietary supplement “Nicotinamide mononucleotide” (NMN) on metabolic health. You might qualify if you: are female between 55-75 years old and do not have diabetes. This study involves: weekly visits (for at least 2 […]

How Functional Medicine Lab Testing Differs From Traditional Blood Work

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

We frequently get asked about the various types of testing we utilize at The Institute of Natural Health, so I would like to take this opportunity to explain why functional medicine laboratory testing is such an integral and essential part of your work up. It helps us get a clear picture […]

International Living Future Institute Launches Local Collaborative

By Eva Klein, USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Intern

Sustainability is a matter of inclusion. Almost by definition this describes the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), a forward thinking non-profit whose name, programs, and initiatives clearly show that inclusive orientation is at their core. Not only does ILFI seek to reduce humans’ negative impact, or footprint, on the […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Communities Rise Up To Drawdown Carbon

By Tom Braford

Did you know that there are 10,000 buildings on the City of St. Louis’ demolition list?
On May 10, this Community rose up to be sure the 110-year-old historic buildings of the Arizmendi Ecovillage do not meet that fate.

We are grateful to the City’s Board of Building Appeals for generously giving us a reprieve.

It […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Extreme Temperatures & Community: What’s The Connection?

By Tom Braford

We have come to expect temperature spikes in July and August, but last month’s early heatwave in St Louis has a lot of people asking the questions, “Are longer, hotter summers in St Louis, along with frequent polar vortex, arctic temperature dips in the winter, the new normal?” “Is there anything we can […]

Many Options Available to Help Reduce Auto Emissions

Article courtesy of the Clean Air Partnership

Now that the prime of summer has reached us, the importance of keeping the region’s air clean is at an all-time high. The Clean Air Partnership, along with several other organizations, helps play a significant role in raising awareness about all the ways people in the St. Louis region […]

Missouri Botanical Garden’s Blockbuster Summer Exhibit Flora Borealis Opens June 29

Tickets are now on sale for the Missouri Botanical Garden’s summer exhibit, Flora Borealis. This nighttime multimedia experience will feature cinematic projection mapping, interactive lighting, and a custom soundscape. The evening only event will feature food and drink sales in the Garden’s newly tented beer garden, as well as live music. Flora Borealis runs June […]

Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske,

Animal as Spiritual Ally

I am in a large field watching the setting sun with a group of people. Suddenly, at the end of the field an enormous orange snake pops his head up out of a spring and searches the field with penetrating eyes. He spies me. With incredible speed, he leaps out […]

Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske,

The Silver Leafed Artemisia

As an early morning thunder storm rages on, I pause in my gardening work to share with you some of my favorite plants and their namesake. With foliage the color of the moon, the silver leafed Artemisia genus has a long history as an aromatic, medicinal, ornamental, edible and ceremonial […]

Parasites Without Borders at the White Man’s Graveyard: Asymmetric Paradox of Bacterial, Fungal and Animals Parasites

By Simon Yu, MD

Parasites have no borders. They can run, swim, fly, and time travel, becoming the kingpin of the evolutionary process of the Tree of Life. They can travel the Silk Road, sail the Pacific Ocean, or fly in a first class Dreamliner Boeing 777 or jumbo Airbus 380. Parasites do not discriminate […]

Publisher’s Corner: It’s All Happening in June, Whew!

June could just possibly be my favorite month. There is so much going on like the Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park, the Green Living Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden, the First Health and Wellness Taste of Vegan Festival, the Sustainable Backyard Tour and the 18th Annual Pond-O-Rama. Whew. No wonder people leave town in July […]

Publisher’s Corner: Summer of 1971

The Best of Times, The Worst Of Times

Forty seven years ago this summer, I was working as an adult psychiatric worker (APW) at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. A fellow APW named Dennis, asked if I wanted to accompany him to Cadiz, Spain to visit his brother. Being 19 years old, with a keen sense of wanderlust, I […]

St. Louis VegFest Set For Aug. 4 At World’s Fair Pavilion

Vegans, vegetarians and conscious eaters of all types have been flocking to vegan festivals all over the world for years. Now, St. Louis is getting its first ever VegFest!

All are welcome to join us on August 4 from 11am-8pm at the World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park (1904 Concourse Dr., St. Louis, MO 63110) for this […]

Stay Lung Healthy When Outdoors This Summer

Article courtesy of the Clean Air Partnership

Our lungs are always hard at work. In just one day, a healthy person breathes nearly 25,000 times. For those with lung ailments, each and every breath can be a challenge, particularly when the air they breathe is unhealthy.

Many areas in the United States produce enough ozone during the […]

Stem Cell Therapy is The New Breakthrough in Medicine

By Dr. Raj Banerjee

Our Advanced Healing Stem Cell Therapies Overcome Pain & Chronic Conditions

When you have pain in your back, hips, shoulders and knees you cannot get a good nights sleep, and can miss out on so many things that life has to offer, like playing with your grandkids, taking a walk on the beach […]

Striving Toward A Pawsitively Fear-Free Veterinary Visit

By Teresa Garden, DVM

There is a growing trend in veterinary medicine to provide a more relaxed atmosphere for our furry patients. This is a good thing. Many pet owners tend to skip routine veterinary care because their pet is scared to death to be in a carrier, scared of the car ride, or scared of […]

Summer Heat Concerns For Your Pets

By Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Summertime draws all of us out to be more active, exercising through yard work, or walking and jogging around our special haunts. It is important to understand a few points regarding our pets’ well being.

Heat stroke is one of the primary concerns we have this time of year. It can take […]

Sustainable Backyard Tour Set For June 10

By Terry Winkelmann

Once upon a time, it was normal to see laundry lines strung across backyards, patches of tomatoes and peppers, an apple tree or two, and grapes on the garage. Composting was not the complicated process it’s often viewed as today — it’s just what you did with your kitchen scraps, if you had […]

The Art of Relating

Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

How Vulnerable Are You?

It’s one of the most common complaints I hear from the individuals that come to my office for Relationship Coaching sessions. “Why do I keep finding people that are emotionally unavailable every time I try to have a relationship?” I hear the resounding chorus, “I don’t know that […]

The Art of Relating

Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

Resistance: Realigning the Power Balance in Your Relationship

Visit the Web for a complete list of my services — www.ChristineKniffen.com

Have you ever found yourself giving away the power in your relationships? By this I mean a pattern of becoming overly focused on your romantic relationships and losing your independence to some degree. […]

The Five “Rs” of Gut Health Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Rebalance Framework

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

Optimal function of the digestive system is critical to health. Problems within the gut can cause more than just stomachaches, gas, bloating or diarrhea. GI issues may be the root of chronic health problems including autoimmune diseases, skin problems, fatigue, headaches and heart disease. How can we correct what’s gone wrong […]

The Myth of Diagnosis

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

Many people mistakenly believe that if you know the name of your disease, you know what’s wrong with you. This myth is pervasive throughout medicine, and it is THE single biggest obstacle to changing the way we do things and finding the answers to our health problems.

The problem is simply this—we […]

The Native Network = Balance Of Nature

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

A garden is not only plants, it is a network of life forms and forces. It is the community, communication and communing of plants, insects, birds, soil, sun, rain and all parts of the ecosystem called garden. Each part is in relationship. The strongest relationships are those that give life and support […]

Thermal Imaging – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

By Linda Spradling

Medical Thermography is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or “DITI”. A set of thermographic photos is taken measuring temperature patterns and abnormal variations in the body. These photos capture temperature readings sensitive to .01 degree, at a per pixel level. The images are then sent to Certified Medical doctors, specializing in DITI, who interpret […]

Travel Options For Pets This Summer

By Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

School is over and guess what, families like to start traveling ASAP!!! For pets not joining the adventure, I encourage pet owners to discuss one or more options with their veterinarian.

Commercials kennels can be great. Nonetheless, they can be costly and stressful to your beloved pets. It is important to visit […]

Wake Up! The Truth About Sleep… (Part 2)

By Jon P. Frieda, VP Marketing and Sales for Neels Pharmacy

One of the fastest growing segments of the pharmaceutical industry is the prescription sleep medication market. Recent statistics indicate that in the last decade, prescription sleep medication use nearly doubled for the 20-44 year old age group, and rose nearly 85% for children aged […]

Wake Up! The Truth About Sleep… It’s Not Overrated! (Part 1)

By Jon P. Frieda, VP Marketing
and Sales for Neels Pharmacy

As we move from spring into the summer months, the days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, and many of us stay up later in the evening. No doubt, these seasons are more expansive than the fall and winter months that are conversely more contractive. But […]

What Are Your Symptoms Telling You?

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

Functional Medicine identifies the Root Cause of disease, and recognizes that symptoms manifest and provide clues to the underlying cause. The symptoms experienced provide key information to help identify and treat the root cause.

Symptoms that correlate with digestion and the gut microbiome are among the most common. They provide us with […]